Galatians 6:9 Project--please share!

Some friends and I have started a new "campaign/project" which is the "Galatians 6:9 Project/Don't Lose Heart Campaign" and we are expecting and believing for it to get huge! We just made our blog today, so we have a little ways to go- but please feel free to follow us and watch us grow! Also, we have made a Twitter that you WANT to follow for sure because someone is always tweeting something uplifting and encouraging--who wouldn't want that!? :) ALSO ALSO-- we have a facebook page that was just created the day before yesterday and we already have 45 likes! -100 is our first goal to get to, and with your help we will exceed it before no time! Please check us out and share!

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Remember all of those times I talked about moving? And all of you said "do it while your young!"? Well, there was always one thing holding me back. My family! I could never leave them. Just couldn't be without them. Well, My parents approached us a few months ago telling us they were moving and wanted us to go too! WHAT! Okay of course, now where are we moving? THE BEACH, YOU SAY!?! Heck. YES. Destin, Florida to be exact.

My parents have always wanted to move to the beach. Now that my mom doesn't have my Oma and Papa here anymore (sadly :/) and all of us are "grown" they decided why not?

So, in a few months time, we have managed to get everyone together and will be moving to the beach! We have a place for the business, my parents are having a house built + have sold their house here to our best family friends, and Michael and I have an amazing apartment waiting on us! NOW. When are we moving you ask?

May 4, 2011!

Soon approaching. :)

Can you tell I'm excited? Nah.. ;)

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