Good Morning! Just checkin' up on my morning blogs!
I got my hair cut a few days ago :)
It's a little shorter than I wanted it, but I think it will do. It kinda has to huh? :P

Love it or hate it?

TODAY IS MY FRIDAY! Michael's too :D
I'm SO excited for another four day work week. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to work another full week after being spoiled with all these Holidays in a row!

Stay tuned for a little 2010 recap later today :]


How do I look!?

Do you like my new look? I decided to do this since I could never get ahold of the girl who did my last layout, but I like it!

I'm looking to start fresh in 2011, and I think a new blog name would be a great place to start! I would LOVE to hear some of your ideas :]

Michaels friend from California is in visiting, so hopefully we will be able to entertain you with some pictures and stories this week! :)

Sooo.... Blogger names anyone!?



Hi! Zekey here. Mom wanted me to tell you what I've been up to. I probably don't look any different than the last time you saw me, I still weigh 6lbs and i'm still just as fiesty..maybe more! But as you know, I'm a pretty handsome man (I'm not being cocky, mommy tells me everyday!) so I'm going to post two of my favorite recent pictures of myself. Mommy limited us each to two per pup. She said we get too conceited sometimes.

This is me and my little sister, Sophie. She kind of looks like me.. But she's a girl.

Mommy caught me in the midst of playing. Don't I look handsome?

Hi everyone :) it's me, Xoe! I'm kind of shy (Unlike my brother) so bare with me. My Poppy & MiMi got me some new bones for Christmas, so that's what I spend a lot of my time doing. I got kind of sick a few weeks ago, but i'm all better now. I'm "Voluptuous" as mom likes to say. I'm 24 pounds and still more beautiful than ever!

This is me and my brother Zeke. I don't know what he was doing, but mommy yells at him after she laughs and takes pictures. He must have been excited Christmas was so close!

Oops! Mommy caught me mid blink, but she loves this picture of me! Do you like my new collar? I love it.

(In the voice of Eyeore) Hello guys. I'm Capey. I'm much more excited than it seems, but my squishy face makes it seems as if I would talk like Eyeore from Winnie-the-Pooh. That's what Mommy & Daddy say. I'm much bigger than the last time you saw me. I weigh almost FIFTY pounds now. Can you believe it? I only weighed FIVE when Mommy & Daddy first rescued me. I love my brother & sisters SO much! I'm such a good dog now. For a while Mommy said I was being bad, but I changed her mind :)

This is me and Daddy. I love him so much. Don't get me wrong, I really love my mommy, but i'm daddy's buddy. That's what he told me :)

Mom took this right before I was about to tackle my new sister. I like to sit like this on the couch sometimes too. Look how big I am!

Hi!! My name is Sophie Kate! I'm still a wittle baby but i'll twy my berry best to type for yew. I'm getting to be a big girl. I almost weight FIVE pounds. Unwike my yorkie brudder zekey I am very skinny and tall. Hims is short and chunky. :) Mommy says i'm a diva. What's that mean? When I want water I stand by the sink and jump reawy high until mommy comes and gives it to me. Sometimes she called me spoiled, but im not sure what that means either..

This is the stairs I race up 200x times a day that lead to mommy and daddys bed. Sometimes I miss and fall off.

This is me in my faaaaaavorite jacket! Mommy bought it for me to keep me extra warm, and because it was super cute. Do you like my bow too?

We hope you loved catching up with us!
Xoe, Zeke, Capo, and Sophie Kate

Christmas pictures

These were just a few of my favorites :)

The second one was my FAVORITE! It's the one I used for our CHRISTmas cards, too!
Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


Catching up

Since I'm just now starting to get back to updating, I'll share a lot that has happened since last time we talked ;)

I got a new car, a pretty pretty Jeep Commander!

Michael got a new car, a pretty pretty Honda Civic!

I lost 7 more pounds, that's 23 total!

I turned 21 & we went to the Atlanta Aquarium for my birthday.

We took our 2010 Christmas pictures! Our puppies couldn't be in it this year because Xoe got sick (doing to her being so anxious) so I had to get her on some anxiety medicine and didn't want to risk her being out of her element. But she is doing great ;)

Capo now weighs about 50 pounds, give or take a few :] and he is so precious.

Our new baby Sophie is about 4 or 5 and she's more fiesty than ever. :)

What's new with you!?

I'm baaaaaaaaaack :)

So, I'm going to TRY to keep up with my blog more! I'm talking with Bailey, and hopefully getting a new layout soon so I can start fresh and keep up with it. I used to blog everyday! BUT I do use my Tumblr pretty frequently, so if you want to visit there then please do! Click here.

How was your Christmas!? Ours was really good! I'm leaving to go back to work after the fun little weekend we had, and I definitely do NOT want to! Bleh, I wish it could be holidays everyday ;)

On Christmas Eve, my parents took Michael, Me, and my sister Hanna to Huntsville for the day and we shopped, saw Little Fockers (Hilarious!) and went to The Melting Pot, which is a fondu restraunt, OMG, sooo good! After a day in Huntsville, we went to see some Christmas lights. TOO fun! I love spending so much time with my family.

Christmas morning we woke up, went right to my parents house and opened gifts (Santa was good this year! ;) and then ate a big yummy breakfast, cooked by my dad. mmmmmmm :) Afterwards we just laid around, took a big nap, and then Michael and I came home to get ready and spend a few hours with the dogs before we left to go to his Mom's. We went there around 5:30 and exchanged gifts and then ate dinner, then came home around 8:30.

It was a perfect Christmas!
Oh, did I mention we had a WHITE Christmas? Yes, we did! It was our first snow of the year, and our first white Christmas since 1989, the winter I was born!

It was beautiful! It also snowed the day after Christmas, so most of the churches closed and we decided to go get breakfast! After that we went to Best Buy and shopped for a little while at the mall, then went home for the majority of the day.

All in all, I would have to say this has been the best weekend I have had in a long time! Family, Food, presents, Jesus' birthday, and SNOW! What more could you ask for?

How was your christmas!?

*Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I am still workout out with my trainer and I have lost 23 pounds so far :)


Merry Christmas from our family to YOURS! :)

Sadly, my sweet 4 furbabies couldn't be in the pictures this year. TOO cold to take them all out! BUT, we will be getting "family pictures" very soon.

Have a safe, Happy, BLESSED Holiday season!



I'm always Missing. I missed sharing my birthday and thanksgiving with you! I'm so lazy. Okay, not really, I really have been going like a mad woman. But, on a side note.... My parents surprised me with an iPad today! I'm loving it. I'm on it now ;) the got me an ipad and my little sister, Hanna, an iPhone four. She loves hers too! My parents are so amazing. And I don't just say that when they get me amazing things like an iPad! I really say it and mean it almost everyday. I don't tell them as much as i should, but everyone know how crazy I am about them. Anyways, I will be back on tomorrow and share thanksgiving, black Friday, and my birthday with you and lots of pictures!
In the mean time, follow me on twitter! Do any of you have a Twitter? :) @whitneytomlin

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