oh happy days :]

you. are. gorgeous.
have i told you that lately? well you are :)

what a fabulous weekend we had :) michael sold another car, and we spent our weekend savoring every moment we had with one another, because he works everyday but sunday and thursday. so sunday is OUR day, unfortunately he rarely has a night where he can go to bed without having to wake up and go to work. ugh. but, it's so wonderful waking up to my best friend every morning, and the fact that he has those beaming blue eyes doesn't hurt ;) i hope and pray we have atleast one child that has those blue eyes. small chance, but i think it could happen, right? haha. i have hazel eyes, as does my mom & sisters. but my daddy has pretty navy-ish blue eyes. but as you can see, michaels are BLUE!

i got to spend my entire weekend with these lovelies:

look at those eyes! isn't he precious?

these are the same eyes that are staring at me as we speak. someone is ready to lay down! but i bet you couldn't tell? ;)

btw, if you're ever in florence, al you must must must eat at fat boys grille. yes i said fat boys :) it was delish! and the live music was also fantabulous!

well dahhling, i'm sorry this post wasn't the most lively of the ones i have written, but i promise i will update tomorrow, thank you Jesus--we have wi-fi now! :) please please, stop yelling. i'm excited too ;)

tootles & smooches!
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ketchup :)

it's cold in alabama today! actually it's snowing/sleeting. schools were closed and i'm off work, but that doesn't mean it's a blizzard. well, to us alabamians it is :) so on my wonderful snow day i'm going to do a "ketchup day" yes :) catch you up on all the things i haven't been able to put pictures up of lately. from dinners, to friends. i'm going to show you it all! :)

1, 2, 3, GO!

hot chocolate time! from our favorite little coffee shop in florence; rivertown

as you can see, they don't like it when they don't get to ride along. they LOVE the car. but it has been way too cold for their little bones. well, zekey's little bones.

this was the night i talked about in one of my previous post. this is on the patton island bridge and of course we couldn't leave until michael climbed on something, i guess he got what he deserved :D

i FINALLY went to the eye doctor. procrastination is my middle name. but i got this adorable contact case, how lovely is that!?

fabulous! we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning. cute, huh? :)

i get to be serenaded and stared at while making dinner :)

TADA! spicey noodles with mini toast on the side :]

yes, he loveddd it!

this was this morning before it got crazy, brrr.

well lovelies, i hope you enjoyed ketchup time from the past week of pictures:)
i finished "dear john" and if you havent read it you MUST go buy it, before the ice storm hits of course. then read "the last song" it's my current pick of the week :]

i hope you all stay safe and enjoy the snow here in alabama! :)

keep my friend lily in your prayers, she's driving back from louisianna in this awful weather!

i love you muchies & have a fab day!



love & smoochies :)

bloggers! :)

let me tell you, this alabama weather is getting to me. its warm one day [sit outside for two hours, warm] then the next day you walk out to your car to go to work and your windshield is frosted over. come on summer, just a few more months! i was loving snuggle weather until it's snuggle weather one day and flop [flip-flop] weather the next. shew!

i was looking at a blog i saw, called "no biggie." i think she is one of the most creative people i have ever seen! who is also married, with two children! you should definately check it out here :) here is a few things i LOVE--for the month of L-O-V-E-S & S-M-O-O-C-H-I-E-S!

how adorable are those? that's a little taste of something special i want to do for my mikey. after all, a way to a mans heart is through his stomach right? i thought so! :) and i'm overly excited because he has something special workin' through his little brain. and he said this valentine's is all about ME! why would i argue? ;)

more to come later; smooch!



mostly hanna :)

good afternoon :]

i know i haven't been blogging every single day but we have been busy lately! thankfully, we are finally "comfortable" and the money is flowing! [thank you Jesus!]

