Day #2- yikes!

Could I be more sore? (The answer is NO)

I've eaten GREAT and I am more than proud of myself. Since I didn't go to Melissa yesterday (I go today!) Michael and I went and walked a mile along with doing some lunges and other things I've learned from training. The park beside our house closes when it gets dark, so we ate subway (yummiest healthy choice!) and went to a little shopping center and that's where we walked and did my workouts. I think Michael was a little embarrassed seeing as I was doing lunges where people were shopping, but HEY! whatever :)

They have a little shopping center with a Cato, Joann's Crafts, and a soon to be Shoe Carnival and Ross-Dress for less! So since it wasn't TOO busy through there, that's where I chose to do my workouts. I made Michael do some with me but he was so embarrassed he was acting a fool, ha!

My legs are SOOOO sore, and have been since Tuesday but- I guess if it hurts then I'm doing something right! It's amazing knowing these muscles haven't been used in a while, ha!

I woke up in the middle of the night (not the times from hardly being able to move) to a warm PEE streaming down my leg and on my bed! NO SILLY, I didn't have an accident! But Capo did. Still want a puppy, Ria!? ;)

After that I went back to sleep for a few more hours and then I woke up, went on a walk, had a yummy glass of milk and off to shower + work I went.

Happy Thursday (payday!!)


Day #1

So, as you know, yesterday was my first day (back) with my personal trainer. I am on the road to losing 55 pounds and I am sooo excited about it too!

I went in yesterday knowing what to expect, but she (to no surprise), kicked my butt. That's exactly what I needed!

I walk in the door of her basement, and slowly hear the pitter-patter of feet walking above me, down the stairs, then to see my tiny little trainer ALL SMILES! Being greeted and being comfortable with someone is KEY for me to have a good workout. It really made me want to be there. While hopping on the treadmill we caught up on each others lives, families lives, friends lives, etc.

I walked for maybe 10 minutes, and then it was butt kicking time. The moment I stepped off the treadmill I knew it meant "Go-time" and go-time it was.

I think I did every work out to man, and lived a long 30 minutes, but it really was over before I knew it! We talked our way out the door when it was time to leave, legs shakey and all, to see my smiling husband waiting for me in the car. What a pretty face :)

I sat down in the car, still out of breathe, and it was off we went. MORE than ready to go back tomorrow, but still getting in my cardio and healthy eating today!

This morning I woke up barely able to move, and it was the worst and BEST feeling. I hope you stick around for the entire journey!



Did you hear!?

The FIRST ANNUAL SCARF SWAP is here by Miss Chelsea and Mateya!

I'm so excited. I actually got paired with someone who is "close to home", four hours away, in Georgia! I'm really excited, but I have no idea what scarf I'm going to get her! Yikes, I need to hurry. Thankfully, she is an ALABAMA FAN! I'm not sure what I would have done with one of those AUBURN fans! ;)

I looooove meeting new blogger friends, too fun!

On another note, Today is my first day back with my personal trainer. I'm geared up with some cute new work out pants, and some even cuter new shoes!

Wish me luck, I'll be a skinny minnie before I know it! :)


Songs by me and hubs. check it out :)

Here is some songs Michael and I have written (except Grace Flows Down) and thought I would share with you!

Please excuse the quality and sound, sorry!

Subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/mrandmrstomlin


Longest. Week(s). Ever.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I think this was the longest, most awful two weeks of my life. That's saying a lot since I have been married for um, oh say, 20 years?

From Michael losing his job it has been so stressful and money is just getting on track again. Our lease is ending in November and I have no idea what we're going to do. Do we stay paying lots of money to rent or do we spend that much or less and invest in buying a home?

Everytime I see a home I like, we go and we look at it and I always end up loving it, and then I get this really bad gut feeling that I'm doing the wrong thing.
1) Because buying a home is a big deal and I want to be ready
2) I'd like to put a lot of money down
3) Because I feel safe in our apartments. We are right in town and we live around a bunch of nice families and no partying/drinking/teenagers

If I could change one thing about how everything has panned out, I would have stayed at my parents when they let us live in their basement a few months after we got married. But no, I had to move in to a big, nice, expensive apartment that isn't worth the money I'm paying for it instead of saving the money. Instead of paying 600 a month we were "renting the basement" for 400 a month and come to find out, my dad was actually saving that 400 every month and was going to give it back to us when we left so we could use it as a down payment. I'm so stupid.

On another note, do you remember when I went through my baby fever phase? I know you do! Well, I have completely lost it. I don't even know what's happened to me! I went from wanting a baby so bad, (or should I say wanting a baby to dress up so bad ;) to having not one bone in my body that itches for a baby. These are the times people get pregnant, when they completely don't want to/don't expect it.. But I'm praying that isn't the case here.

I think part of me thought that because I was married that that is just what came next, but then I also have to realize I'm only 20, so I have a long time to have babies! So, I have my appointment ready and I am more than excited to go get that stick of birth control in my arm, no lie. Unfortunately, my doctor is "high demand" so the next appointment was availible in December--BUT I'm going to be calling the doctor Monday to see if anything has opened!

On a better note, I'm starting back with my personal trainer. I made a big boo boo by quitting and this time I am NOT going to do that, and to keep me from doing that I'm going to pay ahead rather than per work-out, ha! I have really let myself get to the point where I am completely unhappy, and not being comfortable in your own body is one of the worst feelings I think I have ever had. I may not be "fat" or whatever your definition of it is, but I look in the mirror and I am completely disgusted with myself. For the first time ever, on the past beach trip I wouldn't even take my shirt off to lay out because I was so uncomfortable.

