what do you like?

what kind of blogs do you prefer?
i know, i have talked about this with a lot of bloggers, and i myself feel the same way.. every now and then i like to see pictures of "things" [stuff from a store, clothes, shoes, etc] but mmost of the time i actually like hearing about the bloggers day! i loooove seeing pictures of what THEY did that day, or their kids, or their hubbys! i don't know why, but nothing bothers me more than seeing a blog like this:

[this is no ones blog! ha!]

"hey lovely kiddos i'm going to show you cute things today.
[picture of shoe]
[picture of rainbow]
[picture of a necklace]
[picture of dress]"

i do believe my own very first blog was like that, because i had no idea what i was doing, ha! but for bloggers of 100's of blogs.... every. single. day?

that is so boring!
come one now, let's get creative!

i love incorporating pictures.. but i think i speak for a LOT of bloggers when those pictures are more fun if they're of you and your family! or cute stuff you did or got that day. not pick a random color and find everything on google images that is that color and show us. haha

BUT i must say, i love my blogger friends, and obviously if i'm interacting with your blog then you pass the test! ha!

just kidding.

you should definately follow some of the sweet girls i follow! most of them really do share fun stuff and hunny-ill-be-right-there-my-eyes-are-glued-to-this-blog stories! love love love it!

anyways, i hope you guys enjoy my blog and i adore each and every one of your blogs :]


OceanDreams said...

I know, I love the variety of all of the different blogs, so much to blog about and sometimes I don't know what to blog about at all. :) I will check out your sweet followers, glad i came across your blog too!

whitney said...

Thanks girlie!

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