bridge street

happy sunday!:)
last night we went to bridge street in huntsville.
huntsville is like an hour away from us but it FELT LIKE forever. sheesh! i thought we were never going to get there! me & brianna wanted to hang out but there is never anything to do in florence. so we decided to go to huntsville and eat and do a little shopping :) i knew it would be fun if we got more than a few people to go, so i asked my little sister and her friends to go!

in the girls car we had:
brianna [my friend]
hanna [my little sister]
lily [hannas bff]
allison [hannas friend]

in the boys car we had:
michael t. [my husband]
michael b. [b's boyfriend]

it was fun :)
we went to eat at red robin [mmm..] which was delicious!
but unfortunately, by the time we got there and ate the shops were all close :( i was soo upset. i only wanted to shop! but thankfully, it's not that far from us so we can go any time :)

i'm super excited to hang out with brianna and michael again.
i just love that teensie girl.

she asked me to go with her to birmingham one weekend.
[that's where she's from, but here for school..and her mikey!]
and we can do some shopping and what not :) i am sooo excited.
so i'm sure that will be a trip to look forward to blog about ;)

check out brianna's blog here
check out hanna's blog here

later lovesies.



if you read my post last night, i wanted to clear something up.
-i promise i was not a terrible person in high school haha! just.. caught up in the very center of it i guess you could say, and this is a blog--therefore i'm not candy-coating anything.
-i do have lots more close friends than just brianna, but she's normally the one i telling everything to or the one i talk to just about every single day.
ex: ellen, kaiti, katie, megan, my sister hanna, etc.
-i do miss ONE teacher from school. i failed to mention her yesterday because when i started talking about her, my blog went on to a whole other level. so i just erased it. but that teacher is mrs. clark. she was more like one of my best friends, and she was even an honorary grandparent in my wedding. and she was my english teacher. i'm sure she is proofing this blog as she reads it, therefore i am going to try to make as many errors as possible ;) anyways, i really LOVE her. she was the absolute funnest, and still is. when i came back to school from homeschooling i did NOT want to give her the time of day. she was always in a good mood and cracking THE corniest jokes. so i wanted nothing to do with her. haha :) but she was very persistant about becoming friends with me, so i finally gave in. and now i don't know what i'd do without her! ;]
i love you clarky!


that feeling

i have yet to have that feeling that people promised me i was going to get when i graduated high school in may of 2008.
"you better enjoy it now because one day you're going to miss it."
so far, anyways.
i never liked school, i'm not sure if it was the sitting in a hard chair all day listening to someone talk about things that mean nothing to me, or the waking up while it's still dark to actually GET there on time. who knows. but i do know, i haven't yet missed that place. and to tell you the truth, i haven't used the square root process while standing in line trying to figure out my total at wal-mart, therefore i have certainly never had to solve 9y-3y+5=4y+7 in my daily grind.
i don't miss the teachers. i don't miss the homework. i don't miss the ballgames. i don't miss homecoming. i don't miss awards day. i don't miss anything. (i sound like a real outsider huh? haha)
highschool was one of the most dramatic places i have ever set foot in. and for a while, i was soaking every single bit of that up with the other snoody girls in our "christian" school. i was one of the girls who didn't like someone because they weren't wearing new clothes on the first day of school. i was one of the girls in the principals office all.the.time because we were SO dramatic and snoody.
i wasted so much time being caught up in those things, that when i got out of highschool the real world kicked me in my face.
i went to college, started living with a boyfriend that i hadn't known for even a few months, gave him exactly what he wanted.. still caught up in the same mess high school "taught" me.
it wasn't until i decided school wasn't for me until i actually "found myself."
i ditched the douche, (is that a bad word?) i started going to church, i got my life right, and i met michael <3
look where i am now. i am so thankful, and i am so blessed beyond belief.
i may not have a million aquaintances, or even talk to many of the people i spent most of my years with, but i do have a few real friends.
[example:] brianna is an amazing friend, she's gorgeous. she's sweet and we're a lot alike! and she really has an amazing heart. and her boyfriend has a cool name ;) [michael] i love her. i really do. i would rather have one real friend than a thousand fake friends. i would rather sorround myself with one person who loves jesus with every fiber of their being that be caught in the mess i was in.
i am completely in love with jesus.
i am MARRIED. at the age of 20 years old i have been married for almost 6 months now.
i have been provided with a wonderful job, not only a job i don't dread going to, but financially supports my family, along with my husband at the age of 21, working at a dealership and keeping up with every old man there! :)
so no, i don't miss it.
not. one. itsy. bitsy. teensie. weensie. bit.
this is the whitney now.
i kinda like her.
and i think you will too :)


