what do you like?

what kind of blogs do you prefer?
i know, i have talked about this with a lot of bloggers, and i myself feel the same way.. every now and then i like to see pictures of "things" [stuff from a store, clothes, shoes, etc] but mmost of the time i actually like hearing about the bloggers day! i loooove seeing pictures of what THEY did that day, or their kids, or their hubbys! i don't know why, but nothing bothers me more than seeing a blog like this:

[this is no ones blog! ha!]

"hey lovely kiddos i'm going to show you cute things today.
[picture of shoe]
[picture of rainbow]
[picture of a necklace]
[picture of dress]"

i do believe my own very first blog was like that, because i had no idea what i was doing, ha! but for bloggers of 100's of blogs.... every. single. day?

that is so boring!
come one now, let's get creative!

i love incorporating pictures.. but i think i speak for a LOT of bloggers when those pictures are more fun if they're of you and your family! or cute stuff you did or got that day. not pick a random color and find everything on google images that is that color and show us. haha

BUT i must say, i love my blogger friends, and obviously if i'm interacting with your blog then you pass the test! ha!

just kidding.

you should definately follow some of the sweet girls i follow! most of them really do share fun stuff and hunny-ill-be-right-there-my-eyes-are-glued-to-this-blog stories! love love love it!

anyways, i hope you guys enjoy my blog and i adore each and every one of your blogs :]

top two tuesday; random things about YOU!

eeek it's tuesday again and you know what that means! mhmm. hop on over to the undomestic momma and get your party panties on! :)

top two random things about whitney :]

there are so many things i could say! and i'm pretty sure, all who know me would agree that most of the things i do are pretty... silly [& random] :) so.. here we go!

1. i'm afraid of being pale. this is NO joke. i feel so much more prettier, and even happier when i'm tan. even though i'm very dark complected anyways. thanks MOM! if you know me, you know i'm always saying "am i pale?" it's kinda extremely weird.. so sorry if you have to put up with that ...michael :)

2. i'd love to say i'm always a lover but then i'd be telling you stories! i think michael can vouche when i say i can be a bit sassy & fiesty. i'm definately a fighter. when me and my older sister were younger we used to fight like boys. me and my sisters go big or go home. and one time, kelley and i were arguing over clothes and it turned in to a full out brawl. and i stabbed her with a pencil. eeeek true story.

hope these made ya laugh! go participate! :]


personal trainaaa

whew! i am SO beyond tired right now!
as you know, i went to my personal trainer for the first time this afternoon. thankfully, she is a sweet sweet lady and i happen to know her :] but it still didn't ease [i almost spelt that eeze..] my nerves too much.

she wasn't there when i first got there, so i waited for a few minutes and when she got there we just did the normal, talked about what i wanted out of this, what my exercising/eating habits were currently like.. etc. etc.

i have been excercising so my poor little bones weren't thrown into too much shock. we did every workout i can imagine, starting with the treadmill and ending with the dreaded lundges[sp?].. or maybe it was the ab things?

who. knows.


i enjoyed it! i am already ready to go back [wednesday] mostly because she wasn't an "in your face drill sargeant" and she is so very positive, so i felt like i was doing pretty good :) and because i am so so excited to be getting in shape and having better eating habits. this is my third weeks with no cokes, fast food, etc. [healthy eating] and i'm already disgusted with the way i ate before. ick! i canNOT even think about how icky those things are. greasy, fatty, nasty, FOOD.

she encouraged me to get a book, as she does with all the people she teaches [which i got immediately following the workout.. thank you target] and i love it! i encourage you to get it! i also read in there that this is the first time EVER that parents are out-living their children due to obesity issues.

that makes me sick.

i am so thankful i am changing these nasty habits before i get to that point, and before i have children to start feeding those things to. ptl.

when i got to target, i was in heaven. why? i have no idea really they just have the cutest stuff! i could shop in there all day. i got the cutest thank you cards [which i have no need for right now] and some adorable post its! and when michael got home we went to wal mart to get some MORE healthy groceries.. things i have no idea how i am even going to make.

but it's time for the tomlin's to go to bed now. i'm about to fall asleep as i type this! [and michael is also staring at me with the "can we turn the lights off and go to bed now.." look] i hope you all had a wonderful monday :]


that vacay was TOO short.

