RIP layla grace

layla grace went to be with Jesus today.

as many of you know i have been following a little girl named layla grace marsh in her walk with neuroblastoma. layla was a 22 month old precious baby girl who was diagnosed with stage 4 of neuroblastoma.

i followed her on twitter. i read her everyday blogs. i joined her group on facebook. i donated money to the layla fund. i feel like i know her. and my heart is so broken that she has passed away.

even though it hurts, i have to look at the fact that layla is pain free! cancer free! tumor free! she is n longer weak, hurting, or sad. she is in heaven dancing with the angels. layla did more work here on earth while she was here than many people have done in there entire adult lives.

Jesus has to have precious people looking over us, and i have to say he chose the most precious.
please keep laylas family and two sisters in your constant thoughts and prayers!

twitter: @laylagrace
facebook: praying for layla grace
website & donations: www.laylagrace.org

hug your little one extra tight today and give your hubby a few more kisses than usual :)
raise awareness about neuroblastoma so no one else has to go through this.

RIP sweet layla, i will miss hearing your precious name every day!<3>


LauraLou said...

I've been following her blog and on twitter and have been praying for her constantly. I'm heartbroken for her family's loss, but I'm so glad she'll be able to play in Heaven now with no pain.

whitney said...

wasn't she such a blessing to you!? i loved waking up everyday seeing her precious name and that she had made it through another night, she really encouraged me ad i know she encouraged SO many other people as well.

thanks for reading my blog, btw :) i enjoy yours!

i follow a few other kids if you wanna follow them. i don't know their exact twitter name but their names are mckenna, kate, and keegan

i think keegans is @superkeegan and kates is @prayforkate and mckennas is @teamckenna but im not sure!

and mine is @iL0VEloveX0

whitney said...

the 0's are zeros

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