"when it rains it pours"

really, monday? really?

"when it rains it pours." isn't that the truth!?

first, i woke up this morning at about 8:00. i couldn't get out and go walk unless i wanted to catch pneumonia and walk in 30 degree weather. yes, in alabama.. in APRIL it was snowing this morning. i wanted to hit myself. UGH! after making a habit of walking 2-3 times a day, not going one morning make you feel gross!

so since i couldn't walk, i just decided to get me a bowl of cereal and cuddle back up in my bed while michael took a shower and got ready for work. i figured throughout the day it would go away and warm up a little. it did. to 40 degress. grrrr. no sun. no warmth. no springtime. no nothing.

instead, we have 40 degree cooooooold weather!
springtime, please. i beg you, please come faster.

so when i get to work, of course it's monday and we were fairly busy. but not AS crammed as we normally are on mondays, thank you Jesus!

while i was on my lunch break i decided to walk half a mile on the gazelle at work, ha! and then the bottom fell out of the sky on this rainy day when michael called me to tell me that his work is firing the people who didn't meet their quota for the month. and out of the year michael has worked their [car dealership] he has always met his quota if not exceeded it, except this month. oh good gracious.
so his manager told him he has 2 weeks to sale 6 cars, or their going to have to let him go. WHY NOW!? it's been a sucky month for a lot of people due to maybe 4 sunny days this month, and rain, sleet, or snow, every single day. why did my husband have to be one of those?

i immediately got stressed to the maxx. i mean, no newlywed couple, living and doing things on their own, can afford to lose their job. and if their is a couple who can, let me assure you WE are NOT them. we need that paycheck. he's been looking for a new job, but i hope he doesn't "lose" his. please, please pray for us.

after i had my melt down with michael, i decided to text brianna and another friend, kyleen. i always ask brianna to pray for me, about anything. because she is always there to talk to.

but kyleen and cody are good friends of ours, and their getting married april 10th. so as a soon married couple, i ask them to pray together for our family too! and kyleen nailed philippians 4:19 through my head too ;)

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

thank you Jesus for friends!

anyways, when i got home i tried to go walking but it just didn't work out. it's so cold and i walked maybe half a mile before my ears and my throat felt like i was dying, ha!

oh please, who are you calling dramatic :)

did you have a good monday?
tell me what you did!


Jenn said...

Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your husband! The economy is tough right now and I pray that everything works out for you and your husband!! And I'm sorry you had a rough Monday. I can relate bc I had one myself! Mondays are always the worst!

Danielle said...

i will be praying for you of course! that HAS to be tough! remember God is sovereign and he has a plan! he won't let you fail! hang in there and know i'm praying for you! and a little of encouragement, you are an inspiration with your work out efforts! keep it up, it will pay off and you will be so glad!
"even the fact that we face a trial proves there is something very precious to our Lord in us, or else He would not spend so much time and energy on us" -streams of the desert devotional

Alex(andra) said...

Ah geez... I'm so sorry! As if Monday's weren't bad enough. I'll be praying for you guys... I definitely understand how important jobs are for us newlyweds... I wouldn't wish losing a job on anyone. I hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

Brianna! said...

everything is going to fine girl. Here are a FEW of the many reasons why...

1. Our God opens and closes doors for reasons that sometimes we don't see or understand in the beginning. But I (as well as you & michael) know that he is FAITHFUL in every situation. He also gives us peace in these types of situations. Can you even fathom the torment someone would possibly feel who doesn't know his grace, passion, and faithfulness.
That must be TERRIBLE. But you KNOW he always comes through!

2. You and Michael both have GREAT personalitie. The way someone acts, and presents themselves will do WONDERS for them. You both are capable of reaching ANYTHING you want in life simpe because you have the Go-Getter personality!

3.You have SO SO SOOOO many prayer warriors on your side and there's no Devil in hell that can stop us:)
Don't you just LOVE THAT!
I sure do!

whitney said...

you are all so precious!

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