I need your help!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Just a quick little post for now, more to come later!

Alabama weather is gorgeous right now! Sunny & a little breezy!
I'm about to die from hunger at work as we speak. Blehhh.
BUT guess what is coming up!? OUR BEACH TRIP!! I am so excited. The entire family is going to PC for Memorial Day weekend. It's going to be SO fun :) Only like a month to go.. ha!

Also- I need your help! I go through this phase every year. When my hair gets so long I get the urge to just chop it off. If you know me, you know I have no patience what-so-ever and I tend to go get it cut the DAY this process starts. I got the urge to cut my hair a few weeks ago and everyone is telling me not to, but my Mom likes it shorter. I regret it every single time, so why am I even doing this!? Who. Knows.

All I know is this mane is so THICK and so much to keep up with! I would LOVE to wake up, get a quick shower and it not take 1.5 hours to get ready-1 hour of that time being my hair.


ALSO-- I need some more color! I'm keeping it brown, but I want some other colors mixed up in there.

Suggestions? YES, please.


I have the fever..


Okay, cheesy I know. But what do you expect from me? Every freakin' girl I know has just had a baby or is currently pregnant. Even when I go places everyone is holding a tiny baby or has a big 'ole baby belly.

Don't get me wrong, we want to have a baby when GOD is ready for us to have a baby.
But how fun is it to look!? SO fun.

So i'm a 'bout to get a little baby crazy, if you don't care about my 'fever' I suggest you exist now, it's about to get silly!

I'd like to have 3-5 kids, and 1-2 of them be adopted little girls from China :]

Future baby girls names I love [* are my faves!]:
-*Layla Louise [Louise was my Oma's name, she did in November of '08]
-Paisley Harper
-*Kingsley Sophia
-*Piper Ava
-*Honor Emery
-Nevaeh Alexis [Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards]

Boy names that I love:
-Kingston Zion
-Liam Archer [Archer is my maiden name]
-Malachi 'Chi' Kagen

I LOVE all the little girl clothes. When we go to target I catch myself drifting to the baby section and when we go to the mall I start at the adult side of GAP and travel slowly to the baby store.

The fever is obviously worse now that we're married and can actually have a baby. But I have ALWAYS loved kids. Always. I was the little girl with the Lee-Middleton doll who bought her baby real clothes, diapers, pacifiers, etc.
So over the past 15+ years.. My Fever has progressed! Haha.

Here's is a few things I CANNOT wait to spoil my baby girl with!
Note: none of these pictures were taken by me

And here are some thing I will punk my boy out with ;] :
Note: none of these pictures were taken by me

oh. my. gosh.
I cannot wait.


P.S. Sorry for wasting your time. But I just can't help myself. :)


7 layers of ME :)

Whew, Monday. that's ALL I have to say.
So I'm just going to do this fun little thing for now :)
7 layers of Whitney..
LAYER 1: Tell us your...

* Name: Whitney Michelle
* Birthday (month, day): November 24th
* Birthplace: Florence, Alabama
* Current location: Makco Distributing. [Work!]
* Eye color: Hazel, they USED to be Brown!
* Hair color: Light Brown
* Height: 5'2 [1/2]ish
* Righty or lefty: Right
* Zodiac sign: Saggitarious

LAYER 2: What's...

* Your heritage: Indian & Austrian, Indian on 3 different sides. Incase you can't tell for yourself haha!
* The shoes you wore today: Pink Yellowbox Flops.
* Your fears: Something happening to family, something happening to my dogs, being kidnapped, my house being broken in to & a fire when i'm not home.
* Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni & Candadian Bacon :)
* Goals you’d like to achieve: Have babies, Grow more in the Lord, Start my boutique.
* Your first waking thoughts: Seriously? I like just went to bed.
* Your best physical feature: 'So I'm told' Legs, Hair, Eyelashes
* Your most missed memory: Last summer

LAYER 3: Do you...