isn't he sexy? good gracious! it's okay, i think he is too ;)
grr baby.
so you know that feeling where you have been on vacation all week? and the ride home is like.. "ugh, back to reality. lame" the entire way home?

yeah well i'm feeling that way right now. minus the vacation thing, even though that would have been nice :]

this weekend.. well, [friday night, saturday night, and sunDAY/night] was like my mini vacay, and this moment in time is like my car ride home. i looooove weekends. not only because i don't have to work, but because i get to go on dates with michael, and sunday's we get to do whatever we want all day! no work, no meetings, no appointments, no calls, no NOTHING. just me. just me and my mikey. and now that it's sunday night i'm sitting here saying "ugh, back to reality. lame." i know i'm not the only person in the world whose husband has to work everyday but sunday! haha, but please excuse my venting!


we went on little dates friday & saturday night, and then today we woke up around 10:30 and went walking [after michael made me an english muffin and brought it to me in bed!] around the neighborhood for about two miles. then we came inside and ate lunch a little later and took a much needed nap! we slept very much too late and i took a shower, dried & flat ironed my hair in 45 minutes. that is insane! then we went to the tanning bed and went to church with miss brianna & her michael.

i have no words for that church service, good message but silly people!
in my husbands words "oh well, they love Jesus. whatever" ha!

afterwards we went grocery shopping and spent too much money. i could have bought that adorable free people dress i wanted for easter easily. which i would have rather done :)

but now it's time for me to go to bed! :] i have to be at work at nine in the morning AND get my bootwah kicked at 4:30. wish me luck!

have a good monday!


lovely weekend :)

wasn't my blog this morning so pitiful? i had nothing to write about.. and mostly complained about michael not being home. haha i'm sorry! i just miss saturdays with my sweet husband!

anyways, we had another pretty day here :) the weather has been tricky lately. the sun will poke it's little head out and shine some 70 degree rays and the next day it's rainy and cold. today it was probably in the low sixties but the wind was horrible! gosh, so windy. so that made it pretty chilly--but atleast the sun was shining! BUT low and behold, it's coming a storm as we speak.. which is causing me not to be able to walk! ugh.

have no fear..
..monday my personal trainer will be here!

yes, that's right! i decided to pay someone to kick my butt while i get skinny. haha :) but i think i will like it, hopefully! and thankfully i know her! so that should be a little bit better. :] her size two-self should really make me want to sweat it all out! haha. we will be starting out with 30 minutes a day mwf. and then move to an hour.

buttttttt... it's time for you to go and submit your avon order! they have so much cute stuff, for men, women, and kids! and jenn, i actually saw some bath stuff that made me think of you.. it's like markers so leah can draw in the bath! so cute.

just go to www.youravon.com/wtomlin :)

goodnight bloggers♥

just a little catching up :)

sitting inside on a beautiful day, with husband at work until 6:00 tonight. that's exactly what i'm doing right now! BOO.

ugh. i'm so ready for new doors to be opened and getting a little but impatient. but i know it's all the THE plan :) so i guess i'll just have to deal. haha.

i lost TWO more pounds! after not losing/gaining anything for about five days i finally lost 2 more lbs. which totals me up at 10lbs for now :] which of course, you know, i am more than happy about! my luck, i would get preggers right after i lost weight, and have no time at all to be skinny! haha. hopefully not :)


i'm more than sorry i hadn't blogged in a few days. since i have started selling avon i have been working on that a lot :) this campaign ends on monday, so go submit your orders to www.youravon.com/wtomlin and thank you for those who already have! i am so happy to be selling, and doing better than i thought i was going to do makes it even more fun!

i'm off to be lazy on this pretty saturday :]

tootlie loo!


ATTENTION blog friends!

an AVON rep!
[i tricked you didn't i? ..don't lie! ;)]

okay so i need you all to do me a favor and go shop! this order ends on monday, march 29, so you don't have too too much time left! and i'd really love you if you could help me start off my AVON work with a bang!

i wish you all lived closer so i could give you a magazine! there are some adorable things! and the make up is great. BUT we have so much more than just make up, stuff i didn't even know about!

go check it out for yourself!

shop at:

thank you so much for helping me :)

wild wednesday: the beach!

okay so as you know i started my very first 'blog hop' and i am so stoked to see people participating! thank you soo much! and if you haven't, you should join in on the fun! :) all you have to do is tell us what you're wild about today and use this picture i created especially for the 'hop' :) it can be anything and everything! so, here we go.. wild wednesday #1 :]

today i'm wild about..
the beach!

