Top two & lots to do!

Tuuuuuuuesday! Hello!

We had horrible sleeps last night! For some reason none of the dogs could get comfortable and it was hot and just.. uncomfortable. And my neck hurts. BUT that's not stopping me from being so so so excited about leaving for the beach in the morning! :]

I'm working right now and I get off at 3:30, after that I have to meet with Jessica and tell her all about the dogs schedule, etc. After that I have to finish bunches of laundry and finish cleaning up so Jessica doesn't have to stay in a dirty apartment :] haha.

Our night will consist of to-go dinner, walmart, spending time with our babies, packing, and teen mom :] How could I not watch teen mom?

Anyways! I am going to try to continue to blog everyday with pictures etc, so I don't have 5million when I come back!

Enough about tomorrow- Guess what today is?


Todays pick is 'Top Two Favorite Cities'

Well, I'm only 20, so I have lots of places I would like to go.. I have never been out of the country and definitely would love to! But for the places that I have been, 2 of my top favorites would be...

1. Gulf Shores, AL

Not only am I a beach girl, this is so far my favorite beach! And the city isn't party central, still with lots to do! Plus, we got married here, so it holds a special place in my heart :)

2. NYC, NY

I've been to NYC twice, once when I was in the 6th grade and once when I was in the 9th grade - it's been a while! But I would LOVE to go back! Michael is such a city boy, and he would love it!

Happy Tuesday!



Lately [three times] I have received some pretty harsh comments on my blog. I am pretty sure I know who the person is, and it seems nothing other than their normal character. "Lovinthatbabyjesus" is their name, but they don't have a blog. It could be someone totally different than who I think it is, but whoever you are I pray for you numerous times and I will continue too!

Because of this, I had to resort in making my blog to where only readers who have a blog can leave me comments, and I have to approve them before they are on the blog. I figured I would try this first before fully resorting to having to make my blog private or what not.

To "lovinthatbabyjesus":
I am insulted that you have that as your name and act the way that you do. Please know that I pray for you and now I know the people on my blog do too. I'm sorry that you have insecurities that cause you to do the things you do, and problems wrong with the inner/outer you, that make you point out what you think is wrong with the inner/outer me. I hope someday you will realize that the Kingdom of God is not cruel, it is not hurtful, and it is not rude- but it is full of love. And your actions show you don't know what real love is. Real love is Jesus and the things you have said are not of Him. I pray the people around you show you love and kindess and let you know you are loved. No matter what you say, I still pray for you, and I love you--Jesus does too.

To the rest of my readers: I'm sorry you had to endure such a lame post. I love you all and you are so great--especially my sweet blogger friends!

It's almost here!

Yes! Our anniversary! This coming sunday is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? When I started this blog we had only been married like two months? I cannot believe it. Anyways! Before our anniversary comesssss.......


We have decided to leave a day early, which will be about 7:00 on Wednesday morning! We are so thankful for our friend Jessica, her fiance was the best man in our wedding and she is going to be staying at our apartment with the dogs day and night! You all know how much I love my furbabies, so I am so glad to be having such a sweet girl who LOVES animals too, to stay with them! We could never thank her enough!

This weekend was a great one! Its slowly but surely becoming fall and I couldn't be more welcoming of it! It just makes me smile! How can you not be in a good mood!?

I'm pray pray prayingggg for some sun while we are at the beach! I haven't tanned in a few months [because I am a good wife and cut my tanning package off, for now;)] so I need to do a little catching up!

I have had this verse on my heart this morning, remembering my older sister today! As a few of you know, we haven't talked to her in about a month-her doings not ours, and she needs prayers! :]

"God knows how often I pray for you. Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer to God, whom I serve with all my heart by spreading the Good News about his Son." -Romans 1:9

Well hello David Beckham ;)

Husband let me shoot him ideas for a new haircut before the beach and I told him a faux hawk! He did it! And might I add, he looks supah hot ;]

Did ya have a good weekend!? Tellllll me all about it!


Did I mention, FABULOUS!?


YAY! It's another Faaaaabulous Friday! What's more fabulous than having no work on the weekends, friends, hubby, family, church, and food!?