I remember at one point wanting to leave because I felt so out of place with every skinny girl with an amazing body staring at me. I have gained 30 lbs since Michael and I started dating, that is INSANE! Yay, for having someone who can eat chocolate and fried food 24-7 and his weight gain goes right to MY body. So gross.


DL on the Tomlin's

Ay yi yi
I have been so tired lately, I sleep all the time!
Michael got a job at a restraunt here as a waiter until he finds something "better", he says.
He's in training this week, and hopefully it goes well and brings in some cash flow ;)
Luckily, we're doing okay right now with money! God changed the season for us quickly,
but he did everything but abandon us. Although sometimes it felt like that was happening.
During this time, we have gotten even closer than we were!
We have gotten to spend so much time together, which sometimes could cause sticky situations since we aren't used to being around one another so often, ha!
We had only spent THREE, yes three, Saturday's together since we have been together.
Is that crazy or what!?
Not anymore :)
Anyways, I figured i'd do a quick little update since i've been a slacker lately :/
Happy Wednesday!


Fall? Not so much.

Fall is 'supposedly' here,
Even though it's in the 90's all week here.
I am SO ready for fall! Not Winter, Fall.
What's it like where you are? Hmph.


Look whose getting big..


Remember this?

Or this?

6 pounds.

Only 2 months later..

23 pounds.

These pictures don't do how HUGE he has gotten justice, but he is still sweeter than ever! It also doesn't show the adorable brown zig-zag going down his tail or how wrinkley he really is! He is one huge wrinkle. He's a slobbery, playful, wrinkley, big 'ole baby!

And he loves his brother and sister :]

Happy Monday!


Birthday Bash Giveaway!

photo credit

Danielle over at The Design Girl Studio is doing a birthday bash giveaway for her birthday!

I love this giveaway because I am in love with/obsessed (whatever you want to call it;) with my pups and I really want to win my babygirl, XOE, a cute cute collar!

So go enter in the giveaway :)


I'm back! + anniversary pictures [finally!]

I think my life is finally slowing down a little, so back to the blogger world I go :]

So much has been going on with Mikey's job situation, getting back home and back to work from vacations, and then my parent's turning around and leaving for San Antonio right after and getting back today!

I'm so glad they're back, I love my family so much! My mom shopped lots in San Antonio and brought my sister and I back sooo much stuff, I am so thankful! Not to mention, my mom has lost SO much weight the past year and has had a little [much needed] shopping spree for herself over the past few weeks and she is looking and rockin' it all fabulously! ;)

Okay, so now for the pictures + stories you have all been waiting for from our one year anniversary vacation!!

Yes, That is Demi Lovato you see in my pictures below! and YES that is the Jonas brothers! I only got one blurry picture of Kevin, but I got lots of videos, so I will try to upload those in a seperate post.

But the story goes like this.. We just HAPPENED to be staying at the Hilton across from the Ocean Center, the concert place, and it was the weekend of the American Music Festival and Usher stayed a few rooms down from us and we saw him [the picture of the bus are his dancers] I met Demi Lovato, so sweet and gorgeous! I also have videos of the insane craziness when we saw the Jo Bros! We waited out by their bus [with 900 security guards and every other teenage girl in America] and finally they came out! I touched kevin, HELD NICKS HAND, and saw Joe! Can you tell their my faves? Didn't think so ;)

Anyways, enjoy!


MIA + bad news.

I am alive, I swear!
We went on our anniversary getaway and got back monday night, and ever since then sooo much has went on! I will start my anniversary recaps tonight.
Work has been SO busy because I left Wednesday, and work was closed Thursday-Monday for the holiday weekend and my parents went to the beach too, therefore we have been slammed and I'm still getting caught up on sleep + i've had a sore throat and not felt good.
My dad left Tuesday to go to San Antonio for work, and mom is leaving to meet him there today! So it's just the three of us fending for our own this afternoon and tomorrow and praying things go extra smoothly!
Like I said, I will do my anniversary recaps tonight (sorry in advance for many seperate posts) but for now I want to share something with you, because we need your prayer.
Michael went in to work Tuesday and worked the work day, and as he was on his way out the door to come home his boss called him in his office and told him they were going to have to "let him go." He was let go on good terms, but it still isn't good for our family.
Michael and I have a strong relationship, and we are fine, but we have rent to pay, bills to pay, three dogs, etc. so we really need your prayer during this time.
We asked for a new season, and we got new season alright!
Trying to stay positive so please pray. We know the Lord has bigger+better plans for us. :)
"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19


Florida Bound!

Yep, that's right!

We woke up early this morning [5AM to be exact] and left our apartment around 7AM heading out the door for Ormond Beach!

It's 5:18 Florida time [4:18 Alabama time] right now and we are set to arrive at about 7:00!

We are soo excited! I drove from 7-11 and Michael has drove until now and we will soon be switching so I can drive the rest of the way.

I've never been on a trip that my family hasn't been on, because for our honeymoon everyone left and we took on the beach by ourselves and rode back alone. But I have never not been with them! My parents are actually going to Destin, Florida and are leaving tomorrow and my little sister went out of town with her friend Lily today until Monday or Tuesday.

Anyways, pictures to come later- but for now I must go drive :]

Ps. Please keep my friend Erin and her family in your prayers. Erin has a bassett hound named Jake and he is her baby! He is 9 years old and earlier this week they found out he had cancer and was going to have to be put down. Erin is really heartbroken and I know how tough this is. Please prayer for comfort and that she knows she has done the right thing for sweet Jake. Thank you!

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