thankful for thursdays

well, today was just.. today!
today was michael's "off day" which basically means work still calls all day and nags but he just doesn't get paid to hear it. please excuse my attitude, ha!
i went to work this morning and i only had to stay until about 11:30 before i got to go :) i was so excited that i'd get to spend most of my day with michael. i miss when we were dating [he had another job] and i got to see him every single day.. all day! but now he is blessed with a higher paying job which is all around a better job.. minus the whole nagging thing. but now i get to sleep beside him every night- so that's a plus!
when i got off work we went to target to get sweet little nolan [ericas baby] a birthday present. he just turned 1 year old this past week and his "party" is this saturday ;) i love love love this little man, and his brother sean! and of course erica is a good friend of mine :]]
afterwards we came home and had some left over pizza and layed down for a while before we got ready to go to the doctor for the furbabies. zekey had to get a stick stuck up his hiney, a shot in each side of his hip, AND a kennel cough thing squirted in his nose.. he took it like a champ! this was all to get him ready to be "de-manned" on wednesday. so maybe he will stop feeling the need to hike his leg on everything in our house! and the fact that i'm sure those big choo choos are weighing down his little body! haha ;)
we ran around all day [all while michael is being nagged from his job that called 6 times today :)] and then went to wal mart to get cupcake mix and spaghetti sauce! so.. i guess you know what we had for dinner! :)
we're both TOO tired to go get his car.. which we left at target when i met him there, so pray i wake up on time in order to get him to it to make it to work.
i. am. not. a. morning. person.
i know, my day was SO exciting today.. but it was a typical thursday.
spending much needed time with boo boo :)
how was your thursday?
what do you like to do on YOUR off day!? :)


Erin said...

I LOVE target!! I go multiple times a week, it's kind of sad really haha! Good luck to your little puppy this week! Marley hiked his leg before he got the chop...but he still does it! I'm okay with it though because he's so small....it's really kind of cute that he thinks he has to hike ha! And I love spending time with my boy too, it's the best!

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