so my favorite show ended last night. [16 & prego/teen mom] until february 16 when a new batch of girls comes through! and of course next week when they meet with dr. drew. haha :)

the other night, when we went to eat at jamie & heather's house, jamie said something to us and it really got me. he said "never ever ever go to sleep mad at your husband/wife." of course, i have heard this before, a bajillion time actaully. we actually have a cute little thing on our wall that says "always kiss me goodnight." don't get me wrong, we have been perfectly fine.. it was just something that got me thinking, you know? jamie said when you go to bed angry, the enemy is basically stirring it all up inside your little brain all night long, and when you wake up the next day you're more than likely going to be even more ticked off. stupid satan. so hug your hunny today and let him know you love him, and always kiss him before bedtime :)

my bigger-than-me-little-not-so-little-16-year old-sister, hanna--[she is 16, taller than me, and i still call her my little sister with the image in my head that she is still a curly headed, 4 year old, blonde, baby. :')] but she isn't so young anymore. she is SIXTEEN, sheesh-she's noticeable taller than me, brown headed, and not a little baby anymore, anyways, before i get all teary eyed! hanna said the other day "satan is under your feet, right where he should be, so but a little spring in your step ;]" or something to that effect, haha. but i get this image in my head that makes me happier than ever. the image of satan in hell, with all of God's people just having a good 'ole time lettin him have it! hanna is awesome [even though we argue sometimes] she really has a heart for God and over the past few months her heart for him has tremendosuly grown.

not only does my sister have a heart for God, but she has a passion for painting, drawing, anything artistic--she can do it! sometimes i wish i had that ability, but i'll leave all the hard stuff to hanna ;) she's always wanting to go one step further in learning about the Lord. participating in any activity, service, internship that she can find. her heart really inspires me :')

so today, i challenge you to give all you can to our precious daddy God and let him know you love him! give a little stomp on satan & a kissy to your hubs :)

remember to keep the haiti crisis in your thoughts and prayers!

today give some old t's to red cross for children who have nothing, paint a picture and let the Lord blow your mind, anything! i promise he wont let you down!

love you to pieces sugar :)



child-like faith :)

oh. my. gosh.
it has been like, a long time it seems since i have blogged! i have so many things to [re-cap] you on and tell you about and SO many pictures to share! :) [but i don't have my camera here at work so pictures will have to wait!] don't worry, i haven't forgotten about you guys :) i have just been so busy. weird since it seems like all i do is work and sleep haha.

i had a dream last night and i am a dreamer. [a big. crazy. fabulous. foreal. dreamer] and last night this verse was very clearly in my dream and i kept thinking "oh my gosh, whitney read this when you wake up, don't forget--sub-consciously.
"But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a strangers voice. "
John 10:5
i texted my husband this morning when i remembered the verse and asked him what it really means? now, if you don't know michael, he can tell you ANYTHING about the bible, he KNOWS the bible. and that's something that i really love about him. he has that "child-like faith" that faith that says "i don't know why i'm doing it, i just know the voice of the Lord and that's what he said to do." whether it's something small or something as big as getting married only 4 months after you fell in love with someone. but as michael says "i knew i wanted to marry you and spend forever with you. why would i wait? i know the Lords voice" gives me chills!

if you don't know our story, a short review is me and michael knew of one another for years before we "met" i didnt like him, he didnt like me. one of those "clique" things that are totally un-necessary. so cliché and rediculous. but hey, that's highschool. --anyways, we finally met, and fell in love within a matter of weeks. we dated for 2 months and he proposed 2 days after our "2 month anniversary" on june 26, 2009--we got married on september 5, 2009--and here we are, married for almost 5 months on january 25, 2010 and i couldn't be more happy. talk about knowing the voice of the Lord!

so michael said he thought this meant "God is continuing to draw you near to Him and teaching you his voice" which is exactly what i was thinking. we all have our times were the Lord tells us to do something insane and we're like "maybe that wasn't really him talking, maybe its me, how do I have so much favor from a man who died for ME!?" and that's God.
saying "whitney, it's me. i'm here. and as long as you keep distinguishing my voice from man, you're going to be okay. i will never ever ever let you fall."

also, for you who don't know-- a rainbow is a symbol for God's promise to us. and on our wedding day, during our ceremony we had a rainbow right over us. how insane is that?

