In Memory of baby Cohen

I'm sure many of you have followed Megan's blog about her journey with baby Cohen.

If not - click here to go to her blog and read their story.

And also visit Send Love to Cohen

Cohen lost his sweet battle with CHD less than 2 weeks after he was born [12 days, I believe] and is now with Jesus. Cohen was the first baby of Megan & Brent so you can only imagine how tough this is for them.

On Thursday, July 1- The blogging world with have a "Moment of silence" for baby Cohen from Midnight to 11:59PM, as Cohen's memorial service is this day. Click above on the "Send Love to Cohen" link to read the post about more details for baby Cohen.
Megan and Brent,
All of our prayers go out to you and pray you feel peace and comfort by the utilmate comforter. I have NO idea what you are going through, but I do know baby Cohen is in heaven with Jesus, perfected, pain-free, and CHD free. Praying for your entire family! Love!


Surprise Picnic!

My sweet husband has been working his hiney off the past few days, selling cars, dealing with people for hours at a time who end up not even getting approved, and doing that from 9-7 every single day.

Today I took a nice little three hour nap, and when I woke up it was about 6:30.. I decided I wanted to do something sweet for him so I packed up a picnic! He is VERY easy to please, and I knew it would be something he really loved! We've went on picnic's before, but they were always planned.

Everything was good [Note to self: Next time bring bug spray!]except the ranch seasoning [our fav] that I brought for our popcorn ended up being.. gross. I don't know what happened to it but it just didn't look right. We had Water, Fresh Turkey [from the deli] on wheat sandwiches, BBQ Baked Lays, and a Mini Popcorn bag! And to top it all off-we got brownie melts on our way home. Fatties, huh? Too bad everything WE eat goes right to MY thighs. Stupid metabolism.

We picnic'd right by the water and it was beautiful, we went out in the middle of the grass and picked a spot and stayed awhile just having fun! We saw what I 'knew' was a cruise ship.. in Florence, AL - but it wasn't. It was like.. something else, ha!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Stay tuned- the next week or so I have a surprise to share with you all! :)



Friday & Saturday we relaxed, we ordered pizza and cuddle lots & lots!

Today we woke up bright and early for church to keep the kiddos! I always love keeping nursery-but when I have to be somewhere at a certain time it just never works out so smoothly, ha!

We ran a little behind so a friend watched over the babes until we got there.
We had five kids:

They are so fun! Most of the time ;] minus the biting and slapping, just give them goldfish and they're good to go! Sweet Jack wasn't happy his mommy left him so I rocked him and he was out in about 15 minutes.

After church, Michael dropped me off at my parents house for my sister's bridal shower. It was fun :] we got her a HUGE basket from a cute little store here called Xtravagance by Susan.

I stayed there for about 2.5 hours and then me and Michael were on our way to his parent's to grill out! Yummmmmmmmmmmm. We had baked potatoes, steak, SHELL macaronni, and rolls! We stayed there until almost 8 annnd here we are!

I am so worn out, BUT off to edit some pictures of the babes for their mommy's! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Ps. Jenn- everytime I click your blog it says "this blog was not found." And it makes me super sad--You're one of my must reads!


Whitney/Michael DAY!

OH my.

What a filled up day we had. It seemed so anyways.

It's Thursday, Michael's off day [you all know this] so I woke up and got ready for work. Well actually I didn't, I woke up, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes and off I went.

Michael spent the morning running a few errands [work, delivering my Mom's AVON to her, depositing my check, etc] you know, the usually 'honey-do' list ;)

Michael was going to take me to lunch, and on my way out my mom said I didn't have to come back to work. SCORE! Just what I wanted to hear :)

So, we went to eat, got groceries, cuddled- the norm.

Michael wanted to play frisbee golf SO bad but I just couldn't make myself stand out in the NINETY-FIVE degree scorcher of a day. If there isn't a pool around-count me OUT. I'm fun, huh? :)

I thought I would make Michael's day and tell him we could go play AFTER we got groceries and ate dinner [at 6:30] but it was STILL 95 degrees. Maybe another day, Mikey!

I made some YUMMY spaghetti for dinner tonight, though! OH, and we got our dogs the "indestructable" rubber-ish bone from walmart. Don't waste your money. Zeke, [our yorkie] has already torn the stuff off of one, and Xoe won't touch the other. I could have saved myself $10.

On a happier note, we got our beach pictures developed and they are sooo cute :) We're so ready to own a house, I have sooo many cute things I want to do with pictures! BUT, not until we are debt-free. No exceptions. Until then, we LOVE our apartment, it's the cutest!

