madeline mini

i cannot contain anymore excitement.. as i am typing on my..
brand.. new.. netbook!

meet madeline mini :)

ah.. i have wanted one for months now! tonight we were driving and michael said "do you wanna go to best buy and look around?" and i was like.. "and get a netbook!?"
i don't think that was quite what he was getting at, but i ended up getting one! i was so excited.. now i can't wait for a little time to pass so i can buy him the surprise i have been dying to get for him! but i can't say on here because he reads my blogs! :(

and since he is reading, thank you mikey for my precious little netbook! even though i have told you so many times already ;)

tonight we just kinda laid low. we went to subway for dinner and it was so yummy... and healthy! i weighed in today and lost another 2lbs which leaves me at six total since monday! :) PTL

after that we came home, and we just got back from walking a mile before bed :)

i hope everyone had a good friday night. keep praying for my papa! he is being moved in to a nursing home today :( and he isn't the happiest of campers here lately! and of course, my parents because they're pretty tired and drained i'm sure. wait. scratch that.. they are. for sure.

anyways! you lovely kids have a good night and don't wish the weekend away! i need time with boo boo. lots and lots of time! :)


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