* Smoke: Nope
* Cuss: Jokingly sometimes or if I'm very angry.. whoops!
* Sing: Yes!
* Do you think you’ve been in love: I am
* Did you go to college: 1 semester
* Liked high school: NO. Graduating was the best feeling ever. I HATE school!
* Want to get/stay married: Been married 8 months next Wednesday!
* Believe in yourself: Mhmm I do!
* Think you’re attractive: "I am beautifully and wonderfully made.."
* Think you’re a health freak: Sometimes
* Get along with your parent(s): Yes! They've done so much for us.
* Like thunderstorms: Thunderstorms are okay, Tornados are not.
* Play an instrument: Nope.

LAYER 4: In the past month have you…

* Drank alcohol: Nope
* Smoked: NO gross
* Done a drug: NO
* Gone on a date: Mhmm
* Gone to the mall: Yes
* Eaten an entire box of Oreos: NO
* Eaten sushi: NO
* Been on stage: Nope
* Been dumped: NO :)
* Gone skating: No. People who ever hung out at the skating rink here were nasties.
* Gone skinny dipping: Eeeek no!
* Stolen Anything: Um no.

LAYER 5: Have you ever…

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: Haha NO
* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: NO. I don't drink
* Been caught “doing something”: BEFORE I respected myself & BEFORE I met Mikey ha!
* Been called a tease: ^
* Gotten beaten up: Can't say I have.
* Shoplifted: Nope

LAYER 6: randomness....

* Age you did get/hope to be married: I got married when I was 19 :)
* Numbers and names of children (either you have or want): I don't CURRENTLY have any. But I WILL have some. I want 3-5 kids & adopt 1-2 of them.
Girls Name[s] I like [I have SO many!]: Layla Louise, Paisley Harper, Kingsley Sophia, Piper Ava, Honor Emory, & Nevaeh Alexis
Boys Names[s] I like: Kingston Zion, Liam Archer, & Malachi "Chi" Kagen
* Describe your dream mate: Michael Anthony James Tomlin
* How do you want to die: I don't want to die, I want to be raptured.
* What did you want to be when you grow up: The owner of the boutique I'm going to own.
* What country would you most like to visit: Gosh I have no idea!

LAYER 7: Now tell...

* Name a drug you’ve taken illegally: NONE
* Name a person you could trust with your life: Michael
* Name a favorite CD that you own: A Rocket to the moon
* Number of piercings: 11. [1st holes, 2nd holes, 3 holes, Cartilage, Tragus (in ear), Belly Button, Nose, Monroe.]
* Number of tattoos: 5 so far
* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Idk?
* Name a past experience that you regret: There are things I wish I wouldn't have done, but i'll leave that unsaid. haha
happy happy!


Rain & Lightning & Tornado's.. Oh my!

This morning I woke up to a terrible pain in my chest! It felt like I had tried to pull an 18 wheeler all by myself and pulled every muscle in my chest & back. Thankfully, it's feeling a bit better! I think I must have slept in an extremely awkward position or something?

Not only that, but I woke up to a loud burst of thunder and an extremely flooded neighborhood.


We're supposed to have some really bad weather today in Alabama, and I believe there is some nasty weather in Tennessee too, seeing Baileys blog. I'm not a fan of storms. Thank goodness my parents [after taking my little sister to the ER this morning, thinking she broke her foot] came and got me and the pups so I wouldn't have to stay home by myself. I'm a baby, I know.

Michael had to go to work this morning & I was dreading staying at home by myself all day long. Since we're obviously NOT going anywhere tonight, my parents brought me and my sister to their house and they headed out to walmart before the really bad weather got here and they just got back.

Daddy is making my Oma's famous Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner tonight!

So even though I don't like the storms, I will be spending a relaxing, dark, rainy Saturday with my family & eating yummy food and watching TV couped up with all the puppies [the parentals have 4] all day.

How's the weather there & what are you doing today!?


How I met my husband :D

  • This week over at Kelly's Korner, she's doing a blog hop called 'How you met your significant other' but I actually just posted our love story the other day! and you can find that post here :]
    it was actually a pretty big hit :)

    I will kind of elaborate on the story and let ALL of you know how thankful I am that God is in control and I'm not. I never would have picked Michael, honestly. He was that longboarding punk and I was that girly girl. But now I look, and I seriously think to myself.. 'HOW ON EARTH DID I GET SOMEONE SO AMAZING!?' I see girls wondering all the time where their special someone is, and I cannot be more serious when I say it happens when you don't even expect it.