Hope you had a FABULOUS Thursday- I almost said Monday.. Tomorrow is Friday! Eeeek!


Project Zero

is something I found out about from Danielle over at The Design Girl Studio and I think you should all join in!

Project Zero is a list of 101 things YOU want to do in 1001 days, which is 2.75 years.

Long enough to do TONS of things! At first, I couldn't think of anything but have a baby- haha! BUT, then I got to thinking andddddd came up with 101 things fairly quickly.

Go here to find out more about Project Zero and start making your list!

You can also follow them on Twitter - @dayzero

SORRY this was a short post, but it's been a busy day and I'm ready to cuddle! Goodnight :)


Toosdy :)


First and foremost:

June 22
What do you want, God?

Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day to the LORD?
(1 Chronicles 29:5 NKJV)

*WE as people need to learn when we fully devote our time to the LORD, that means EVERYTHING. We have to say "Okay Lord, I give everything I have to YOU. Do with ME as YOU please! We can't say "Okay Lord, do with me as you please but don't take that." "Okay Lord, I'll go there if you don't make me do this." NO. It just doesn't work that way. We as Christians sometimes "deal" with God, meaning - The Lord has dealt us a card that we may not particularly want, so we think we can just swap it out. Nu uh. Can't do that either. We MUST SAY "I give myself--entirely to YOU, Lord. Speak to me and tell me what YOU want for me."

GOD'S WORD FOR YOU TODAY: Be entirely availible to God, holding nothing back from Him.



Here are my faves- and have been since day ONE ;)

Who are your faves!? Happy Toooooosdy! ;)


Fabulous Monday :)

Good afternoon!

As I told you yesterday I got a lovely book by Joyce Meyer, that is actually like a daily devotional. It has a little something to read each day. I love it already! I am a HUGE fan of Joyce Meyer & Beth Moore. If you have never listened to any of her confrences, PLEASE do! She is SO easy to listen to, and I LOVE her fiesty personality! :] You can do so, here!

In each one there is a verse and a "God's word for you today" along with a little story. I'm going to fill you in on everything but her stories, and maybe it'll leave you itching to get the book! You won't regret it! BAM has them right now for $15.99!

June 21
Follow the Law of Love

You, brethren, were [indeed] called to freedom; only [do not let your] freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an oppurtunity or excuse [for selfishness], but through love you should serve one another.
(Galatians 5:13)

God's word for you today: If you make others happy, you will be happier yourself.

SO TRUE! If you follow me on twitter, I also started [today] posting the scripture and word of the day every morning, my twitter name is @xowhitmichelle

NOW- Go get the book! :)

Monday is a Monday - But following the word of the day, I was happy because I made it a point to see everyone else happy too! And I believe THAT alone, caused my Monday not to drag :)

I got off almost an hour early, so that may have helped ;)
Now, I'm home waiting on sweet husband to get here, and then off we go to my parent's to watch the bachelorette and eat some food from all the precious people who have prepared meals for us during this time- thank you!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!


father's day!

Today was a GREAT day. Finally.

After such an emotional wreck of a week I needed a good day, and I know the rest of my family did too!

This morning we woke up around 11:00 and then we got dressed and headed over to my parents to give my dad his gift :) With everything that has been going on with my Papa, we didn't cook or anything this year. I think my parents were perfectly fine with just laying low for a change. The seemed like they were enjoying their big 'ole comfy chair and HGTV when we came over ;]

As you know, my daddy LOVES to cook! So we got him these neat little kabob things from.. AVON! It's like a kabob basket, so you don't have to mess with putting them on the stick and checking to make sure every little peice is getting done. He loved it!

Afterwards we went to Target, to the mall, and then to tan. We came home and let the dogs out and played with them for a little while before we went out and window-shopped, then Michael took me to play DISC GOLF for the very first time!

At first I thought we just tossed the frisbees in the basket, well.. okay that sounds easy enough. And then I realized we tossed them into a basket that was almost 300 feet away. No longer fun. Then I realized you throw it once, then throw it from where it lands until you get it in the basket, okay- fun again!

So we went to Dick's and got me a "putter" and.. something else. I got a cute tye-dye one and a neon pink one!

