Monday.. funday?

I found this picture of my Oma that I absolutely adore. Wasn't she gorgeous? I hope this amazing picture makes you smile today like it did for me. On another happy note, it's only 22 (as of tomorrow) days until we move to Florida. Time is getting closer and we are more than excited. Please be praying we (+ my family) have no trouble tying all the "loose ends" before we leave and that things continue to run smoothly. Oh, also pray our AC gets fixed-fast. I have no idea what the deal is but it's a sauna in our apartment. It's also been in the high 80's all weekend so there's a slight chance Mr. Sunshine has shocked my poor AC unit. I slept a measly ONE hour last night on the couch due to me or the dogs not being able to get comfortable because of HEAT. + having to be up at 6:30 this morning for work at 7:30 was terrible. Bleh. But I have to say, I was much more alert today than I am any other Monday! Weird, huh? Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend, I know we did! Happy (late!) Monday!

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