blog idea: let me know what you think!

okay, i know i as a blogger personally love the "getting to know you sunday's" or the "top two tuesday" things and i thing it's a fun thing for everyone to do.. and too meet other bloggers! :) i know that's how i have met a bunch of my followers/people i follow.

so i was thinking about doing a
wild wednesday!

every wednesday you can link up to me, and use this picture i've created to tell us blog friends something you're wild about that day! it can be how good of a hair day you're having, a person, your handbag.. anything! basically whatever your totally loving that wednesday! be sure to tell what it is, and why you're loving it!

what do you think? will you participate!?
let me know!


Chelsey Hill said...

Love it!!

Alex(andra) said...

Great idea!! I'd definitely do it. I'm always looking for things like this to make my blog less... boring.

whitney said...

okay great girls! of course i'm a zebra print fanatic so it went right along with the "wild" theme! haha hopefully others will participate too! and alex, you are crazy! your blog is anything but boring!

Ria Thurston said...

Yay!! I will tomorrow too, Whitney! :) Good idea. Then link back to your blog??

whitney said...

well unless you use the picture! because the picture has my link on it! :):) can't wait to see everyones! who did your blog? i'd like to have stuff up top like you do where it says about us, etc.

Danielle said...

love this idea! do you want to start tomorrow? just copy and paste the picture and put down our idea?

Brianna! said...

Such a GREAT GREAT idea!!!
thats TOMORROW:)

Ria Thurston said...

Whitney - I did WILD WEDNESDAY :)
Kreated by Kelsey did my blog! Love her - Love it: kreatedbykelsey.blogspot.com

Have a great day ;)

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