We played for about 12 little basket things all around the park and in the woods- it was fun! My feet got dirty, I was in my good shoes, I stepped on a sticker, and Michael punctured a hole in his TOMS. Whoops. But I wouldn't change any of those things, I can't wait to go again! :)

Oh, we also went to BAM this afternoon and I got me a devotional and he got him the one he had been wanting. I also got my mom a little something [she reads my blog.. will tell tomorrow :] and a dream book, which I have wanted for forever! Being a dreamer, it comes in handy! :)

All in all- I had a great day and I'm SO glad I didn't have to sit at home and miss papa all day. I've come to realize when I sit still for 10 minutes all I can do is cry at missing that sweet man.

PLEASE pray for my Mom, as she had to spend this Father's day without my Papa- so soon after he passed.

To my Daddy:
You are THE best daddy in the entire world. I seriously love everything about you - and mostly your humor! There is never a dull moment when you're in the room. You have always been strong for our family, and I am forever greatful for all you have done to give me, Hanna & Kelley such a great life! I am so proud to call you daddy!

To my Papa:
Oh do I miss you or what! You have always been an example of such a kind and loving spirit and I love you so much! You were a perfect example of how to treat your wife, and how to care for a family. You are SO fun and everyone loved you. I will see you soon, Papa- give Oma a hug for me! I love you!

And without thanks to our Heavenly Father, I wouldn't have these two men! I love you, Jesus!


Today was the day.

Today was the day that I came to grips on the fact that I would never see my Papa [in his earthly body] again.

I woke up this morning a little sad, but not near as sad as I have been these past few days. We got ready and headed to my parent's house and headed out to my Papa's visitation.

I can't even describe to you how much it hurt my heart to see my parents cry. I haven't seen my dad cry since I was about 7 [when his dad died] until my Papa was about to pass away. I don't even want to remember that moment, it hurts me too bad.

We had the funeral and one of my papa's dear friends spoke. In November of 2008, when my Oma died, I wrote her this poem:

Why can’t I see angels? As I wait and wonder, I know this is true,
The precious days are over, that I will ever see you.

Why can’t I see angels? In heaven up above, God tells me that he’s sent them
To pour down His undying love.

Why can’t I see angels? Is this real, is it true?
Are you really gone forever? Is there really no more you?

Why can’t I see angels? Their smile, their touch, their sound,
Maybe their not here on earth, only “heaven bound”

Why can’t I see angels? When I need them by my side,
I wonder where they are, or do they only hide?

Why can’t I see angels? God tells me that he’s sent me one that I can’t seem to find,
Are you really here? Or is this simply in my mind?

Why can’t I see angels? Is my thought for nineteen years,
Now this question leaves me with nothing else but tears.

Why can’t I see angels? Is what I ask myself when there’s nothing left to do,
Then I simply realize: My angel? Was you.

I know that we will meet again. Heaven is where you’ll be,
Dancing, singing, laughing, watching over my precious family and me.

Papa needs your guidance, and Momma- she does too.
I want you to know, we forever love and miss you.

My grandmother, my Oma, is what you were to me,
But now you’re safe and sound and heaven’s where you’ll be.

One day we’ll meet again at the golden gates up there,
I cant wait to see that beautiful face and that pretty, curly, gray hair.

I love you and I miss you and I’ll “See you later alligator”, can’t wait to see your smile,
or hear you tell me once again, “After while crocodile”.

Everything in that poem has a little something to do with my Oma. Things she used to say to me, etc. Love you, Oma!

So I wrote a poem for my Papa, and the man who spoke read it during the funeral, too.

From way back then until forever, Papa is what you'll be
always sneaking mints & pocorn, to Hanna, Kelley and Me

We couldn't have asked for a better - grandfather such as you,
no more Christmas no more football games, I'm not sure what we'll do

Jesus is calling you home and heaven is where you'll be,
I know you'll be safe up there, watching over my precious family and me

I'll see you someday soon, Papa
because now it's time to go

And as soon as you get up there,
give 'em a big ROLL TIDE ROLL!

As I told you, he was THE WORLDS biggest Bama fan. This afternoon, He, as well as all of us, were decked out in our Bama colors and accessories!

Thank you to everyone who has sent prayers up for us, we DO feel the love.
And thank you to everyone who has sent SO MUCH food to my family.

We love and appreciate every single one of you, and thank God for you everyday!

Philippians 1:3
"I thank my God everytime I remember you."


Just for you, Papa :)

This morning I woke up and I was a wreck. I was still tired from late night nursing home stays [nothing compared to the hours my parents and aunt stayed!] and the second I opened my eyes my heart sank. Knowing I'd never see my Papa [until I get to Heaven] again, I felt my voice quiver as I rolled over to Michael and all I could say was "I miss my Papa."