who are we?

i can't begin to explain to you how nasty i feel, not only for me, not only for "christians" but for everyone. since i have been blogging and really formed a heart for not only children, but sick children, i have learned of so many tragic cases through blogger. i have learned about the MACS who lost baby cora, i have learned about baby EJ who was sick but seems to be doing much better, i have learned about LS who is 13 years old [on facebook], and i have learned about sweet layla grace a few days ago.
here these children are, fighting for their lives. not only fighting for their lives but fighting for every next breath of air they may or may not breathe. and we are so selfish as to whine because we can't go somewhere, or because our parents won't let us stay out past curfew. or in my case, whining to my husband because we can't afford a big fancy house yet or because i can't buy my favorite free people outfit when it first comes out on the racks.
who are we?
what have we become?
i would love with every fiber of my being to be able to say i'm not like that, but i can't- because sadly, i am. and some of you are too. these sweet children can't fend for themselves, they don't know what is going on with their precious little bodies, or why they can't go out and play with everyone else.
and here i am
worrying about me.
i am so disappointed, to not only feel like, but know what we as people have become. i'm not saying any of us, or you, are bad people. i'm not saying you aren't a magnificant follower of Christ, or love him "with every fiber of your being."
i'm saying it's time to stop being selfish, in whatever situation it may be.
we have the time to whine about petty things, or in my case, freak out because i don't have a handbag to match the outfit i'm wearing or shoes to go with a dress and i'm already late.
"No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money."
Luke 16:13
oh. my. gosh.
what about haiti?
what about children dying of cancer?
they don't have that problem, no? you're right. because they don't have the option to.
children in haiti can't complain about their shoes or their clothes. why? because they're too busy humbly walking the street barefoot, because they have no other choice. they can't live in a big fancy house. why? because their homes were all shattered by a damaging earthquake and the after shock of it.
these precious sick babies can't cry about not getting to play, or not wanting to take a nap. why? because their frail bodies are so fragile that precious layla grace couldn't move if she wanted to. and all she wants to do is sleep because in the past ten months her body has been through more at the age of 22 months old than mine has at the age of 20 years old. she can't even hold her own head up because of her on-going battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma.
think about it.
who am i?
i'm whitney, a 20 year old newlywed, who lives in florence, alabama. i love Jesus, with all my heart and really do work hard at letting Him shine through me, though i don't always let Him. In the past year I have fully renewed my heart to Christ, gotten married, and developed and even stronger love for children, a love that i have had for as long as i can remember. children are my passion, but lately i have felt in my spirit i am truly called to working with them. not only is my love and passion devoted to children, but to sick children. my heart is so heavy and hurts so terribly for them. i'm called.
Jesus, show me your way.
i promise to make a difference.
do you?

makeover giveaway!

and enter to win a free blog makeover!
*you have to do 1 or all of the following:
1. leave a comment about your favorite city.
2. follow her on twitter @thedesigngirl
3. tweet about this oppurtunity
4. write about this on your blog :)
also, keep praying for sweet layla grace.


layla grace

she was diagnosed with stage 4 of neuroblastoma @ 22 months old.
follow on twitter @ www.twitter.com/laylagrace
join her group on facebook called "praying for layla"
visit her care page at http://www.laylagrace.org/
text "follow laylagrace" to 40404
i am so thankful to be healthy, and i am praying for sweet layla and her family.