Jesus does crazy, insane, things. don't you love it? always pushing us out of our box right into where we're least comfortable. but we give it to him, follow the path he has for us, and we always end up finding peace in those situations.
my friends mom, made me a painting of a dark dead tree with a cocoon on one side, and on the other side a bright, vibrant, grass & tree with a beautiful "queen" butterfly. which is something i totally needed. as i was saying about coming out of your box, since april of 2009 i have been coming out of my "cocoon" more so in the church aspect. and now i'm a butterfly :)

last night, we went to eat at some friends from church house. jamie & heather. jamie told us he could see huge ministry coming from the two of us, together, in the future. which is a word that we have heard from several people. which is amazing. and i know that word had an impact on why i dreamed john 10:5. because i said i will never do ministry. never. say. never. it's not that i don't want to do ministry, because we do! it's just that i never thought i would have the ability to help people grow in the Lord. it's so awesome to me that we have been chosen to, one day, help the lives of others who have been right in the "i don't even know where to go now" shoes we were once in.

remember: Jesus speaks to us in different ways, nothing is a "coincidence," i believe he has a sense of humor for sure. some people dream, some have visions, some prophetic. which are all amazing. i have crazy visions & dreams. everyone is different, in a good way! :)

he loves you, and so do i, take a moment to thank Him! :)

he has a promise for you!

--as i said this morning to twitterville, "This morning i woke up with breath in my lungs and a beating heart; it's going to be a fabulous day!"

enjoy the sunshine alabama-- i adore you lovely kiddos mucho!



lovely days

hey lovely :)

so i see someones blog today, and it looks exactly like mine! haha, how annoying is that? my reaction too. but then i was like, "i guess my blog is soo cute!" not coming up with your own stuff is kind of elementary and annoying, BUT oh well :)

i haven't gotten an update on little riley today, so im nervous! i know Jesus is going to continue to do his thing, so why be nervous? i'm pretty sure he is under control :) gosh, if i was in charge of his job idk what i'd do! haha

today i had to go to work until noon or so, it was michael's off day. i am so thankful for my mom being so leniant of my hours, and still paying me very nicely! so, when i got home we went to get my oil changed which was highly needed since i had 0% oil life left. "/ procrastination is my middle name, BTW. anyways, it was beautiful in alabama today! i mean just beautiful. so me and michael went to the park with our dogs and it was funny. you can tell they had never walked on a leash before because they were just bouncing everywhere, haahh. we stayed outside for probably 2 hours in all.

where here at my parents tonight, getting ready to watch jersey shore! :) it's a fav too. the finale is tonight i think? idk. my day was so interesting wasnt it? maybe not to you, but i had fun! haha :)

i lovelovelove these!

you can purchase them here or at your local victoria secret store & email me for shipping deatils :)

well, it's time for me to go!

goodnight shuuggga; loves you (:



rainy days in alabama

good afternoon bloggers :)

it's so gross outside in alabama today! when you're outside anyways. i wish i could just lay in my bed all day with my puppies & my sound maker-, oh- and mikey too! ;)

i was woken up to a text from my mom that haiti was hit with the aftershock of the earthquake this morning at 6AM. this whole situation saddens me, i wish i could just go and get everyone, from tiny babies to grown ups and board them all in my home. but unfortunately, my two bedroom apartment isn't thinking that's such a good idea. but i will find a way to help, even if it just means taking everything i don't wear anymore to the red cross and sending it all to haiti. or maybe.. just maybe, i could sneak in there. okay, i won't try that--so for now, they are constantly in my prayers.

these people need our prayers! these photos don't even show half of the damage that was done in haiti. there are people there who can't find their families, people who don't have food, and people who don't even know how loved they are. if this happened to us, wouldn't our first reaction be "why us!? why did this happen to US!?"