Mhmm, that's what I thought--fabulous!

This week has consisted of going to play at the park with my friend Katy & her 2 year old son, Elliott, Eating out, visiting with family, looking at homes, and being fabulous!

This weekend will consist of MUCHO fabulosity. And thennnnnn next week we go to the beach! Wooooo!

Be back later- Don't stop being fabulous!



it's coming up!

I have some new followers! I love youuuuu already! :)

The countdown is here! We leave for the beach in ONE week at 4:30 in the morning. And I have to drive first, WOWZAH! It's going to take 10+ hours to get to Florida, bleh. And since I'm not comfortable driving "on the big road" I will drive until I can't anymore and then Michael will take over :)

My heart is so happy!

We will be staying at the gorgeous Hilton right on the beach for an amazing price! Thank you, Aunt Georgia!

We are so happy to be going for our anniversary.. and it's soo close! One year has snuck up on us for sure!


Top TWO & then some :)

You know I love Top Two Tuesday! Today's top two's are biggest indulgences. I have more than two, but I will spare you and share only two ;)

1. Handbags
I love love love handbags! Coach & Juicy Couture are my absolute favorites. I don't do the whole "different handbag for different outfit" I generally get one bag for season, and wear it the entire time! The fact that I have pricey taste may or may not be why I don't switch for every outfit ;) This is what I'm currently carrying!

2. Boutiques
Oh my. Free people is one of my VERY FAVORITE boutiques, but I also have a few more close to my heart like Deja Vu, Frolic, Sassy & Classy, Anthropologie, etc. How could I choose just one? :]

What are yours!?

Today has been a rather slow day at work, I'm pretty sure I have dozed off more than once. On a better note, I got to see my honey for lunch today! We had Rick's BBQ and it was D-LISH, like always! Mikey got a loaded potato which is a BIG potato with bacon, cheese, butter & bbq. yum!? yes! I got the plain bbq sandwich with fries and white sauce. nom nom! We go to Rick's for their amazinnnnng Fruit Tea! It tastes like pineapple. Mmmmm :)

After work, I get to go get my hair done [again] ha! When I went last time the 'light brown' looks to be more of a 'light blonde' so I'm getting it taken out and leaving the dark brown, and adding a few pink strands. Cute?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! Fall is slowly creeping up on Alabama and I am loving this cool breeze!


bits & pieces: week one

This week I am trying a new blog hop! It's from In Lovely Heels and it seems super fun. Join- It goes like this: ;)

the bits:
[The last thing that made you smile]
[Romantic,horror,action,or funny movies?]
[Are you going to watch Miss Universe?]
[I love my life because...]
[Favorite Picture of the week]

the pieces:
[The last thing that made you smile]
Mine and Katy's baby talk! You know I'm baby crazy, and it's always fun talking with friends :)

[Romantic,horror,action,or funny movies?]
Romantic comedy! I love LOVE but I also get bored WAY too easily, so it needs o be silly, for sure. :)

[Are you going to watch Miss Universe?]
If I'm home, of course!

[I love my life because...]
I am married to a wonderful man, I have three beautiful furbabies, I have an amazing family and a GREAT job- and my one year wedding anniversary getaway is in 10 days! Who wouldn't love that?

[Favorite Picture of the week]
Taken by my blackberry
I love this picture of Michael! He is so..pretty. I know that sounds manly, but it's true. Look at those pretty blues! And I love it when he wear his sunglasses as a headband and his hair looks all crazy like this. Too cute.

Weekend full of babies!

This weekend Michael and I had Zoe (20 months) on Friday night, and most of the day Saturday, and then Saturday afternoon I exchanged Zoe for Noah (3months) and we had our first night with a teensie baby!
Well, Michaels.
My friend Katy has a 2year old and I've been a part of his life since before he was born! I have spent many nights in a bed with katy and elliott. Ha!
Noah didn't sleep too much, on and off until 4:30AM and then he slept from then until about 10 or so. He was such a good baby.
You all know I enjoyed pretending I was a mommy for the weekend, so when everyone told me how cute they were, etc.. I went with it! :) too fun.
It's also fun hearing how much they look like me and people can just TELL they are my babies. Really? Because I have dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes & they have light hair, light skin & blue eyes. Whatever! Ha. They could pass for Michaels babies, and he was SO sweet with them. It melted my heart!
And of course, makes me ready for some NOW.
So Lord, whenever you're ready- so are we :)
I'll be back with pictures later! :)
Happppy Mondayyy!


