top two tuesday; things you can't live without!

ah! it's top two tuesday again over at the undomestic momma and today's topic is:
2 things you can't live without!

okay, like i have seen on other peoples blogs, in case you haven't [let me clarify] that of cours God, michael, my pups, family, friends, etc. all comes first so the things i can't live without are just that.. things!

i'm sure this is so cliche but i cannot live without my iPhone! other than texting of course, if i don't have my netbook then i can still use the internet, facebook, blog, twitter, etc! not to mention there is an app for everything i could ever possibly need. ha! it really is that amazing. my husband with argue with you all day about my iPhone being better or his google phone. iPhone FTW!

next, i wouldn't be able to live without is my chi flat iron. if you flat iron you're hair and you don't have one of these, go. get. one. now. my mom got me one for my birthday this year and i absolutely love it! i have really long hair, and it does wonders! AND i even curl my hair with this flat iron! i don't have this pretty pink color, mines black. but i love it just the same! it's fabulous, the end.

and of course, even though i have already named my top 2, i must mention my wedding ring. i stare at my ring all the time, it's amazing and i loveeeee it. so i have to add that in there too!

you should participate!
what's your top two!?


...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I don't think I could live without my ring, either! :) Love your choices!

Brianna! said...

About to do this...like NOW!:)
Love the last...I'll stare at my ring all the time too when I get one.
Oh My GEEZZ whitney!!
I forgot to tell you about me NIGHTMARE on Saturday night.

Ill send you a message about it haha its too embarrassing for everyone to read HA!

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