It's a Saturday night at 10:17 pm. Early? Maybe when I was seventeen. Yes I AM only twenty-- but I am like a granny. :)
As I'm laying here in my bed, blogging on my iPhone, I must admit, I have THE MOST adorable, most precious, kind hearted, free-spirited, loving, hard-working man asleep next to me. You know, the one that takes my covers at night, gets angry when the light of my iPhone shines in his face, whose feet touch me and I kicked him constantly throughout the night--my husband. I wouldn't want to sleep next to anyone another than him, or see anyone elses big blue eyes when I wake up on the mornings.

I love you Michael Tomlin.



Today was MAN cut day for zekey! No no no, not what your thinking! A cut to get all that nappy hair off :) so here is his fabulous before and after.

What a doll :)

In order to make this happen Xoe had to come to work with me. She LOVED it. And the car rides ;)

Might I add it was beautiful today. Spring is just around the corner and I almost can't contain myself! :)

Here's the precious BOYS we got to keep in the nursery last night, boys are SO fun! Especially these two.


who is turning 1 soon! :)


Hope you all had a fabulous day --you're gorgeous!



"snowed in"

snow day! ... again.

1. zeke decides to forget that he is potty trained & pee numerous times in the kitchen floor because he is a girl when it comes to going out in the snow. [okay, on his behaf he DOES only way a big 4lbs, whatev.]

2. i find nothing entertains me. i have spent my entire day "becoming a fan" of numerous facebook pages.

3. when it snows xoe barks at the falling snow. it's like she thinks there is a million tiny people falling from the sky.

4. i find myself just staring out the window due to boredom. please tell me why i have been too lazy to go get our cable turned on?

5. a route 44 from sonic has taken me all day just to get half way finished.

6. this 1/2 inch of snow & icey roads may ACTUALLY cause us not to be able to go to my moms and watch the bachelor/keeping up with the kardashians tonight.

sad. day.
other than all of those things i enjoy the snow :) nothing is better than laying in my bed watching it snow. i'm not sure if what's happening now is snow or sleet, but i'm loving it :) God paints the prettiest pictures!

this afternoon i got a text from one of my sweet friends, erika! [who is in the process of becoming a blogger ;) ] it said:
"hello friend! i just wanted to tell you how much i love you and how much you inspire me to be a better person and firm believer in God!"
made. my. day.

stay warm lovely.



our first valentine's day as the tomlin's


so now, what you have all been waiting for, right? :) our valentine's weekend started friday afternoon when i got home from work i had all this waiting on me!
bunches of my favorite candies, a silly card & a sweet note

saturday morning michael went to work and i was still asleep when he left. so when i woke up, i woke up to a hilarious card [with a sweet note on the side you don't see]

saturday night when i got home, after i gave him his cupcakes he gave me the rest of my day 2 gift! which was this cutsy "lucky" bracelet. as i have said before i love lucky jewelry and free people clothes; and this bracelet is one i had wanted in the store a few weeks ago! good ear mikey!

this morning i woke up to this! which i loved.. more candy!

our valentines day consisted of all of this! :)

i hope you all enjoyed the weekend and most importantly had fun sharing valentine's day with your love! and dont forget, valentine's day isn't just for someone with a significant other, you can show your love for your family, friends, Jesus, or anyone! i hope yours was amazing :)

i LOVE you all



cuppy cakes

cuppy cakes!

michael has made valentine's day into a weekend for me :) so starting friday i have been getting little gifts, but i will have to share everything with you tomorrow :) so since i get the entire weekend, i decide to do michael's for him today while he was at work and give it to him tonight. since he will be home tomorrow :) thank you Jesus!

there isn't to much you can buy for a guy on valentine's day. so what better way than to feed him!? i think it was a much better touch :) i decided to go where no whitney has ever gone before and make cupcakes. i know, it doesn't seem like a hard task but i had never made cupcakes by myself and i was actually a little nervous! scary, huh?

i didn't want to do anything normal, because our marriage is anything but normal. and that's how i love it. as you have read in a post before, at our wedding we had a rainbow over us the entire time, which disappeared when the ceremony was over! and a rainbow is a symbol of promise.

