beautiful blog award

ah! i feel honored! thank you to mrs. alex over at only human i've been tagged in the beautiful blog award! :)

the rules are simple:
1. thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
2. pass the award to seven other bloggers who you think have beautiful blogs.
3. say 7 things about yourself.

so here we go!


jenn at life with leah [absolute fave!]
brittany at xoxo, brittany
naomi megan at rockstar diaries
bailey at addicted to addison
elle at nault's nook
taylor at the undomestic momma
danielle at to see his glory revealed

3. seven things about me!
-i dated, got engaged & married to my punk of a husband all in 5 months and now were going on 7 months of happily married life :]
-i have a freckle in the shape of a heart on the left side of my neck.
-i hate shoes. i hate wearing them, i hate trying them on, i hate them.
-i have THE most annoying, loud, laugh.
-i hate it when michael touches me when i'm trying to go to sleep, and if he breaks the "stay on your side" rule i. will. kick.
-i would pick zaxbys or little ceasers pizza over a fine dining dinner anyday.
-i'm picky. about everything. what i buy, what i drive, where i live, what i wear, what i eat, where i go. picky picky picky!

not only are the girls i chose beautiful bloggers, but beautiful people & i love reading each and every one of their blogs throughout my day!
have fun! :]


Danielle said...

you are SO sweet! thanks so much! i will be blogging soon! i love reading your blog so it's great to know you love to read mine too!

Ria Thurston said...

How was I NOT following you before? Your blog and story is SO similar to ours... it's crazy. Our wedding days are 1 day apart :) We are 09.04.09! What a cute couple you two are... sooo in love you can tell. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for the comment on my blog today!!

whitney said...

danielle- thank you!

ria-i actually noticed today that our anniversaries were only one day apart. that is so crazy! you are just gorgeous and you and your husband are so adorable as well :) where are you guys from? love your blog!

Jenn said...

Thank you for the blog award! :) You are way too kind!! xoxo

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