so this morning i woke up SUPER early [i tried to wake up at 5:30-6:00] but i woke up at 6:40 and out the door we went while it was still semi-dark outside [+ it was rainy outside] to take zeke to get "de-manned" bless his heart, he didn't even know what was coming :( BUT the doctor has already called me back and said he did great through his surgery and i get to pick him up at 3:30 this afternoon :]

such a cutie.

after i dropped him off i ran home and went back to sleep for about 30 minutes while michael was in the shower and i woke up around 8:20 or so. i swear, i don't know how i woke up in the mornings before michael was around, i can't hear my alarm if my life depended on it.

so i woke up, got dressed and i was at work by 10:10. when i got here my mom wasn't here and it was just my dad & my sisters fiancé, jared. i knew something was wrong if my mom wasn't here, and my dad said my papa had a really bad night last night :( he was diagnosed with pneumonia & for 93 years old that's probably the last sickness you want to have. my dad said he is very incoherent and he doesn't know anyone, along with not eating and being grumpy. [hince why he called his nurse a heffer (sp?) yesterday, HA!] my mom ACTUALLY just walked in the door, and my aunt and uncle are going to stay with papa for the day :) pray for stability and good health!

he's always in his own world ;)

i saw a tweet this morning from layla's mom that said her older sister claire, who is three told the dog to stop barking this morning because she was going to wake layla. i can't imagine how hard her heart broke in that very moment, knowing layla is playing with the angels now. please keep praying for the marsh family. jenna, layla's 9 year old sister isn't taking laylas passing well. i can't imagine. but thankfully, she is working with someone to express her sadness & anger. sweet, sweet marsh family- we LOVE you!


i know this has been kind of a dreary blog, so to lighten things up a bit-- me and brianna are going to see this cutie on march 18 at rocketown in nashville! in case you have no idea who this is, this is bryce avary from a rocket summer. i am so totally stoked about it too! it's a girl's trip & we plan to go there to see the show on thursday night, stay in nashville, and shop all day friday! :] i'm more than excited.



*also, in case you haven't noticed my pictures & about me that all used to be on the right side of my blog has magically moved itself to the very bottom. any help? please!

that's all for now lovelies.
i'll be back later!



Jenn said...

Your dog is so freakin cute!! My boyfriend's mother has a Yorkie and my daughter just loves him to death! On another note, you have one strong grandfather and I will keep him in my prayers!

whitney said...

thank you :) he's a mess! thank you :)

btw, do you knw how to fix my blog? haha all the stuff moved to the bottom!

Alex(andra) said...

Aww glad to hear your puppy's doing okay! I'll be keeping your grandfather in my prayers. And I looove the Rocket Summer, and am very jealous you get to see them. Bryce Avery is crazy talented and the new cd is amazing.

whitney said...

i agree x one million!

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