even if you can't GO and help them there are plenty of other things you can do.
1. give money- this will help supply them with the things they need like food, water, clothing, and medical care.
2. send food- you can send any kind of canned food [anything that won't rot, or go bad, etc] water, they NEED water!
3. send clothes- they don't care how expensive it was, they don't care what it looks like or if it's too big, they don't care if it came from american eagle or a thrift store.
*they need these things, they have been stripped from everything they own.

please do your part and help these precious people! pray for love and protection over haiti, even though this happened to them Jesus is still so in love with them! they are beautiful and precious no matter what!

on a good note, nely [our sponsor child] isn't from haiti. she is from guatemala. but the place we sponsor her through, world vision, are doing a LOT for the haiti crisis, become a fan of them on facebook for daily updates if you aren't already! :)

hope you all are having a good day so far, i'm not sure if i will be able to update again tonight. we will be busy busy! church at 7 & we're keeping the nursery. so i am sure i will have some photos to share at some point in time :]

pray for:
-my mom may have pneumonia
-riley canerday
-our friend, quaid-his grandmother is really sick
-michaels xboss, holly having surgery on her back
-our friend, jamie is having elbow surgery
-our worship leader, micah broke his ankle
*we're not worried, the devil is trying to attack but when Jesus heals them all like he is doing for little riley that'll just be a slap in satans face. take that!

until later :) ..xoxo



i love my little hunny bunny. even though he can be a pain in my boo-twa; not that he has been today. haha, i thought this was just cute-- and explains a fun marriage :)

i haven't heard an update on little riley tonight, but keep praying. so far so good :)

right now i'm watching teen mom which is like my favorite show right now! i loveLOVElove them all and it is so amazing to see girls who have had babies young and unexpectedly but still go above and beyond to succeed in life for them & for their babies!

maci, ryan & bentley

maci & bentley--my fav!

catelynn & tyler--they put baby carly up for adoption

gary, amber & leah

farrah and sophia

and omGOSH a new 16 and pregnant is coming on feb. 16!:) i am beyond excited.

i have been thinking about valentine's day a lot i have soo many things i want to do for my mikemike! but i can't put any ideas or pictures up because he looks at this blog! errr.


jesus heals: update on riley

i will post again today, but for now i have an update on little riley!

i got the news last night from riley's cousin, heather, that the dr.'s checked riley and he has 2 bumps on his head [these bumps are cancer, but it was TEN, now it's TWO!] so it can be healed also! and NO tumors on his spine! [he had NINE yesterday!]

also, this morning-- riley woke up and was complaining when they shined the light in his eyes, this means riley's vision is coming back!

keep you're prayer panties one, because Jesus is showing up and showing out! keem them coming jesus! and prayer warriors please pray! :)

other requests:

holly [michael's old boss]-- was in a wreck and goes to neurosurgeon this morning, pray for healing!

susan [church friend]-- goes to lung doctor this morning, pray for good news!

until later.. :) xoxo



bachelorette was amazing. TINLEY will go far! :) and i love ali too. she reminds me of a girl i go to church with named michelle. :) and jake, oh my! he is such a cutie!

i haven't heard an update on little riley, other than his mom was able to have her labor stopped. which is great. keep your prayers going, jesus hears them all! i promise :)

look at that cutie. the sunset, i mean ;)

it's time to go now, goodnight love.


pray for riley

hey lovesies,

i know i didn't post yesterday but my computer would NOT get a connection if my life depended on it. so, i will post two today- dont worry :) and i'm sure tonights will have lots of bachelor gossip.

okay, fasten your seatbelts and put your prayer panties on because we have some work to do.