so since our wedding means a lot to us, obviously--i decided to do his cupcakes tie-die! how much fun is that!?

a promise that i'll love him forever.

here goes nothin'

ingredients included:

-3 eggs
-1 cup of water
-conefetti cake mix
-1/3 cup of oil
-cupcake holders
-white cream cheese icing
-tube icing [if you want to decorate]
-sprinkles [if you want]
-food dye [colors depending on preference]
-1 big bowl, 4 small bowls

for starters i got a big bowl and mixed my cake mix, oil, water, and eggs for two minutes and then put them in to 4 seperate bowls because i used pink, purple, blue, and orange food dye. i then poured them into the cupcakes holders :)

after i did that, i put them in the oven at 350 degrees for about.. no longer than 20 minutes!

yuuuuum. don't they look good!? well we aren't done yet! you have to let them cool for a long time, since its cold outside, i let mine sit outside to cool of quicker! ;) next is the icing!

last but not least--decorate them! do whatever you want to do :) i put "love you" and "xoxo" on michael's since it's for valentines day, and of course because i love him!

you should make some, just remember to have fun!

a big thanks to my mom for showing me how to do everything i didn't know how to do and making sure i was able to get everything i needed!♥




good evening bloggers.
time to vent
have you ever been full on attacked by someone else? of course, i'm not talking about being physically attacked--but like, ambushed, someone coming out of no where and blowing you out of the water with some of the most hurtful words you have ever heard? yeah, me too. today actually. great way to start the weekend. i was asked by someone "why don't you like me?" keep in mind me and this person don't talk, we have friends who are friends but we just don't go out of our way to talk to one another. i didn't think it was because the hatred was so strong, i just thought we were two different people, minding our own business. he chatted me on facebook and said "can i ask you something?" and i said "okay." and he said "you have to answer kindly & truthfully" and i so proceed to wait for the dreaded "why don't you like me?"
like i said, i had no realization that we "didn't like one another," i just thought we were two people who were different, not too interested in being friends. he has a very sarcastic attitude, which is very annoying to me. so i just kept my distance, never made a big deal out of it. after all, we are supposed to sorround ourselves with the ones who bring us up right? and those who make us happy, too? that's what i thought too. until BAM!
i give my honest opinion, first, letting him know i just didn't want to get into this, because it was going to be made in to a situation that was uncalled for. but of course it couldn't end there, so i politely told him i just didn't like his attitude, and the way he was so sarcastic. i proceeded to say "i don't think i would feel that way if i knew you better, but i just can't ever tell when you're being seriously rude, or when you're joking with me" fair enough, right? absolutely not.
the conversation basically repeated itself the entire time. he told me he didn't like me either and that i was rude. well, okay. i ended the conversation letting him know his hurtful day made a big impact on my day turning from good-->bad & asked him not to talk to me anymore. why would he want to have anything to do with me if i was so rude and not easy to be around?
yeah, i don't know either.
this is where it gets ugly
he texted my husband almost immediately after i let him go. and basically said he had just talked to me and that it didn't go good and he was just "letting him know" what!? letting him know? where is it his place to text my husband, like a child, and give him a news flash that we talked "in case i were to tell him something happened" it's not. at all.
it's childish. uncalled for. rude. and annoying.
he proceeded to tell my husband what an awful person i am. what i need to fix, that i'm bitter, i'm angry, i need to go to church more, no one he knows likes me, i need to go through deliverance, he feared my soul, he knew when my husband married me they would no longer be friends, etc. etc. etc.
i'm sure just by seeing those things you must imagine i am one horrible person right? well, i'm sorry to let you down.. but i'm not a horrible person!:) i'm actually a very nice person. i'm shy until i really get to know you, but i'm not mean. angry. bitter. whatever. i guess if this was something i was constantly hearing i would take in to consideration that i am scum of the earth, but he is the only one has told me those awful un-christ-like things. and my personal opinion, if you want to let someone know something, and you really care for them and want to truly help them better themself in the LORD, then you don't start by attacking them. obviously.
BUT, it is a heartbreaking thing(s) to hear & was uncalled for. but i guess everyone in the world can't get along, right? but it doesn't mean we have to be mean about it and attack people!:)
my heart aches for those people.
so since you all obviously don't know me [some of you do]
i'm going to tell you 7 honest things about my personality:
1. i love everyone. i may not "like" you or we may "clash" but that doesn't mean my heart isn't in the right place. people are different. if we weren't, well--we'd all be the same! how boring is that?
2. i am very shy, unless we are very close or i feel very comfortable with you/around you. it doesn't make me rude, it's just who i am & sometimes it take me a while to get there.
3. i have a huge heart. whether it's for children, for life, for friends, for Jesus, for animals, for family, for anything. it's pretty much enormous.
4. my voice is loud. shy or not i have a loud voice. it doesn't mean i'm yelling at you or am trying to talk over you, it means my voice is obviously louder than yours.
5. i can admit that i'm not perfect. i can admit i am not flawless. i am human. i can live with this realization, i hope you can too.
6. i'm not going to let someone nail me into the ground without speaking up for myself. i'm not afraid of what you think of me & if you don't like me then you're missing out.
7. i do care what other people think about me. and the worst feeling in the world is knowing people you thought were your friends, aren't.
i hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better :]
and if you have ever felt the way i'm feeling right now, remember--Jesus loves you. and you're a God pleaser, not a people pleaser. as long as you know you're heart is in the right place and you have that longing desire to better yourself for GOD then don't let the enemy and his crew bring you down.
the devil is under our feet, right where he should be--so put a little spring in your step!


