healthy kick update #1

okay, yesterday i told you about my eating healthy plan that i started yesterday! and i told you i would come back and tell you if i had results. well, notice i didn't come back... but i did in fact have results!

nothing huge, but i guess in less than 24 hours it definately counts :)

yesterday i weighed in and had lost 1 pound in less than 24 hours!
today i weighed in and i had lost another pound!
so in two days, i have lost two pounds! which i am very excited about!

i have been counting calories like a mad woman, but it's working!
and me and michael walked the park on sunday, and yesterday & today we walked around our neighborhood twice :)

so, not only am i losing the pounds, but also feeling better.. and sore.

and is it just me or is the time change really kicking anyone else in the hiney? i know we only lost that one hour of sleep, but it feels like it's harder to wake up every morning. but hopefully it won't be freezing or raining soon so i can walk in the mornings too! who knows, maybe i'll kick this thing in to full speed and join the gym ;)

goodnight bloggers♥


Mateya said...

Good for you! The time change is totally kicking me in the hiney that is for sure! I have been dragging so bad lately!

whitney said...

thanks! gosh girl, so have i. and my dad was like "whitney.. you only lost one hour" haha but i feel as if i've lost a whole week! ha! and it also gets light later in the mornings so it's wayyy hard! how's waiting on your honey to get home going!? :)

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