[this is actually where we got married, but in the sand :)]

eeek! i'm itching to be at the beach right now! we're in the process of planning a beach trip for june & taking my precious sister in law tiffani, and her boyfriend bobby! i'm super excited. of course, i'm a beach girl. BUT tiff has never been to the beach. crazy right? i can't wait to show her the beach. not only that, but the drive there will be totally fun, and the [hopefully] 8 day/7 night stay, we've already planned to let the boys grill for us one night, and cook for them another.. etc. etc. too too excited! it will also give me a chance to spend time with my sister in law [she's 16] and michael a chance to get to know his little sisters boyfriend [i think he's 17] a bit better :]

come join in on the fun love!
what're you wild about!?


blog idea: let me know what you think!

okay, i know i as a blogger personally love the "getting to know you sunday's" or the "top two tuesday" things and i thing it's a fun thing for everyone to do.. and too meet other bloggers! :) i know that's how i have met a bunch of my followers/people i follow.

so i was thinking about doing a
wild wednesday!

every wednesday you can link up to me, and use this picture i've created to tell us blog friends something you're wild about that day! it can be how good of a hair day you're having, a person, your handbag.. anything! basically whatever your totally loving that wednesday! be sure to tell what it is, and why you're loving it!

what do you think? will you participate!?
let me know!

top two tuesday; things you can't live without!

ah! it's top two tuesday again over at the undomestic momma and today's topic is:
2 things you can't live without!

okay, like i have seen on other peoples blogs, in case you haven't [let me clarify] that of cours God, michael, my pups, family, friends, etc. all comes first so the things i can't live without are just that.. things!

i'm sure this is so cliche but i cannot live without my iPhone! other than texting of course, if i don't have my netbook then i can still use the internet, facebook, blog, twitter, etc! not to mention there is an app for everything i could ever possibly need. ha! it really is that amazing. my husband with argue with you all day about my iPhone being better or his google phone. iPhone FTW!

next, i wouldn't be able to live without is my chi flat iron. if you flat iron you're hair and you don't have one of these, go. get. one. now. my mom got me one for my birthday this year and i absolutely love it! i have really long hair, and it does wonders! AND i even curl my hair with this flat iron! i don't have this pretty pink color, mines black. but i love it just the same! it's fabulous, the end.

and of course, even though i have already named my top 2, i must mention my wedding ring. i stare at my ring all the time, it's amazing and i loveeeee it. so i have to add that in there too!

you should participate!
what's your top two!?


"when it rains it pours"

really, monday? really?

"when it rains it pours." isn't that the truth!?

first, i woke up this morning at about 8:00. i couldn't get out and go walk unless i wanted to catch pneumonia and walk in 30 degree weather. yes, in alabama.. in APRIL it was snowing this morning. i wanted to hit myself. UGH! after making a habit of walking 2-3 times a day, not going one morning make you feel gross!

so since i couldn't walk, i just decided to get me a bowl of cereal and cuddle back up in my bed while michael took a shower and got ready for work. i figured throughout the day it would go away and warm up a little. it did. to 40 degress. grrrr. no sun. no warmth. no springtime. no nothing.

instead, we have 40 degree cooooooold weather!
springtime, please. i beg you, please come faster.

so when i get to work, of course it's monday and we were fairly busy. but not AS crammed as we normally are on mondays, thank you Jesus!

while i was on my lunch break i decided to walk half a mile on the gazelle at work, ha! and then the bottom fell out of the sky on this rainy day when michael called me to tell me that his work is firing the people who didn't meet their quota for the month. and out of the year michael has worked their [car dealership] he has always met his quota if not exceeded it, except this month. oh good gracious.
so his manager told him he has 2 weeks to sale 6 cars, or their going to have to let him go. WHY NOW!? it's been a sucky month for a lot of people due to maybe 4 sunny days this month, and rain, sleet, or snow, every single day. why did my husband have to be one of those?