welcome laney to blogspot

good morning!
woke up this morning bright & early at 6:50AM. whew! stayed up, showered, had some breakfast made by my sweet husband & off to work i go in an hour & a half.
today will be a good day! :)

it's really encouraging to know my blog inspired other people to make a blog :]
my friend erika, is going to make one sometime, and a girl that a don't personally know made one because she "fell in love" with mine. her name is laney & you can find her blog here.

yesterday, i emailed LS's parents, just letting them know i was going to be sending him a package and a letter this weekend. i'm going to give him this book called "a book of promises." it's kind of a little book of a million different verses for "what do do when you feel.." it's a geat book! michael's mom bought one for us for christmas and i always find myself referring back to it when i feel a certain way.

once again, it's snowing in alabama! :] just flurries, but everytime i see the beautiful snow, it reminds me how precious our God is and how beautiful the things he does are. something as teensie as a snowflake encourages me to not take life for granted because it is absolutely beautiful.

i got a text this morning from my friend lindsey that said:
"Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of the lips that confess His name. And do not forget to do good and share with others, for what such sacrifices, God is pleased."
Hebrews 13:15-16

I know Him, do you? :]
if not, i would LOVE to share Him with you!

everyone please keep LS with you in your prayers today. we know our God is a great God and someone who can perform miracle after miracle! :)

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: I'm Possible! :]"
-audrey hepburn

you lovelies have a wonderful day & remember:
welcome laney to blogspot!



update on LS

LS update!
[as of facebook update]
LS's mom said he did really good this morning and that his hallucinations are still there but are decreasing. He was transported this morning to Emory by ambulance for an anesthesia evaluation, then transported to Winship Cancer Center for sedation and radiation, which he did great with. He was transported back to Scottish Rite and to his room. As of when I got the message this morning he was still sleeping and they went ahead and changed his port. His mom said while he was in the hall waiting to leave on the ambulance stretcher he wanted to pray with the ambulance man. LS asked him if he wanted to pray with him and his dad and the man said yes. So LS lead them in prayer.

You can visit his caring bridge site here

This boy has been on my heart, in visions & dreams so much lately. I can't wait to do something for him. He has such a good attitude, after all he has ALREADY been through. Please keep him in your prayers.

LS you are blessed and highly favored!



snow day #2

snow day in alabama
yes, i said it.
snow. bunches and bunches of snow!

i know, some of you up north may think i'm crazy.

update on LS
LS didn't have a very good morning from what i hear, and he is having a lot of pain. due to all the morphine he is taking he is having severe hallucinations. please keep this sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers!