this is riley canerday

riley is 5 years old. a few days ago riley woke up blind. how scary would that be for a mother? i couldn't imagine. not only his mother, but his 5 month pregnant mother, his family, his friends. riley was airlifted to st. jude childrens hospital but on route there, the pressure got too high and they had to stop in memphis, tn. they had to do surgery on riley, because they found out he had 4 tumors woven throughout his brain. he was not expected to live through the surgery, and he did. [praise jesus] they got 2 out of the 4 tumors out, only to find out the next day that riley had 9 more tumors which were in his spine. not only that, but his chance of survival was zero. not 50%, not 25%, zero. riley is STILL hanging on. yesterday, rileys mom found out she had kidney stones, and from all the stress she went into premature labor, 4 months early. they were able to stop the labor and rileys mom is by his bedside once again.

this family needs our prayers, our love and support. we praise and live for a miracle worker, a healer, and a man who has a plan for everything.

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20



fabulous, just fabulous.

hello gorgeous :)

you look LOVELY today! ahhah. today was filled with excitement, no, really. SATURDAY! so no work for whitney today. not that i have worked like, any lately. but hey hey hey, it's OKAY with me! (: i do kinda miss my boss' face though. so gorgeous--boss lady is my mom, BTW ;) what were you thinking, silly!?

so i woke up late, again. like, i really dont even know what to do with the fact that i wake up at lunch time, and i am perfectly okay with it. i know i know, i'm lazy. and i rarely get anything done. anyways, i woke up at lunch time and was craving a big ZALAD! [zaxbys salad] so, i went and got me one! i couldnt eat the entire thing, but i tried to.

doesnt this look yummy? it was :)

after my hubs got home from work we went to taco bell, where our total was less than $8. i'm sure by reading my last few blogs you think i eat out WAY too much. but i'm actually just putting off grocery shopping. but tomorrow is the day, walmart here i come. blehhh.

i said "SMILE" and she did :)

as a weekend ritual we have to go to the local coffee shop [rivertown] and get hot chocolate. so that's exactly what we did! it was so good. i'm pretty sure it has lots and lots of chocolate and a dab of milk or something in there, just how i like it!

rivertown coffee shop


after getting some yummies we were off to go back home and watch a movie :) i loveLOVElove cuddling up next to my love and watching a good movie. it was absolutely fabulous! and i'm sure ill be watching it again soon.

flick of the night

thats all for today lovesies. it sleepy time for the TOMLINs :)
see you tomorrow, gorgeous!



m+m+w+b = m²wb


to start the day off with a fabulous BANG, i didn't have to go to work--again!

after being lazy with my sweet puppies all morning long, we decided to get up and mikey came home to eat leftover ricebox with me :) when we left i went to the mall and did a "little" shopping. when i say a little shopping that means i spent a littleTOOmuch money. at my favorite place of course, free people clothing boutique. if you know me, you know i have expensive taste. it's terrible! i am NOT a bargain shopper and i never will be. oh how i envy my older sister, not that se actually uses her bargain techniques ;)but what i got was lovely. and actually rocked the outfit today. i know i know-- like a kid on christmas. couldn't wait to rip the tags off!

after my wonderful shopping experience, i came home and got ready to head out to see youth in revolt with this lovely couple. this is brianna and michael. aren't they adorable!? i thought so too. her michael has been a good friend of my michael's for quite some time, and i consider her a good friend of mine. she's a new friend and she is just as sweet as can be! and be sure to look at her blog!

after the movies we had dinner, and then we were off to rivertown, a local coffee shop to get some "hock chockalick" as my momma says! but after a few things happened [nothing to do with my hubs] we decided not to--and we came on home.

tomorrow is the day, for eating healthy and starting to excercise. therefore, i hope i have one heck of a long night of sleep! EW!

well lovelies, i think it's time to catch some z's. i hear the oh so fabulous roar of 2 dogs snoring, and one sleepy mikey. looks like it's obviously time to go to bed!

see you all tomorrow, and remember-- you're beautiful how God made YOU!



