Philippians 4:13

i think i'm finally done messing with my blog. ehh, maybe not :]
do you love?

i didn't get off work unti about 4:00 today and i think it was one of the most tiring days i have had in a long time! as many of you know, my papa hasn't been doing well and he is STILL in the hospital. which is a total work out on my parents, so please continue to pray for them.

yesterday we started our healthy eating! my older sister, kelley, is getting married in august and i am a matron of honor.. so i MUST get in good shape! i am so proud of myself thus far, even though it has only been a day and a half.. you have to start somewhere though, right!? we went to the grocery store and didn't come back with one un-healthy thing. i'm super excited! and we've also decided to take full advantage of living right next to a beautiful park that we can walk around, which has been fun doing :) but when you're counting calories it's so hard to not completely starve yourself! yesterday i only took in 430 calories all day long, and by the time i eat dinner tonight i will have only taken in about 700-800 + walking. eeek! but i am going to keep y'all updated on how much i have lost every day.. and hopefully i have numbers everyday!

wish me luck, it's going to be tough!

i'll be back later tonight with results if i have any ;)
btw, i'm totally pumped about my vera planner to come in :) i had to wait for my favorite design to come in since it was out of stock. yay!

"i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." -phil. 4:13



Alex(andra) said...

Whoo!! Congrats on the starting to be healthy!! I've always had issues eating healthy, so I wish you all the best... you can do it!

Jenn said...

I LOVE your new blog miss! And I hope you love your new planner as much as I love mine...even though I'm sure you will ;)

Alissa said...

I'm a new follower! I love that you're a Christian too. Your husband and you are adorable.

whitney said...

alex-- thanks! i lost 1lb yesterday haha:)

jenn-- thank you! :] i think im finally satisfied ha! but yes, i am sooo excited about my planner! what print did you get?

alissa- thank you for reading! and thank you for the compliment! ;)

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