PCB: Third FULL Day! [Last Day!-Sunday]

Picking out which swimmy to wear for the day!

Laying on the beach

My Pink & Zebra toes for the beach!

Wind-blown, much?

Excited/It's-too-sunny-to-smile-with-my-eyes-open face


Mr. Tomlin

Babes and Me :)

Chocolate PB, PB, and Turtle FUDGE!

What I got Zekey & Xoe at the Fudgery!
Sorry so late! Our Last day was packed with enjoying the beach and the sunshine and then eating out and my sister and Jessica getting their lips peirced. Jessica passed out, which was so scary.. to me. She just laughed, ha! Then we went to Pier Park to look around for the LAST time before heading home in the morning :(


PCB: Second FULL Day!


Daddy doing the Heisman

Me & Mikey on the beach

Me & Mikey

Me & Michael before Margaritaville

Mom & I at Margaritaville

Dad & Michael at Margaritaville

Humongous PICKLE!


Disco ball airplane in Margaritaville

Daddy eating his birthday ice cream :)

Michael & I at Pier Park


Today was fun! Me and Michael went to the beach this morning and spent a long while at the pool this afternoon together :) We came in about 2:00 this afternoon and we started getting ready to go out tonight! We all decided to go to Margaritaville which is on the outside of Pier Park. We waited for an HOUR but it was sooo worth it! Jimmy Buffet and his sister has two of my favorite restraunts! Lulu's & Margaritaville. I had a Bacon BBQ Burger and it was MOUTH-WATERING!
Afterwards we just rode around, and later we got some starbucks. Sadly, I ordered the wrong thing and it was so very nasty, but it's okay! Then, some teenager trying to be all cool almost hit us head on--yay!
Now we're back in the condo getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is our last FULL day since we came down Thursday and are leaving Monday [we stayed for Memorial Day weekend] so we're going to get up and have a big breakfast made by my daddy and soak up every bit of the beach tomorrow!
Goodnight, loves!


PCB: First FULL day!

Look closely, Manta Rays!

Wow, babes is white!

I don't know why, but I love his hair like this

Love those kisses!

Michael and I at the pool


Shrek :)

It's 5 o'clock somewhere.. [daddy!]

Before Pineapple Willies

Mr. & Mrs. <3


My silly Daddy

I LOVE these chairs!


Hanna & Jessica at Pineapple Willies

Mom & Dad at Pineapple Willies

Me & Michael at Pineapple Willies

Me & Mikey at the Oxygen Bar!

Kelley, Jared, Mom & Dad at the Oxygen Bar

Me & Hanna

Me & Kelley
We had a GREAT second day! We got up and laid on the beach/at the pool all day long, and then came in and got ready to go eat at Pineapple Willies! Mmmmm.. It was SO very good, too! + Mom got me a cute shirt! After that we went to Pier Park and I found the most adorable boutique and that's where I spent all my "shopping money" from my parents! After we cruised Pier Park for a while we came back to the condo and relaxed and now everyones asleep!
It's been a FABULOUS day!
Random: A girl that was in my third grade class, left my school in 3rd grade, moved states, and is staying at my condo--And I recognized her! Small world.
Hope you guys had a FAB Friday! WE sure did! :)


PCB: Arrival Day!




Our first walk on the beach!

Pier view from our condo

Look how pretty the water looks!

Excited? Cold water? Who knows!


He loves me :)

Please excuse, I drew this with my toes, ha!

Jessica, Me & Hanna in the ocean

My love and I at the pool

Again :)

We got unloaded around 4:30 and went straight to put our swimsuits on and go to the beach. We laid low tonight and had pizza with everyone, and now we're just relaxing!
Tomorrow: ENJOYING THE SUNSHINE all day long!

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