    Michael Tomlin from 'Brooks' and Whitney Archer from 'Shoals Christian' are dating..engaged..married..what!?

    And it's going by WAY too fast! We have been married 8 months on May 5, [also Zekey's 1st birthday!-- yes, my dog!:)] and I feel like it was like a week ago. I still have one of the rose petals in my wallet that was sprinkled on the sand before I walked down the aisle by two precious little girls.

    I have all I could ask for!

    A cute, spacious, safe apartment
    ALMOST debt free
    A house in the next year
    My supportive, loving, ALWAYS there for us family
    A great church family
    Great group of friends
    We both have great jobs
    Two precious furbabies [z & xoe]
    Two cutsy little fishies [Tom & Lynn, HA! Get it? Tom & Lynn.. Our last name is Tomlin.. :)]

    ...Now we just need a baby... ;)


top two tuesday; favorite items under $15.00

If you've never participated in top two tuesday at the undomestic momma then you are missing out, big time! I absolutely LOVVVEEEE it! It's pretty much the reason I wake up on Tuesdays ;]

This weeks topic is.....
[drum roll paaaaleaaaaseee!]

Favorite items under $15.00!

Ummmmm I have a lot of things to choose from! But for today, I'll show you two of my TODAYS favorites :)

This vinyl sticker for your car. I have a thing for "XO's" don't ask why!
YOU can purchase one here for only $3.00 :)

This AVON nail polish but in VIVA PINK!

YOU can purchase yours here choosing from 21 fabulous colors! They are ONLY $5.99 but today ONLY they are $2.99! :)

happy tuesday!


Ecclesiastes 3:11

"He makes all things beautiful in its time."
-Ecclesiastes 3:11

Today I was just thinking about how precious my husband is. I know, I know. Every woman thinks her husband is the sweetest, the cutest, the nicest, the BEST husband in the world. But ladies.. I have him. Haha! I'm kidding. My husband isn't perfect, just perfect for me. :)

Today someone asked me how we had met, and I got to thinking and I don't think I have EVER shared with my blogger friends how me and Michael met. So, today.. that's what I'm going to do!

Me and Michael met at our old church when we were in high school. He is a few years older than me, so we didn't have the same group of friends. Not just because he was older than me, but because he was some tough skate boarding punk! I'm ALL girl, honey. No part of me wanted to hang out with the guys in skinny jeans on their longboards 'bombin' that rad hill dude!' oh boy...

We met going on a church trip, and he got on my nerves so bad! This boy talked & talked & talked & talked.. it was a mean cycle! haha. From there on out, we didn't like one another.

About 4 years later, we became friends on facebook. And since he was good friends with my old friend Kaiti I told him to tell her 'I love her and I'm thinking about her.' I went to the Ark [our church] for the first time about a week after that and saw him and he has just gotten a hair cut that day [before, he had this nappy long hair :)] and I promise you I stared at him the entire time. Oh my, was he a cutie or what!? He was.

After I got back home from church he facebook chatted me and asked me how I liked church, etc. and we ended up talking until the next morning! I went back to church the next week, and from then on out we talked and saw one another just about every single day.

When I was on my way to his house the first time [before we were 'official'] I was talking on the phone to Kaiti and she was telling me how she knew Ben [her now fiance] was the one she was going to marry. I got to thinking and I told God 'Okay God, I'm sick of playing around and doing the same thing over and over again. I want to know if Michael is the guy I'm supposed to marry. Because if he isn't I don't want to go through the routine. So do something to show me if he is. Have my mom text me at 9:00 on the dot and tell me 'night night luv u : >' '

When I was in high school, my mom would text me those exact words every night before she went to sleep. Now that I was in college, she didn't text me any more. No reason, she just didn't. So I went to his house, and later that night he was playing guitar and I was sitting in his room, my phone beeped and I went to pick it up and it was from my mom. Not thinking about it I looked and the text said "night night luv u : > " my heart stopped. I looked at the time, 9:00 on the dot. I looked to my left and stared at my future husband. I received it, and I began to freak out!