Happy 17th Birthday, Hanna!

Today is my little seestur, Hanna's 17th birthday! :)/:(
Where did my little 7lb, teensie blonde, curly headed baby sister go?
Isn't she gorgeous!?

Hanna- I can't believe you are seventeen today. I remember the day you were born! I remember the times Mom walked in and I had crawled into your crib and crawled back out with you in hand. I remember the time I put you in my baby doll stroller-what!? You fit perfectly! You were so teensie. I also remember the time I was watching TV and you walked up behind me, sat on my back, laid your head down being so sweet, and then bit the *&^* out of my shoulder! And the time that you shut the cat in the door and broke his hip, and of course, I must mention the time we were rolling worms in chalk and then pouring water on them to make them come back to life, and I went in to get some scissort {poor worms!} and you came and took them.. this resulted in me getting my hand cut open and having four stitches. Did you think I wasn't going to say it?
I am so proud of the person you have become and I couldn't ask for a better little sister! Although we don't ALWAYS get along, I love having someone pretty close to my age to be able to hang out with all the time. I am so happy to call myself your sister, you also make mom and dad very proud! You are so talented in art, photography, and so much more! Keep seeking Jesus and glorifying him through all your talents and you will go so far!



..is exactly how I have felt lately :(

The past week and a half, I haven't felt too hot. I have had a lot going on (family wise) and just need a few prayers!

I have a member in my family (my family, not mine & michaels) who has chosen to go down the wrong road, and the road is ending for this family member to shock us all, and turn their decision around.

It's been a sad, exhausting week, to say the least.

And before all of this happened I was already waking u everyday with a headache, feeling dizzy, and like crap.. so this just put the icing on the cake.

Please keep my family in your prayers, especially my mom. She's got a lot on her hands dealing with all of this.



.. And lots of them!

I got on this morning only to find a have a decent amount of new followers! It's suuuuper fun, thank you Taylor for letting us link up and find new friends! :)

What's not to love about blogger friends? I myself, probably seem verrrry energetic and LOUD in blogger world.. and if I have known you for awhile/am close to you.. I am that way! BUT first meeting new friends is a little nerve-wrecking for me. I'm kind of shy when it comes to new friends!

That's a great thing about blog world, you get to know everyone and their lives through it, so if you do it the chance to meet in person, you feel like you know them!

Have any of you met any of your blogger friends/plan to meet any?

I know some people that are creeped out by the fact of meeting people IRL, that they met through social networking. But I'd do it! I think it's neat because all of us come from all over the world, and have so many different things to get to know about us. Our beliefs, our marriage, babies, friends, jobs, families, etc!

I was reading a lot about the BLOGHER thing, have any of you heard of that?

A bajillion bloggers met up in NYC this year (from everywhere) and went to blogging conferences (I have no idea what a blogging conference could be!?) and hung out and met all their blogger friends IRL! How fun is that!

How many of you think it'd be fun? Or does it just creep you out? Ha!

Happy Wednesday, sweet thang!


Top TWO Toooooooooosdy!

Tips Tips Tips! :)


1. Curled Hair- Lot's of you have asked (when I had long hair, sad day!) how I grew/curled my hair. The growing process is just a gift, my hair just grows fast! ha. The curling part is with my CHI flat iron, god of the flat irons, for sure. You just section of your hair, take a peice, put the iron to it and twist. I learned from a youtube video, no shame here!

2. Clear Skin- People have always asked me how I don't have acne. (Trust me, when I do-It's noticeable, and placed ever so gently in the center of my face.) and that my friends, is because I only wear eye make up + tan. Thanks to my mom, I've never really had acne. She has perfect skin! I noticed that when I tan, my skin stays clear, and when I don't tan for awhile, I get little bumps sometimes--try it!