i immediately got stressed to the maxx. i mean, no newlywed couple, living and doing things on their own, can afford to lose their job. and if their is a couple who can, let me assure you WE are NOT them. we need that paycheck. he's been looking for a new job, but i hope he doesn't "lose" his. please, please pray for us.

after i had my melt down with michael, i decided to text brianna and another friend, kyleen. i always ask brianna to pray for me, about anything. because she is always there to talk to.

but kyleen and cody are good friends of ours, and their getting married april 10th. so as a soon married couple, i ask them to pray together for our family too! and kyleen nailed philippians 4:19 through my head too ;)

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

thank you Jesus for friends!

anyways, when i got home i tried to go walking but it just didn't work out. it's so cold and i walked maybe half a mile before my ears and my throat felt like i was dying, ha!

oh please, who are you calling dramatic :)

did you have a good monday?
tell me what you did!


beautiful blog award

ah! i feel honored! thank you to mrs. alex over at only human i've been tagged in the beautiful blog award! :)

the rules are simple:
1. thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
2. pass the award to seven other bloggers who you think have beautiful blogs.
3. say 7 things about yourself.

so here we go!


jenn at life with leah [absolute fave!]
brittany at xoxo, brittany
naomi megan at rockstar diaries
bailey at addicted to addison
elle at nault's nook
taylor at the undomestic momma
danielle at to see his glory revealed

3. seven things about me!
-i dated, got engaged & married to my punk of a husband all in 5 months and now were going on 7 months of happily married life :]
-i have a freckle in the shape of a heart on the left side of my neck.
-i hate shoes. i hate wearing them, i hate trying them on, i hate them.
-i have THE most annoying, loud, laugh.
-i hate it when michael touches me when i'm trying to go to sleep, and if he breaks the "stay on your side" rule i. will. kick.
-i would pick zaxbys or little ceasers pizza over a fine dining dinner anyday.
-i'm picky. about everything. what i buy, what i drive, where i live, what i wear, what i eat, where i go. picky picky picky!

not only are the girls i chose beautiful bloggers, but beautiful people & i love reading each and every one of their blogs throughout my day!
have fun! :]

getting to know YOU

happy sunday morning bloggers!
the weather is very nasty and gloomy here :(
but it's the perfect time to blog before i start the day of washing clothes and fitness, fitness, fitness!

i was looking at a few of my favorite blogs to look at this morning and i came across a girl that i follow, but didn't realize i followed her! she is so cute and so is her blog! her name is lindsey and you can check her blog out here.

anyways, while i was looking at her page, i realized she participated in "getting to know you sunday" this morning! so i figured i would take a stab at it too! ;)
here we go!

getting to know whitney michelle tomlin

1. what year did you graduate highschool? 2008 :) i'm a baby!
2. what part of your body do you neglect the most? my feet. they're MOST of the time pedicured, and ALL of the time in the summer, but i kinda just put on shoes and go. ha!
3. beach house or lake house? no doubt about it! BEACH HOUSE! we've talked about moving to the beach and if i could afford a nice safe beach house, i'd be on my way!
4. mac or PC? well, i hear once you go mac you never go back! but i'm a proud owner of a pc. i love my little dell netbook<3>
5. did you wear braces? YES. i wore braces from the time i was in the 6th grade until i was a junior in high school. but i had some sort of dental appliance in my mouth since i was in the second grade. thank you, dr. hudson, for making me beautiful. ha!
6. if you could be one person for a day, living or deceased, who would you be? my oma. [my grandmother] she accomplished so many things, and traveled so many places while she was alive! she also had her own fashion store and when my mom was in high school it was THE place to go. she also married my cute papa :)
7. how many times have you moved in your life? when i was growing up we moved 3 times [all in the same neighborhood haha!] and then i moved out- so that's 4, and me and michael have moved 3 times as well!
8. would you rather cook or clean? COOK! cleaning makes me want to scream thinking about it. you can ask michael, the only time i WANT to clean is if i'm mad. ha!

go over to MannLand5 and participate with us! :)


sunny saturday!

