sucky day & spontaneous choices.

as many of you know, i work for my moms business. which consists of me, my mom, my dad [as of recently he decided to quit his job and come help my mom] and last but certainly not least, my sisters walking attitude of a fiance. [pardon me]

so far, my day has been terrible + some. i don't even know what to do with myself right now, it was just a plain out horrible day. first off work was the worst it has been in a while. i usually like going to work & enjoy my job [and i am so thankful for it] but today was just awful. i was happy when i went to work and on the car ride home i was in tears telling my husband about my mess of a day. it seemed like no one was happy today, no one was on time with the things we were doing, and quite frankly everyone had a very ill attitude all day.

by the end of the day everyone was in a bad mood and i was just upset. my dad asked me to do something before i left work and i asked him was he going to write it down on a sheet of paper to take to the other business with me to pick up our order. [not being sassy about it, but my mom usually always gives me a paper to take for them to look at because they always mess it up.]

well for some reason, that just didn't float well with my dad. he started to write it down and then the next thing i know he just throws the pen & paper down and yells "just forget it i'll just go do it myself!" and i said "why?" ..needless to say, he didn't reply.

my mom tried to ask him something while he was leaving.. and then they ended up mad at one another. and then i was told i need to learn my job or else i won't have one. but my mom usually says things like that when she's in a bad mood, so i tried to over look it so i wouldn't burst in to tears and just hear:

blah blah blah.

after that, i was out the door and on the phone with my husband! once again, so very stressful working as a family sometimes, but i am thankful. i am so ready for michael to be blessed with an even better job with better oppurtunities so i don't have to work anymore. i can't wait to have babies and be a stay at home mom. from what i hear, that's a job in itself!

lately, we've been talking about moving. not moving down the road, but moving like 8-14 hours away. as you know, my husband is a texan and i'm an alabamian and we're living in alabama. we have a few friends that have recently moved to orlando, florida, & two of our other friends may be moving as well. & if you know me.. you know i am a biiiiiiig beach girl! i would snap at the oppurtunity to lay in the sun all day everyday, and i wouldn't get tired of it.

i also am in love with gulf shores, al. i know the area a little more than i do florida. okay, a lot more. and i just love it there. but everytime i get michael so excited about possibly up and moving [he is very spontaneous & outgoing, i.. am not.] then i let him down with an "i can't move away from my family" "i don't know anyone there" which sucks for him haha.

but lately i have been thinking about it more, i just still don't know. we both don't feel like we will be here forever. but, for now i'm not sure.

everyone has told us, "do it while you're young"
what would you do?


Jenn said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day :( Unfortunately, we're bound to have one of those every once in awhile! And I used to work with my mom so I know the feeling, ha!

As far as moving, definitely move while you're young so that you can get settled. ESPECIALLY if you're planning on having babies :) Hope everything works out! I'm sure I'll be reading about it ;)

Brianna! said...

I totally think you and michael should move, at least give it try!! I'll pray that if its meant for you to move God will open up a door (a job) somewhere!!:)

whitney said...

jen- i know girl, it can be rough sometimes! but i'm just so nervous to move away from home! we definately want babies, and that's the thing. i def want my babies to have grandparents around, not 15 hrs away. you know?

brianna- thanks :)

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