Btw, My friend Kaiti went to the doctor today to find out she is 6 weeks along, and expecting their first bundle of joy on April 5, 2011! Which just so happens to be our 1.5 year anniversary.

I think it's a sign that I'm next. Don't you? Ha! Hop on the agreement bandwagon and I'll be in the receiving lane ;)


Worst blogger award goes to...

Whoops! Sorry :(

BUT, on another note- WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!! :) I am so happy you're reading my blog, and will make my way around to reading all of yours! :]

Friday- We had date night [pizza] and then headed downtown and hung out with my sister and her friends, I got an adorabbbble new handmade change purse at the coffee shop :)

Saturday- I spent most of the day all by my lonesome, BUT that will be changing soon seeing as I am about to start keeping one sweeeet, very active, four year old every saturday ;) My sweet Mom and Daddy brought me some Zaxbys and we all ate at our Apt and they visited for awhile. I got ready [In 40 minutes, thank you SHORT hair!] and we went to see my grandmother :) That night we went to Michael's mom's because his uncle from Florida was in town visiting, and we had a "family night" with grilled food, BAM [I got the new book Eat Love Pray- Have any of you read it!?] and went to the Ice Cream Corner, then headed home. We were night owls :) Then we crashed.

Sunday- We were laaaaazy [waking up at 11AM!] and then went to my parents for some GREAT food, of which I just ate some leftovers :) and watched 2012. Good movie, but way too long for me. We then ran errands all day and ate dinner. We went to ride around looking for houses and are HOPING and praying we get our debt paid off by January 1. I can't stand not having my own home! Patience, Whitney :) OH, and while we were driving I said 'Mikey I wanna go home I have a bad tummy ache' and right as he heads home, we run out of gas. Shoot me. Thank heavens for the kind man who had a gallon of gas laying in his garage. God bless you MUCHO!

Sooooo sorry we had to play catch-up! I'll try to be a better blogger ;)

Oh, oh, oh!
One of my good friends, Kaiti, who has been my good friend since I was THREE YEARS OLD got married in May and just found out she is expecting her first baby! Soon, I know. But in God's plan--how awesome is that!? Praise Jesus!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday, I am! :)


11 months!?

New blog hop on Ria's page! Lovellllly! Best thing-no rules!

Yesterday we were together ELEVEN months. It was Michael's off day so we were busy bee's all day and I didn't get a chance to blog! When we came home last night, it was too late and I was ready to go to sleep, sorry!

Can you believe it!? Me neither. It seems like we haven't been married but three, maybe.

To My sweet sweet Mikey,
I love you more each day! I cannot believe time is going by so fast, next month will be our one year! Thank you for being the world's greatest/sweetest husband ever! I have so much fun with you everyday, and you mean more to me than you will ever know! I love you so much bebe, this is only the beginning of forever! :)

RIP iPhone.

Michael had T-Mobile
I had At&T
Our internet was through Verizon
..which leaves me having to remember three seperate bills. I used to have Verizon but switched just so I could have my iPhone and have never had a problem. I loved my iPhone, bless. Michael's T-Mobile phone just stopped working a few months ago and we had to pay like $50 to get a new one even though it wasn't his fault. Then a few days ago Michael dropped his phone and busted the screen so I got on the internet to file an insurance claim and the deductible was $130. Yeah, right.
We wanted to have everything on the same plan anyway, so we just decided to go ahead and do it now, and the easiest/most affordable family plan was through Verizon.
We both got the droids (and Michael is beyond excited!) but I'm just not feeling it yet. I miss my iPhone!
Droids are like the Verizon 'hype' right now. I posted a status on fb about if I should get a Droid because I loved my Verizon Blackberry and I got 43 comments talking about how amazing the Droid is.
The sales lady lost me with her rude remarks and her smart comments, and using the F-word and telling us about her drunk husband. Yay for you.
I like it, and I LOVE HAVING 3G! [AT&T doesn't have it here yet!] but it is going to take some time.
Love you little iPhone, but marriage takes a toll on the 'ol expenses. I guess it's worth it ;)
What do you have!? Do you like it?


Anniversary Plans! FOR SURED. :)

First things first:
Okay Okay, so we change our minds a lot. Don't hate me.