:)have a great snow day!




i'm a slacker, i know. :(
i haven't really had much time to blog at all.
and i am so, so sorry for that!
michael was off work & we got to spend the day together, thank goodness. it feels like we don't hardley have any time together. after all, he does work monday-saturday from 9:00am-7:00pm [that's if he gets off when he is supposed to, which rarely happens.] and as you can see, he normally has thursdays off, but a lot of times he goes in for a haf a day unless i am off work too. but, i am very thankful michael has a job. a great job at that. but as i heard him telling someone at church last night "i'm so thankful for my job but when the Lord opens up the door for me to go somewhere else with better hours i will be running!" haha, so cute.
[so Jesus, thank you for the oppurtunities you have brought michael, and the ones i know you will continue to bring him; us!]
we both worked, i went with my mom to get her hair done, which looks fabulous! i'm even thinking i want the same color put in my hair. but i hate having to keep up with color in my hair. it grows so fast! which makes me totally happy. then friday night we finally went to see the dear john movie that i have been counting down the days to go see. do you know what happened to me!? before we left i started feeling sick, and about half way through the movie i felt so sick i wanted to go home. so we didn't even get to see the entire movie. bummer huh? i thought so too. ugggh. but from what i am hearing, the movie doesn't even do the book justice. which makes me feel a teensie bit better :)
we had SNL [saturday night life] at our church. which of course, Jesus rocked our socks off. but when does he not? walking into that church is just asking for Jesus to blow your mind. not that you even have to ask, he pretty much does what he wants;] which is more than fine by me! he shows up and shows out at our church, but that's just the way i like it :)
pray for LS
okay, a new thing i'm going to give you updates on is a group i joined on facebook called "pray for LS" he is from Georgia and he was diagnosed with T-cell all leukemia on 12/1/09 the doctors said that the next 6-8 months will be a very tough ride for him, but his family and friends are praying and believing in a complete and total healing for LS. i'm not exactly sure how old he is but he looks to be about 13-15 years old, i'm really not sure. and i know i want to do something for him, but i'm not sure yet what i want/am supposed to do. i have had him on my heart lately and i don't even know him. i got an update from his mom [she sends them out to everyone in the group on facebook] this morning, which is weird--because last night i had a dream i was doing something for the children who had cancer.. coincidence? i think not. hmmm.
her update said:
good morning everyone:) LS got a new drug last night to help raise his white blood count so he can finally heal and quit having pain. nothing else has changed. he is still in a lot of pain, especially in the mornings. the thing i wanted to share with you about this morning, i hope stays with you all day.. LS stood up this morning, around 5AM to go to the restroom and was experiencing the extreme pain so the nurse gave him more morphine and other meds too, at the same time, to help. he became very weak from that but managed to get to the restroom & when we headed back to bed he asked me for a towel too put on the floor and his hoodie. he also asked the nurse to remove him from his meds which is hooked to a pole so he could move around. i didnt know what he was thinking because he could hardley stand and the pain was so bad he was shaking. he asked me to step out of the room for a minute because all he wanted to do was get on his knees and spend time with Jesus. It touched me so. He wasn't able to kneel, but i told him Jesus wouldn't mind if he prayed in the bed:) the nurse came back in and saw the towel on the ground and asked if he had gotten sick and he said "no mrs gina i was trying to get on my knees and pray." and gina also reassured him that Jesus would hear his prayers in bed. LS told her he felt closer when he prayed on his knees. he prayed from bed and all is good:) LS's mom.
how sweet is that? everytime i get an update, i will update you on this precious boy.
if you would like to send cards, or gifts to LS send to this address:
7315 Ashley Trace
Cumming, GA 30028
also, in huntsville, AL close to where i live. there was a shooting at discovery middle school where a 15 year old boy shot another 15 year old boy. what is this world coming to!? this boy did not survive the shooting and this family needs your constant prayers. pleasepleaseplease
have a great super bowl sunday!
tootles lovelies!



day 3: my dogs!