no work = fun day for the TOMLINS

hello :)

well our day started out awesome. how could it not when we have another day, another breath to breathe, and someone we love next to our side? and of course an adorable puppy staring you in the eyes :]

today was michaels off day, and the worst part of thursday's is having to go to work knowing i could be home with my mikemike all day long!

but, i woke up to a text saying i didnt have to come in until 11:30, and then a text that i didn't have to come in at all, due to work being so slow today!

alabama was so pretty today! it was in the 50's after a week of teens and twenties, and the sun was shining ALL day! we went to get xoe's nails done and then to get her a princess collar; she loves it can't you tell? :)

later we got a bite to eat, and gauged my ears from an 8 to a 4. terrible idea, they hurt so bad. but they're cute right?

eeeeek! we're at my parents now, thanks for the ricebox guys ;) and now it's time to watch our shows. see you guys tomorrow :)



puppy love

hello lovely :)

today was great day for the tomlin household. starting my day off, i walk outside to head to work and what is sitting at my feet? a gorgeous little puppy. now, if you know me, you know i would never in a million years leave an animal at the door step. [i'll be the lady with 25 dogs one day] just don't tell my husband that;)

anyways, i finally found the owner of the puppy "bella" and she belongs to a neighbor a few doors down. this is our new neighbor and i found out today she has parkinsons disease. the has already lost her dog twice since she moved in, she said she keeps "forgetting" to put her on her leash or bring her back inside. terrible, i know. so be sure to keep this precious lady and her furbaby in your prayers please and thank you!

when i checked the mail, this was there. needless to say, i had a happy camper for a husband when he saw it!

i came home from work, only to remember it's my sweet husbands early day! so i didn't have to spend the normal 3.5 hours alone until he got here. he came home at five thirty, i was getting ready for church and we started looking at how far we have came since april of 2009.

re-cap [we "met" [we knew one another for 4 years just weren't friends] in late may of 2009, started dating late april of 2009, got engaged late july of 2009 and got married on september 5 of 2009.] when god says go--you GO. soon or not. and i loveLOVElove every waking moment i spend with this sweet man. he is more than amazing, and gorgeous at that ;)

after spending an hour looking at pictures we were already 30 minutes late and i STILL had no idea what i was wearing. so we decided to put on our comfy's and get a bite to eat and ride around town. [one of my fav things to do with him.] therefore, my night was LAZY, and LOVE LAZY. especially when i get to lay around in my comfy's with my mikey.

well lovelies, it's time for bed-- see you all tomorrow :]
*keep my sister hanna, in your prayers. she is being tested for MONO.



the lovely little things

good evening dahling(:

i'm new at the "blogging" thing so give me time.
i've JUST now figured it out, after having it for months.
so many things have already happened in 2010!

i've recently fallin in love with a website called ETSY.
where everything is hand made.
it's all so unique & cute-as-a-button!
here's a look at a few things i'm dying to have:

this knitted 'boggin is SO adorable, i LOVE it.

i loveLOVElove these handmade sprinkle plugs.
YES, these are sprinkles.. like cake sprinkles!

don't you love it!? i knew you would:)

while i'm here at my parents, patiently waiting on my sweet husband to
get off of work, i was browsing the internet and found something i think
he would just look absoulutely gorgeous in [even MORE gorgeous than he
already is, of course]
abercrombie & fitch vintage polo
..my mikey has amazing blue eyes, not just blue eyes but like, BLUE
eyes! and i love it when he wears blue; and i think he would look just
lovely in this :)
last but certainly not least, congrats to ALL my friends who have recently
gotten engaged, my sister being one of them.

..this is my beautiful big sister. she's getting married in august.
her photography was by erica
..this is mikeys BEST friend since he was a little boy.
he was the best man in our wedding :)
they're getting married in september.

..this is another one of mikeys BEST friends, who he used to live with.
lindsey is also a good friend of mine. they are SO precious.
and they're getting married this summer:)
well, it's time to eat & watch my shows :)
can't wait to see my sweet husband

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