So we changed our minds from going to Texas a few months ago because
1) We didn't wanna blow all of our money
2) I'm not sure I can sit in a car for 15+ hours
3) Quite frankly, Michael's dad (who is not in the picture) lives there, and it's not really somewhere we are ready to go just yet.

SO! We have decided to go to Ormond Beach, Florida!

Michael's aunt and uncle (on his mom's side) live in Ormond Beach! Michael's sister, Rachel, actually stayed there for a week or so with them this summer and she came back with the decision of moving down there in the next year!

You know me, I love beaches! Georgia (Michael's aunt) works for a company and can get us a good deal on a place on the beach, and for the other two nights we are going to stay with her and Eddie! I'm also excited because this will be my first time meeting them! :)

I've never been to a beach that didn't have white sand.. so I'm excited to go somewhere new :)

Anyways, I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I came to work today and I am so ready to go take a nap-ha! Tonight is also church night so I am veeeeeeeery pumped AND Michael's early night. Cross your fingers he gets off on time!?


Ps. Tomorrow is our 11 month anniversary, eeeeek!

Pss. If you would like to give to St. Jude for the walk I am walking in on November 20 just go here :)


Bachelorette + Sick Tuesday

So, who watched the Bachelorette last night!?

This is going to sound rediculous, but I cried through half of the show! Roberto and Chris were my two favorite picks from the start, so of course I would have been sad to see either one of them go. I was actually hoping she wouldn't pick anyone so just one person wouldn't have to leave sad "/ is that bad? But a tiny peice of me wanted Chris to get the final rose just a teensie bit more.

When she let Chris go I was baffled! I couldn't beleive she did that, but I guess it was props to her for not making him stay for the ceremony, and he handled it very classy! He better be the next bachelor. I want to see him find love. Mushy, I know :)

BUT, on the other hand, you can tell just how happy Ali is! And Roberto is a great guy- I wish them the best!

Now that I am done talking like I know people that I don't..

Yesterday was the easiest Monday of my life. We weren't slow but it sure seemed like we were, and to top it all off we beat our sales record last month so we got a bonus! AND today Michael got a pretty little commission check, right when we need it! Thank you, Jesus!

Today I'm not working due to being lame and laying in the bed sick to my stomach. All. Day. Long. Hopefully Michael will bring something good, that won't hurt my stomach, home for lunch today!

I love lazy days, but when you don't have anyone to spend them with other than an iPhone, a netbook, and three dogs, they get a little boring!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

*Oh! I almost forgot that I just ordered my sisters birthday present! I can't tell you where from yet, because she reads my blog and she will go figure out what it is--but her birthday is August 18th and my LITTLE sister will be 17! Geez.. So, Um.. you have to wait to find out what it is, too! Whoops!


Dear Blog Friends,

I need your help with something!

I keep up with a lot of your blogs and I know many of you have a heart for kids, and the hurting just like I do!

St. Jude Childrens Hospital does a walk where over 60 different communities participate, and we are having one in mine this year! I was so excited to find out, and of course I have to participate! The walk is a 5k, which isn't too hard! Haha.

I have made a goal to raise $500! That's not toooo much, so I would love to raise 1,000 but I am starting a little lower. Since most of you don't live anywhere near me, or maybe can't participate, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me reach my goal?

All of your money goes straight to St. Jude, I don't handle any of it. It costs nothing to walk, so it's all for the babes!

Please help me reach my goal! I love each and every one of you!

My outlook on this entire experience is Jeremiah 33:6, "Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant life and security."

If you have an questions please email me at mrsxtomlin(at)gmail(dot)com

And please go here to donate-Every penny counts!: Team Jeremiah 33:6

It's all gone!

Do you like!?

My friend Sarah, who will be graduating from cosmotology school next week cut my hair this weekend and I couldn't be more happy with it!

My hair grows VERY fast, so if I get sad that all my hair is in a garbage can somewhere.. I can just think happy thoughts! I was going to donate it, but I originally wasn't going to cut this much off- So sadly, I didn't get to.

Weekend re-cap coming later, just wanted to share my hair!

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