what a beautiful day in alabama! :)
it's 75 degrees here with a little wind so it's not TOO hot!
i started my morning off right with almost 2 miles and spending time with my precious puppies since my husband is at work. imagine that huh? ugh.

so since i had absolutely nothing to do today, i decided to come over to my parents house and hang out with my little sister :) we went to yummy subway and it was DELISH.

btw, i lost two more pounds!
thats eight total since monday :)

my parents are moving my sweet papa into the nursing home today! so pray it all goes very well. he's such a sweetie and his 93rd birthday is coming up on april 2nd!

enjoy this beautiful day loves!


madeline mini

i cannot contain anymore excitement.. as i am typing on my..
brand.. new.. netbook!

meet madeline mini :)

ah.. i have wanted one for months now! tonight we were driving and michael said "do you wanna go to best buy and look around?" and i was like.. "and get a netbook!?"
i don't think that was quite what he was getting at, but i ended up getting one! i was so excited.. now i can't wait for a little time to pass so i can buy him the surprise i have been dying to get for him! but i can't say on here because he reads my blogs! :(

and since he is reading, thank you mikey for my precious little netbook! even though i have told you so many times already ;)

tonight we just kinda laid low. we went to subway for dinner and it was so yummy... and healthy! i weighed in today and lost another 2lbs which leaves me at six total since monday! :) PTL

after that we came home, and we just got back from walking a mile before bed :)

i hope everyone had a good friday night. keep praying for my papa! he is being moved in to a nursing home today :( and he isn't the happiest of campers here lately! and of course, my parents because they're pretty tired and drained i'm sure. wait. scratch that.. they are. for sure.

anyways! you lovely kids have a good night and don't wish the weekend away! i need time with boo boo. lots and lots of time! :)


i didn't update last night but..
i lost another pound!
that's 4lbs from monday-thursday!
hopefully i'm just as excited when i look at the scale today ;)

yesterday was michael's off day and i got off about an hour early, so we headed to walmart which i hate going to when it's light outside! it's like everyone and their mom are running around like mad people, so i prefer to go grocery shopping late at night! but we had to pick up some yuuuummy ham and turkey and the deli is only open during normal hours :)

i don't know about where you live, but on weekend nights here, the high school kids think it's cool to hang out in the walmart parking lot all night. haha.. what can i say?

sweet home alabama.

BUT if you have never been to alabama DONT let the movies fool you. alabama is not all trailors and bars! haha i guess there is a little "messy part of town" in every state though. just wanted to clear that up ;)

anyways, TGIF!

i was starting to go crazy. this has been the best [losing four pounds] and worst week ever, ha! i hope this weekend is LONG. i miss seeing my hubby :(

i don't know about you, but i am more than ready for a beach vacation! ahhh.

ummm... yes, please!

have a good day loves!



whew! i started my morning off with 1 1/2 miles
taking in 220 calories for a healthy breakfast and burning about 166 of them! :)
it feels so good to get up and exercise before i start the day, and again before i end the day! and it's definitely working!

i didn't blog yesterday night but i did weigh in and lost yet another pound! i know it's only 3 lbs total, but that's 3lbs in 3 days! hopefully the scales will show some more tonight, for today :]

michael is going to be off work today, and i am so sad i won't get to stay home too. but i can always pray to get off work early! :)

i hope you all have had a wonderful morning and if you're going to work i pray safety over you and a good day ahead! [pray for me too, seeing as the last few days have been rough, HA!]

remember to smile, it looks good on you! :)
anyways, it's time to get to work. i'll update with you sweeties later!




first things first..
happy st. patricks day!

just a little morning "healthy kick update!"
this morning i woke up at 7 something-ish and walked the entire diebert park one time :) [a little over 1 mile] and i strted off my morning with some yummy special k and strawberries!

work is so far better than yesterday.. but mr. attitude is "sick" again, so we're running short. but i am determined to have a good day- started my morning off healthy and good and i plan to keep that going throughout the day :)

i don't know about you, but i just don't think green is a pretty color. maybe it's just me? i for sure know, i don't rock the color green. ick!

but to start your day off GREEN.. here are cutsy green cupcakes i found! :)

if only these were the greens that kept us healthy!

what are you doing today?


