mr. and mrs.

mr. & mrs. tomlin :)
yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. [sorry i didn't blog!]
i can't believe we have been married for 6 months! sheesh!
i know six months isn't even a year.. but it's HALF a year.
we talked about it last night, and we both remember every single detail of it. [i guess we should since it's not that long ago] but whatever :)
last night we spent the night together and we went to eat at ruby tuesdays last minute.
i never knew how good they were!
do you want to know how much our meal was?
[i got a teensie bowl of shrimp and past and he got a big plate of various things]
almost fifty dollars.
i. thought. i. was. going. to puke.
i'm not cheap or anything, but $50? if i'm going to spend $50 i want a big ole steake with a baked potato on the side, not a few pieces of shrimp and penne pasta! but it was SOO good. so i'm glad we went ;) i just had to complain first, ha!

but we had so much fun, i love him too much.
today i woke up early [8:45] because michael was frantically freaking out because his alarm didn't go off and he was almost late for work. but he wasn't!
so i got ready, and went to pick up my little sister and we went to nolans birthday party, and it was sooo precious. erica is so creative!

now we're home, waiting on my sweet husband to get off work so we can go to church ;)
i hope you all had a fabulous saturday!

it was beyond beautiful in alabama :) 60-65 degrees the entire day!
a wonderful day for a birthday party!
later lovelies


Alex(andra) said...

Happy 6 months! Time does seem to fly by, doesn't it? =)

Erica said...

thanks for coming today! i love you!
oh and how in the world did you spend that much at ruby tuesday? we love going there & always spend about $25-28! lol

Brianna! said...

Happy Half Way to a Year anniversary:)
I love you guys to death!!!

P.s. You are going to be in mine and michael's wedding...One Day. Even if we are eighty-nine years old and have to have a cane to make it down the aisle!

whitney said...

alex-- yes it does seem to fly by! when did you guys get married?

erica-- thank you for inviting me! we had such a good time and i' glad nolan (and sean..and dathan) liked nolans gift! :) and i have no idea how we spent that much money? we didnt even get big meals. water + no salad next time! haha

brianna-- thank you! we love you too! ;)
and i get to be in the wedding!? OMGsh i am so excited!! :):)

Jenn said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!

LauraLou said...

Your blog is so cute - I love your wedding pictures! Thanks for commenting on mine, I'm excited to start following your story! :)

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