pretty weather

76 degree weather in alabama today!

as i write this, i am actually sitting outside with my sweet husband and precious puppies while he plays the guitar for us! :) it's so pretty!

as you can see, i finally got my blog to look right. what happend was, i had posted a picture i a recent post that was so wide that it bumped the stuff on my right side bar all the way to the bottom of my page! i was beginning to get frustrated in case you couldn't tell with my desperate "help me!" blog :)

no need to fear, google search is always here :)

my papa was doing TONS better today! he actually had a few sips of water & a half a can of chicken noodle soup :) and he was talking to the dr. which is SUCH a big turn around from not recognizing your own family, eating, speaking, etc. they've taken him on and off of oxygen a few times, but my mom left early today to go check on him because i think he was having trouble breathing again. so he is doing much better, but it IS possible that he get worse, just as fast as he got better. so PLEASE continue with your prayers, they ARE working! :)

zekey is very sore today. everytime i pick him up or move him, he does this squeaky crying thing, which is rather sad. but he seems to be doing okay :] he's eating grass with his sister as i type this. :) continue to pray for his little body to recover.

i'll be back later, this weather is too pretty!



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