healthy kick update #1

okay, yesterday i told you about my eating healthy plan that i started yesterday! and i told you i would come back and tell you if i had results. well, notice i didn't come back... but i did in fact have results!

nothing huge, but i guess in less than 24 hours it definately counts :)

yesterday i weighed in and had lost 1 pound in less than 24 hours!
today i weighed in and i had lost another pound!
so in two days, i have lost two pounds! which i am very excited about!

i have been counting calories like a mad woman, but it's working!
and me and michael walked the park on sunday, and yesterday & today we walked around our neighborhood twice :)

so, not only am i losing the pounds, but also feeling better.. and sore.

and is it just me or is the time change really kicking anyone else in the hiney? i know we only lost that one hour of sleep, but it feels like it's harder to wake up every morning. but hopefully it won't be freezing or raining soon so i can walk in the mornings too! who knows, maybe i'll kick this thing in to full speed and join the gym ;)

goodnight bloggers♥

sucky day & spontaneous choices.

as many of you know, i work for my moms business. which consists of me, my mom, my dad [as of recently he decided to quit his job and come help my mom] and last but certainly not least, my sisters walking attitude of a fiance. [pardon me]

so far, my day has been terrible + some. i don't even know what to do with myself right now, it was just a plain out horrible day. first off work was the worst it has been in a while. i usually like going to work & enjoy my job [and i am so thankful for it] but today was just awful. i was happy when i went to work and on the car ride home i was in tears telling my husband about my mess of a day. it seemed like no one was happy today, no one was on time with the things we were doing, and quite frankly everyone had a very ill attitude all day.

by the end of the day everyone was in a bad mood and i was just upset. my dad asked me to do something before i left work and i asked him was he going to write it down on a sheet of paper to take to the other business with me to pick up our order. [not being sassy about it, but my mom usually always gives me a paper to take for them to look at because they always mess it up.]

well for some reason, that just didn't float well with my dad. he started to write it down and then the next thing i know he just throws the pen & paper down and yells "just forget it i'll just go do it myself!" and i said "why?" ..needless to say, he didn't reply.

my mom tried to ask him something while he was leaving.. and then they ended up mad at one another. and then i was told i need to learn my job or else i won't have one. but my mom usually says things like that when she's in a bad mood, so i tried to over look it so i wouldn't burst in to tears and just hear:

blah blah blah.

after that, i was out the door and on the phone with my husband! once again, so very stressful working as a family sometimes, but i am thankful. i am so ready for michael to be blessed with an even better job with better oppurtunities so i don't have to work anymore. i can't wait to have babies and be a stay at home mom. from what i hear, that's a job in itself!

lately, we've been talking about moving. not moving down the road, but moving like 8-14 hours away. as you know, my husband is a texan and i'm an alabamian and we're living in alabama. we have a few friends that have recently moved to orlando, florida, & two of our other friends may be moving as well. & if you know me.. you know i am a biiiiiiig beach girl! i would snap at the oppurtunity to lay in the sun all day everyday, and i wouldn't get tired of it.

i also am in love with gulf shores, al. i know the area a little more than i do florida. okay, a lot more. and i just love it there. but everytime i get michael so excited about possibly up and moving [he is very spontaneous & outgoing, i.. am not.] then i let him down with an "i can't move away from my family" "i don't know anyone there" which sucks for him haha.

but lately i have been thinking about it more, i just still don't know. we both don't feel like we will be here forever. but, for now i'm not sure.

everyone has told us, "do it while you're young"
what would you do?

top 2 tuesday!

ah, it's top 2 tuesday over at the undomestic momma again :) every week i look at everyones blogs and i've never done the top 2 tuesday, why!? silly me.

but todays top 2 tuesday topic [say that 5x fast, HA!] is..
top 2 favorite celebrity styles!

ahhh. of course i know who mine are!

1. audrina patridge
i love love love her style. and she is sooo gorgeous :) and she has good taste in guys, obviously ^ [excluding justin bobby, of course :)]

2. nichole richie

i just love her style. she's so tiny and cute and can look a "mess" but look cute at the same time. she looks cute in the simplest things!

who are your top 2!?
come on over to the undomestic momma and share with everyone! :)
btw, does anyone know how to make my signature look like its written on my blog? not like it's in a box? pleaaaaaaase.

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