10 more days until valentine's day
1 more day until dear john hits theaters
1 more day until our 5 month wedding anniversary
day 3 of our "what/who do you love?" blog!

my, my, my, how it has been one of those days!
where nothing goes right, it seems like you can't be happy if your life depended on it, and no one, i repeat no one can make it better [if anything, they make it worse.] uggh! something extremely hurtful that i have been trying to deal with for the past few days--all the time people tell me how my relationship with the Lord has grown and how i am a light shining for Him in the things i do. then, out of no where you hear that [one person imparticular] they are only saying those things to your face. how christian-like is that? or that you aren't on fire for God because you don't dance every service, or sometimes you may even sit down before worship is over. well, i know how bad that hurts, and i want YOU all to know, i would never judge your realtionship with the Lord based on HOW you worship him. we all have different ways and i BELIEVE that is certainly okay! it's your heart that Jesus looks at.

but just so the enemy knows, i am fully relying on God and trusting Him in everything i do, and the path my life is going. [which is a good one, i believe :)] btw, i had to look at the tattoo on my wrist in order to spell "believe" the right way, and i just did it again. ohh my!

day 3: what i love today
zekey and xoe :)
my sweet, sweet puppies.

i am such an animal lover. but i seriously love dogs! my family has always been well-stocked with animals since i was a little girl, haha. i have only had 2 dogs that were really "mine" that i had to take care of when i wasnt living in my parents house. [zeke & xoe] but of course i have rescued [pookie & pp, yes pp.]

i got xoe almost exactly one year ago. i bought her for only $65.00 and to this day she is the most precious, loving dog i know! she walks right under my feet and i call her "my princess." she is such a nervous dog! everything scares her, so of course i can't tell her no :] she is just a doll. when i first got her she was SO sick. she had to spend a few days in the hospital and they didn't think she was even going to live. i would go and sit with her and the second she saw me she would cry! :( it was so sad. the nurses who would have night shift said she was NEVER in her cage because everyone was always carrying her around, so spoiled! she's all better now and is still mommys baby!

i got zekey not even a year ago from one of michael's customers. he was a bit more pricey than xoe! haha, and he was just born in may. he is so tiny and so sweet and he gets along with his big sister [xoe] so good! they love one another. he thinks he's about 50 pounds, when he's really about 4. he is a fiesty little thing too! he [just like xoe] is so so spoiled. he thinks he is a human, and has the same fiesty attitude as a little boy would when he doesnt get his way! he is such an adorable little puppy and so much fun. he just makes you smile when you look at his adorable little face with those HUGE ears!! :)

i love love love these pups! it's always good to have a FURiend to cuddle with on your sick days or a day like today; just one of those days. they never let you down! :)

loves lovelies!



day 2: fashion

good afternoon!:)
only 11 days until valentines day
only 2 days until our 5 month wedding anniversary
only 2 days until dear john comes out in theaters
and day 2 of our "what/who do you love?"
it's been an easy-going day at work, just me & mom for now :]
i'm more than excited for church tonight, loves it!
it seems like we hadn't been in a few weeks other than keeping nursery. we're busy bee's!
day #2 of our "who/what do you love?"!
i LOVE fashion!

these are all my sense of style, definately. i'm don't like to dress up over the top, but i love love love casual, but dressy! i'm a huge accessory person [ex. handbags, jewelry] as i have told you before, i am not a bargain shopper. of course, i would love to spend less money for the things i wanted but for some reason i don't have that ability. no matter how hard i try! haha. i'm sure my parents wished i had, seeing they bought my clothes for a number of years. and michael, well he just prefers not to see what i spend. haha :] i haven't done a lot of shopping lately, sadly enough. but it's definately for the better. being a newly-wed and helping pay for more than just yourself get's a little expensive sometimes in itself! but i'm sure you know that :)

also: i want to show you a few more of the cutsy things i found! :)

a hand sewn letter/envelope for valentinesday!
& a cutsy weenyDOG!

speaking of..
it's lunch time! :)
hope you lovelies have a GLAMOROUS day! :)


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