i didn't update last night but..
i lost another pound!
that's 4lbs from monday-thursday!
hopefully i'm just as excited when i look at the scale today ;)

yesterday was michael's off day and i got off about an hour early, so we headed to walmart which i hate going to when it's light outside! it's like everyone and their mom are running around like mad people, so i prefer to go grocery shopping late at night! but we had to pick up some yuuuummy ham and turkey and the deli is only open during normal hours :)

i don't know about where you live, but on weekend nights here, the high school kids think it's cool to hang out in the walmart parking lot all night. haha.. what can i say?

sweet home alabama.

BUT if you have never been to alabama DONT let the movies fool you. alabama is not all trailors and bars! haha i guess there is a little "messy part of town" in every state though. just wanted to clear that up ;)

anyways, TGIF!

i was starting to go crazy. this has been the best [losing four pounds] and worst week ever, ha! i hope this weekend is LONG. i miss seeing my hubby :(

i don't know about you, but i am more than ready for a beach vacation! ahhh.

ummm... yes, please!

have a good day loves!


Brianna! said...

MORE MORE MOREEEE THAN READY...cant WAIT to go to the beach.
ONLY 8 WEEKS give or take a little

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