grinded gears.

have you ever seen something, or someone and it just immediately piss you off? sorry if i'm making it sound like i just don't like someone for no reason, or like i just have something mean to say, because neither of those are true.

i'm talking about seeing someone, or something that you know something about and you
just. don't. like them.

still don't get what i'm saying? let me throw out different scenarios of things i mean. these don't exactly mean these are all the emotions i'm having right now, but maybe things that other people go through also. these are just all things that grind my gears, whether i've had this emotion before, will eve have it, have it now, whatever.

these scenarios are seen through MY eyes and OTHER girls eyes. sorry friends, but some of you are too silly to see you're being used so i must put this in BOY & GIRL form.

scenario #1.
girl and boy date. boy breaks up with girl. girl is pissed at boy because he broke up with her. a few months later boy finds another girl. boy stays with that girl. girl #1 does everything she can to flirt with boy while girl #2 and him are still together.

scenario #2.
boy and boy are friends. girl comes along and boy gets pissed that his boy has a girl. boy and girl date and boy and boy are no longer friends. mean boy is mad because boy doesnt hang out with him anymore, and rude to girl.

scenario #3.
boy finds a girl but refuses to let go of past memories of him and other girls. [i hate seeing my friends go through this, turns messy!]

scenario #4.
boy has girl. boy breaks up with girl. boy finds new girl. new girl and boy are perfect. boy messes it up by not letting go of other girl.

scenario #5.
boy finds girl. boy and girl are perfect. girl finds out boy is not as innocent as she though he was. he was quiet the little player.

scenario #6.
boy doesn't realize the difference of having had mucho girl friends and have mucho girlfriends.

senario #7.
boy finds girl. boys girl "friend" gets jealous that he found girl. she hates girl and makes girl miserable. she even tells boy he shouldn't be with girl.

deep breath, whitney.

okay, so in case you still don't get it.. if i were to be in this situation [as are many people i know are, or have been] and i too have been in this spot before, it makes me so angry. i see girls and i'm like, why the heck are you with him!? and then sometimes i see people wh are breaking a good relationship apart. then i see people who have something amazing, but one of the two isn't who the other thought they were.

okay, i'm done ranting :)



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