lovely weekend :)

wasn't my blog this morning so pitiful? i had nothing to write about.. and mostly complained about michael not being home. haha i'm sorry! i just miss saturdays with my sweet husband!

anyways, we had another pretty day here :) the weather has been tricky lately. the sun will poke it's little head out and shine some 70 degree rays and the next day it's rainy and cold. today it was probably in the low sixties but the wind was horrible! gosh, so windy. so that made it pretty chilly--but atleast the sun was shining! BUT low and behold, it's coming a storm as we speak.. which is causing me not to be able to walk! ugh.

have no fear..
..monday my personal trainer will be here!

yes, that's right! i decided to pay someone to kick my butt while i get skinny. haha :) but i think i will like it, hopefully! and thankfully i know her! so that should be a little bit better. :] her size two-self should really make me want to sweat it all out! haha. we will be starting out with 30 minutes a day mwf. and then move to an hour.

buttttttt... it's time for you to go and submit your avon order! they have so much cute stuff, for men, women, and kids! and jenn, i actually saw some bath stuff that made me think of you.. it's like markers so leah can draw in the bath! so cute.

just go to www.youravon.com/wtomlin :)

goodnight bloggers♥


Erica said...

i was at diebert w/ the boys today and thought of you! it was cold!

Alex(andra) said...

I think Kansas' definition of spring is wind. I feel ya on beautiful one day and cold and rainy the next. Tuesday was 70 degrees, and Wednesday was 45 and pouring rain. Lame.

Good luck with your personal trainer!

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