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whew! i am SO beyond tired right now!
as you know, i went to my personal trainer for the first time this afternoon. thankfully, she is a sweet sweet lady and i happen to know her :] but it still didn't ease [i almost spelt that eeze..] my nerves too much.

she wasn't there when i first got there, so i waited for a few minutes and when she got there we just did the normal, talked about what i wanted out of this, what my exercising/eating habits were currently like.. etc. etc.

i have been excercising so my poor little bones weren't thrown into too much shock. we did every workout i can imagine, starting with the treadmill and ending with the dreaded lundges[sp?].. or maybe it was the ab things?

who. knows.


i enjoyed it! i am already ready to go back [wednesday] mostly because she wasn't an "in your face drill sargeant" and she is so very positive, so i felt like i was doing pretty good :) and because i am so so excited to be getting in shape and having better eating habits. this is my third weeks with no cokes, fast food, etc. [healthy eating] and i'm already disgusted with the way i ate before. ick! i canNOT even think about how icky those things are. greasy, fatty, nasty, FOOD.

she encouraged me to get a book, as she does with all the people she teaches [which i got immediately following the workout.. thank you target] and i love it! i encourage you to get it! i also read in there that this is the first time EVER that parents are out-living their children due to obesity issues.

that makes me sick.

i am so thankful i am changing these nasty habits before i get to that point, and before i have children to start feeding those things to. ptl.

when i got to target, i was in heaven. why? i have no idea really they just have the cutest stuff! i could shop in there all day. i got the cutest thank you cards [which i have no need for right now] and some adorable post its! and when michael got home we went to wal mart to get some MORE healthy groceries.. things i have no idea how i am even going to make.

but it's time for the tomlin's to go to bed now. i'm about to fall asleep as i type this! [and michael is also staring at me with the "can we turn the lights off and go to bed now.." look] i hope you all had a wonderful monday :]


Jenn said...

I love Target too and could literally spend ALL day in there! And good for you for eating healthy!!

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