Michael said 'what is it!?'I waited until a few days later when I told him, and we stayed in prayer for the next few weeks. April 24, 2009 he asked me to 'Make this thing official' :) two months later he proposed to me, almost 3 months later I married him, and almost 8 months later here we are now :]

So in those four years, God was bettering me & my husband for one another. Every morning I look to my right side and think "OMG. Michael Tomlin is my husband."

I am so undeserving, but yet SO willing to claim this gorgeous man.

Thank you Jesus, for making US beautiful in YOUR time. ♥


TGIF!! :)

praise the Lord.

it seems like this week has been so long! i'm so happy it's the weekend, AND i'm so happy that in about 5 weeks from today i will be laying on the warm beach getting my sunshine on! :]

for memorial day weekend, my parents decided to close the business and the whole blooming brady bunch [mom, dad, me, michael, hanna, kelley & jared] are going to the beach that thursday & come home that monday :] short stay, but well worth it. the past few years we have stayed in gulf shores & that's where michael and i got married. before that, we spent time in san destin & i grew up going to PCB, and THATS where we will be staying! so i am so very excited, i am such a beach girl.. but you already know that :)

another great thing about friday is these two lovely things! a wonderful way to meet new blogger friends. this is my first time doing this particular blog hope, which i found from brianna, so join in on the fun! :)

go to friday follow here
go to follow me fridays here

happy friday everyone!


mainly erica

i'm a slacker, i know. you don't have to tell me twice! i really have been busy. working, looking at houses, and today we went to erica's house to grill out and we played a fun game too :]

i love erica. while we were there, michael looked at me and said 'she is so strong.' and she is. mentally, emotionally, spritually. she has two adorable boys, [sean & nolan; the boys i babysat the other day] and a great husband, [dathan] who is a big kid, just like my husband! she's a photographer, she cooks, she cleans, she stays home with her children all day long, and she isn't insane. she's sweet, loving, 'more-than-fun-to-be-around' erica.

i strongly look up to her, her marriage, and her family. they just moved into the country, just moved churches, and i'm thinking their life is a little a lot hectic right now.

but just remember erica, you will be rewarded, and your day IS coming! -i love you!

well guys, i am seriously so tired. more than tired. crazy tired. i have to be up in the morning to go to work, and hopefully i will get a good rest in!

happy [in one hour] friday!


top two tuesday; beauty secrets

this is what i do at work. thank you webcam :)
please excuse me being a terrible blogger the past few days! i would say i've been busy, and even though it seems like i have been, i really have no idea what has been keeping me so busy! ha!

today is top to tuesday at the undomestic momma again.. but i have nothing :( i have no beauty secrets. but i saw on taylors page beer makes your hair shiny! girlfriend i will be trying that out!

me and michael are going at 12:00 to see what we can get approved for on a house! i am so excited, the only bad thing is i'm so picky about my 'living space' let alone spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on MY own home.

how glorious.

it makes me remember all the times my mom said 'you can live like a pig in your own home one day, but not in mine!'

referring to my trying on one outfit and then tossing it to the floor, or leaving all kinds of products all over the bathroom sink. but i learned a year ago when i moved out on my own for the first time, i could no longer be that girl! haha. it was weird, when i got out on my own i immediately became OCD about being clean, and everything being in a particular order. poor michael.. he came around at the early stages! and now he is stuck with it forever :]

well guys, pray we atleast get approved for a reasonable amount and i'm declaring Jesus messes with the numbers a tad bit ;]

hope you have a wonderful tuesday!♥


mommy for a day

is the role i played yesterday ;)

yesterday morning, i got a facebook message from erica asking if i could keep sean & nolan yesterday while she went to a baby shower. of course, i said yes! i LOVE those boys. they are seriously two of the most well-behaved little boys i know! and i don't know many 3 year olds, let alone 3 year old boys who are well-mannered :)

i conveniently live like 200 feet from a big park, so of course we 'strolled' there to play for a little while! :]

then when we got there, nolan decided to swing while sean played on every thing he could ;]

after about an hour or so sean wanted to stroll back to my house to play in a small patch of sand, so we did exactly that! [while he drank his 'superman' [red] slushie from sonic and we ate a bunch of snacks!

then nolan got verrrrry sleepy :]

and michael came home to play with sean sean.. and we made one more trip to the park :]

great saturday! i hope yours was as good as ours! :]

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