Michael took the day off today and we spent time together, we went to the tattoo shop [Hang on, I'm about to tell you!] and then to Zaxby's. Afterwards, we went to the Mall with Hanna so she could find a dress for the funeral tomorrow & then we went back to my parent's house. Our first batch of yummy food was brought over, seeing how much one person can cook for you not even 24 hours after a death in the family is unreal. Not only unreal, but heart-warming at the same time.

We are SO thankful for all the kind words from everyone and how everyone is willing to bend over backwards. Everyone knew my Papa, and we will all forever love and miss him.

Okay Okay, Back to the tattoo shop! I love Tattoos, especially meaninful ones and I knew I wanted to get one for my Papa. It's on my foot, where I can look down and see it whenever I want, and it's his favorite color. So, here it is!

It's Hebrew for "Papa" and it's colored in with CRIMSON!

I love you, sweet man!
"Hi Gal.. Heyyyyyy man ;)"

[^ Papa knows what I mean :)]

RIP Sweet Papa :')

As you saw in my previous entry, Papa went to be with Jesus last night.

His visitation will be held at a funeral home tomorrow at 3PM and then he will be buried next to my Oma in a little graveyard.

I'm going to miss that sweet man. I already do.

Wednesday, the nurse told us that some people hang on until they know that everyone has come to see them. Hearing is the last thing to go. One lady hung on for 16 days with no food/water until her grand daughter came in from out of town, then died ten minutes later. Yesterday, the last bit of my family came in from out of town, My Uncle Mike & My Cousin Brad. They were there for about two hours and My dad said "It's okay Papa, Everyone is here, You can go now, we're going to be okay" and then I watched my Papa take his very last breath.

He waited, He knew. How amazing.

Last night was tough & these next few days will be as well. Please pray for My Mom & My Aunt Kathy during this time, they sure are going to miss their Daddy.

I know my Papa is having a ball in heaven with Jesus, My Oma, and of course Paul 'Bear' Bryant. And you better believe he is giving those Auburn fans a good talkin' to. After he ate some of Oma's famous spaghetti of course ;)

I miss you & LOVE you sweet Papa, ROLL TIDE!


Sweet PaPa went to be with Jesus today.

<3 I LOVE YOU <3


Still hanging on..

Yesterday around 3:30ish I headed down to the Nursing Home to see my Papa. I got there the same time my parents and Hanna got there and we all went in and I was NOT ready.

I remember going on two years ago I would not go see my Oma, in fear of what it would be like. When I finally went to see her in her 'last days' she ended up dying that night. I like to think she was hanging on until she saw me! Sadly, she died three days before my birthday and the funeral ended up being right before my birthday, and then Thanksgiving being the next day.

I remember how sick she looked when she couldn't move in her bed and how she did NOT look like my Oma. When we went to the funeral, she looked beautiful! She looked JUST like my Oma. Hair done up, big gaudy gold jewelry and a flashy bright outfit! I know she was loving her style up in Heaven. I promise you, My Oma made big sunglasses IN!

Lots of times when a spouse dies, that person doesn't live too much longer [if they're a lot older.] My papa hung on for almost 2 more years, and he's still hanging on. He's 93 years old!

When I walked in yesterday, surprisingly, I didn't cry right away. He looks so helpless in there, and he's so skinny his ribs are poking out. It wasn't until my Mom told me to sing for him until I started crying. My Papa LOVES to hear me sing. But I just couldn't do it. Not without crying and my heart breaking MORE than it already was.

We stayed until about 11PM, and by that time they weren't sure he was going to make it through the night, but he did.. always throwing us for a loop, Papa! :)

The nurse made it clear last night that 'the end is near' but I am so thankful my Papa held on through my mom's birthday.. I can't imagine the saddness!

I love my Papa SO much, I remember everything about him when we were little, and I remember exactly how he looked last night. Not only do I remember every detail, I know my Papa.

My Papa has lived a long life! He has been through the great depression, he met my Oma when she was a coctail waitress, he loves Chicago, he was an iron worker, He helped build the Golden Gate bridge, he and Oma ALWAYS had Peach Nehi at their house, and last but not least-

He's leaving for Heaven soon, so I hope those Auburn fans are ready for a good talkin' to! ;)

I love you, Papa - ROOOOOOOLL TIDE ROLL!


48 years of being fab!

(caution: the woman being talked of in this post may be too sexy for some eyes;)
Today is the day, it's my Mommy's BIRTHday!

Oh, HOW lucky I am to have a Mom like her!

