whew! i started my morning off with 1 1/2 miles
taking in 220 calories for a healthy breakfast and burning about 166 of them! :)
it feels so good to get up and exercise before i start the day, and again before i end the day! and it's definitely working!

i didn't blog yesterday night but i did weigh in and lost yet another pound! i know it's only 3 lbs total, but that's 3lbs in 3 days! hopefully the scales will show some more tonight, for today :]

michael is going to be off work today, and i am so sad i won't get to stay home too. but i can always pray to get off work early! :)

i hope you all have had a wonderful morning and if you're going to work i pray safety over you and a good day ahead! [pray for me too, seeing as the last few days have been rough, HA!]

remember to smile, it looks good on you! :)
anyways, it's time to get to work. i'll update with you sweeties later!



Jenn said...

Wow! That's good to hear you're shedding off those pounds!

whitney said...

thank you thank you! :]
i'm more than excited for myself.. can;t you tell!? ahaha

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