today was so beautiful :)
absolutely gorgeous outside! it was about 65-68 degrees ALL day long.
we even wore our flip flops! i'm not sure i have ever been so ready for summer. well, maybe when i was in highschool.

don't we look cute?
i have zeeee most adorable punk of a husband.

zekey and xoe also LOVE days like today.
i opened the window [screened in] and laid blankets down one time zekey got so excited he ran right into the screen. haha :)
they look relaxed huh?

this morning when mikemike finally pryed me out of bed, we got up and put some clothes on and got some bbq at RICKS.. fabulous! and we had a picnik at this beautiful park :) and in the summer time they have they splash pad going which is water shooting up out of the ground and all the kids like to play in it! also in the summer they have a light show at night on the splash pad! we actually took some of our engagement pictures here.. we're not normal "stand side-by-side and smile" picture takers. and luckily erica (click link to view her photography site. she is uh-may-zing!) is professional but.. fun!

we have many many more, but those are just a few fun ones! [and my computer is being slow for some reason?]

anyways, after we had our picnic we just walked around the park for a little while and then we rode around and looked at CARS! i love doing that. first my obesession was houses, and now it's cars haha. i want an SUV so bad, but i'm very happy with my car until we pay mikey's car off :) but we do enjoy looking!

afterwards we went home and i took a long nap.. and mikey almost didn't get me to wake up again. im telling you, i'm a sleeper! haha [and my furbabies take after me as you can see above ;)] one day i will have human babies and you can all hear about every detail of them.. WAIT what am i thinking? my furbabies are my human babies!


i had a huge scare today. my sweet friend caitlin, who was one of my bridesmaides lives in gulf shores, and i met some her friends for the first time a few years ago when i went down to stay with her for spring break and so i'm friends with some of them on facebook. well, one of her friends posted as a status today, "praying for caitlins family. we loved you caitlin" so the first thought that went through my mind was..


so i texted her, as i'm almost in tears.. nothing. i texted her sister, nothing. i asked hillary, nothing. then caitlin texted me back. AHHH. hillary was talking about another girl named caitlin, who died this morning because of texting while driving. god i am so thankful my caitlin is okay, i was expecting the worst. BUT, someone did lose a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, and a friend today.. PLEASE be safe! even if you aren't the one texting while driving, be aware.

a girl here died not too long ago because of the same thing, and ever since then i have made it a point to turn my phone upside down [so i cant see if it lights up] turn it on silent, and not look at it until i get to where i'm going. it's hard because i'm used to not even worrying about it, but please please PLEASE try to do the same thing!

today was a great day and i am so blessed to have spent another day with my sweet husband. i am SO glad we got to spend this day together, no calls from work, no where to be.. just enjoyed the entire day!

i hope you all had a wonderful SUNshineDAY as well ;)



Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad that it wasn't your friend yet so sorry for the loss of someone else! And I admit, I have a BAD habit of texting while driving :/ I am working on only texting at a red light! Ha! And thank you for the lovely comment on my post! So sweet! I use a one and half inch curling iron.

whitney said...

haha same for me! sometimes i dont even realize i am doing it. and thank you, i am so lucky it wasn't my friend. but i had myself so freaked out and scared, i was so thankful she finally text me back. but be praying for the other caitlins family! she was only a senior in highschool :(

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