Mom, you are:
The giver of my attitude ;]
A friend to MANY!
A wonderful Mom
A wonderful daughter [I know you've made Oma & Papa so proud!]

[akward phone sticking out of my pouch, ha!]

My mom is going to shoot me for letting you all know she is 48 today, BUT if I were here I would LOVE knowing I have spent 48 years of life being so amazing & growing in to the person she is now :] [That sweet little comment didn't make up for me sharing your age, did it? :)] I hope I am half of the mom she is to my kids, and make her as proud as I know she has made my grandparents. I also hope I am as good of a wife to my Michael as she is to my daddy.

If you're wondering why I spelt it "Mawm" in my blog title, it's because that's how I say it, obviously. That's how she thinks I say it anyways! What can I say? I'm from alaBAM! Cut me some slack :)

Unfortunately, My mom is spending her birthday at the nursing home with my sweet Papa and I haven't seen her much. So everyone please, send up a prayer for her. My mom needs to feel comfort and that she has done all the can, and she has been amazing at it! I don't know anyone who has put so much effort in to making sure their parents are 100% comfortable, happy, safe & being treated right as much as my mom has.

I love you more than words can say, and you are PERFECT in my eyes! You're amazing and I am so blessed to call you MY mom!

Happy 48th birthday hot stuff! :)


Oh, Monday..

Today I woke up, late, as I always do. My alarm clock [cough, cough, Michael] obviously broke or something and forgot I needed to be at work at 9:00.

I woke up and I was still having the worst stomach ache from the day before and I felt awful. I got to work on time and work I did! Monday's are always crazy at work. Monday's are crazy in general!

I got to work and my parents had to both leave that afternoon because they called them down to the nursing home. My papa isn't doing good, and we believe he is in his last days. My mom seems to be holding together a lot better than she did with my Oma, because I think she knows what to expect. That, and the fact that she knows my Papa will be so much happier in Heaven, where he will be pain free.

I left work around 2:30 and went and got our God son, Elliott :) We went over to my parent's house so my little sister could see him, and we ended up staying there until after the bachelorette. [Might I add I wish Kasey would have gotten kicked off and Jesse stayed-- he was adorable!] Elliott peed all over me, AS I was about to change him. That silly boy! So I stripped him and got him in the bath and he LOVED it. I will have to show pictures soon :] the bath OBVIOUSLY relaxed him and he slept for 30 minutes or so.

Afterwards, we went to tan and met Katy so Ellie could go home. Michael went on home and Katy and I chatted [as always] for a little while.

Our Monday was pretty boring, thank goodness! But I am so tired, and Michael is already asleep.

Sorry this post was just rambling and NO pictures, but I just can't find the energy to upload them!

Goodnight :)


Weekend FUN!

Friday night we took a little double date at Ricatonni's with my best friend Katy and her boyfriend Michael H. since Elliott [her son, our God son :)] was at his daddy's house this weekend. We went to eat and then to the park just to talk for a while :)

After that, we went to Katy's so her and Michael H. could say their goodbye's and she came our to our apartment and spend the night with us and we stayed up until 4AM talking. AH! I thought I was going to die, BUT that's why I love best friends! Since Michael had to work all day the next day he stayed up and talked with us for a while and then he went on to sleep.

Saturday we had a lazy girls day & got up and went to the tattoo shop so Katy could get her nose pierced. Since she had to take her belly button ring out while she was pregnant with Elliott [two years ago] it grew up and she's been meaning to get it redone but never has. Well, she mentioned it to me in front of the peircer.. and he re did it for her! :] Two piercings in one day? She's a beast.

on to the belly button...

Last night Michael and I went to Pizza Hut and then to Rivertown to get a Frappe [YUM!] and then we went to sit with his friend and talk while he had night shift at work!

Today, we woke up too late for church but we got up [this afternoon] and ate our left over Pizza and got ready to go over to Michael's mom's because it was his oldest, younger sister's 20th birthday today! We got her some AMAZING smelling lotions, a make up bag, and yummmmy smelling hand sanitizer with a little thing to carry it on your keys all from bath & body :]

Happy Birthday Rachel - We love you! :)

Afterwards, we all came outside and decided to longboard! Michael and the other guys longboarded, I stood on the longboard while Michael held on to me and ran, haha!

We ended up leaving around 9:00 and we are POOPED!
But we had an amazing weekend full of fun, food, family, friends.. and longboarding ;)

Now tomorrow it's back to Monday! These weekends FLY! Hope everyone had a good weekend! And HAPPY MONDAY!

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