Night Terrors

This morning when we woke up everything was fine. I didn't fall back asleep from waking up with the dogs until a little before Michael woke back up for work, so he got up and I was in the bed with the dogs by myself.

Sometimes I dream about my jaw being locked, and when I wake up it really hurts. That's so weird to me! I don't want to know IRL but in my dreams I know having your jaw locked up is a bad experience. My poor mom is so nervous of the dentist that her jaw locks up everytime she goes!(When she was little and had problems with her teeth a certain doctor messed her up, and she has been afraid ever since!)

Anyways, back to the real night terror.

I've never called it a 'night terror' before, but this was no nightmare, after I woke up I still felt like I was dreaming, and I'm still shaken up.

I was asleep while Michael was getting ready, and I dreamed that My mom, Hanna, Lily, some baby boy, and Pookie, Howard [2 of moms dogs] and Capo I think were in the car in the road, and all the sudden this thing that looks like this

(which is weird I found a picture because it was just like that! See that blue light? change that to red!) came down from the sky looking like it was about to crash, but it swooped around and pointed that (in the picture, blue) red light at our car and started taking pictures of us, but it was on my side taking pictures of me. It was a lot smaller than this picture, but it was the same shape.

Hanna, Lily, and me went inside (I don't know where, someones house) and looked out and it was coming a huge storm. That 'thing' was now at the door of the house trying to take pictures of us or me, and I remember I kept saying 'Why does it want to take pictures of me!? Have I done anything wrong!? What is that!?'

Then I looked out the window and it looked like a red eyeball was drawn in to the sky, and then I looked to the left and there was another eye. Then I looked into a wider view of the sky, and that 'thing' had drawn an entire face in the sky. The only comparison I have of the man in the sky, is Santa. I know that sounds funny, but it was scary. I don't know who it was. I say Santa because the drawing had a white beard. But it was scary, very scary.

(Still dreaming) I was so scared saying 'we have to get back in the car with mom! get all the dogs!' (I never remember getting out of the car)

And then I woke up. Towards the end of the dream I could feel my self sub-consciously thinking 'This has to be a dream' and in my dream I know I was scared Jesus was coming back. I've had a lot of dreams about Jesus coming back, but it's always been storming in the dreams I have had, and they have always scared me. In my dream I kept saying 'This has to be a dream. I'm not ready!' Which I know I have so much to work on before I am ready for the Kingdom, but I know I will be there. I'm growing and will continue to.

Anyways, I woke up and I looked around our room for a second, literally one second, and hopped up and ran to look for Michael. He was in the bathroom getting ready for work when I opened the door and he said 'Hey baby' and I burst into tears. He kept saying 'Baby what's wrong what happened!?' and I couldn't speak. I was shaking and felt like I was about to throw up everywhere. I told him the story and he kept telling me it was okay and it was just a dream and that I'm okay. I started dry heaving and ran to the toilet and dry heaved and thought I was going to throw up, it was awful. I cried for probably ten more minutes and he walked me in our room and I turned the light on and laid down.

I asked him to take the curtain down so I could see that it was light and sunny out and not dark and scary. He brought me a cold water and prayed over me, and also got my favorite worship CD and put it in the DVD player so I can listen to it (and I still am listening.)

I am so thankful for him!

I know the enemy tries to attack me in my dreams because I have so many prophetic dreams that mean something real and something amazing. There is no doubt the enemy put that dream in my mind, and while it was the scariest dream I have ever had, I'm not letting him control me.

So this is to you, Satan,
Nice try buddy! Guess what!? I have Jesus on my side! Jesus has control over me now bud! I will no longer allow you to come near me! I send you back to the pit of hell where you belong in the name of Jesus! Because you know what!?


One step closer..

..to being debt free!

You guys know we have made a decision to not buy a house until our debt is paid off (I can't wait!) and an even more insane decision to have our debt paid off by January 1, 2011.

That's a pretty far fetched goal, but we can do it- and we're going to! Thankfully, our debt is only 5k. Which is by no means 'pocket change' but it's also not as much as most people I know who are in debt. In fact, I don't personally know anyone who (if they are in debt) are in debt by only 5k. I realize when we buy a house we will be 'in debt.' a select few have been constant to remind us, but that's all we want to be in debt over. Our own home.

The cutting up of the MasterCard will take place today! Tears may possibly be shed?

We sold some things, and paid off our MasterCard with it [in two days]! We had four bills in all that have to be paid off, so we're down one with three more to go! And we will have our second bill paid off in probably two or three weeks.

I am SO proud of us! But we couldn't have done it without prayer and LOTS of Jesus.

Lesson #1 of being married:

As Dave Ramsey says 'Sell things! It's not like you can't go buy it when you actually have the money to.'

Oh Dave, such a wise man! And if it weren't for my parents buying us the Audio CD's and DVD's, we wouldn't have buckled down so fast! Our problem isn't really that we haven't had money for the things we want, but that we (I) have this brilliant idea to 'just put it on the card' so we don't have to 'use the money right now' knowing in the long haul, if we don't pay it off within a year- interest will kill us.

Thank thank thank thank THANKfully, we haven't and WON'T reach the point to crazy interest fees. :)

According to Dave Ramsey, we [everyone] spend 23% more money when we are using a card, rather than if we were using cash. He was saying, when you have a card and you go to buy stuff you're like 'oh just put it on the card!' because you don't really have to see what you're spending, etc. But when you have cash, and you go somewhere, it's like you don't even want to spend anything because you have some sort of attachment with the cash. Because it's right in front of you, and like he said 'Uncle Benjamin becomes part of the family!' and I have noticed this is very true!

Think about it! I encourage everyone to get the Dave Ramsey DVD's. Even if you aren't in debt, he talks about better budgeting, etc.

Happy Friday, Dolls!




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American Eagle - Size 8 - $5 SOLD!

Okay, Facebook is not my friend right now due to it not letting me upload any of my pictures! Only in time of need does it do this to me. Such a shame.

Anyways, I'm going to upload all the pictures of all the stuff I'm selling so my friends can look through my blog and for you guys! I'm selling lots of American Eagle/Free People for cheap. You do what you can to beat debt. Right, Dave Ramsey?
If any of you guys don't live within driving distance and want to buy, I will ship it to you! Shipping price just determines on the weight of the package [USPS]

(If you're a blogger) just comment on the post for questions or anything else or email me at mrsxtomlin (at) gmail (dot) com, for everyone who knows me IRL just contact me by Facebook/Text :)



Warning: This is another post about my dog. If you're sick of hearing about him, I advise you to look no further.

Last night, Michael & I [and all our babies] were watching Dave Ramsey's 'Dumping Debt' while eating popcorn and cheetos. Everything was all well and good until our newest addition, Capo, slipped off the bed.

Capo isn't allowed to sleep in the bed, as that was one of the rules of Michael caving for the third pup. Which is okay, because Capo only likes to cuddle during nap time, not bed time. He has a bed and a pallet in the floor that he likes to sleep on since he's pretty hot natured.

Well, I felt bad for just making him sit in the floor, so I sat him up there with us and he was getting comfy [right on the edge of the bed] and he slipped off face first. Luckily, we don't have a frame on our bed right now- therefore, it's just 3 mattresses tall. That's pretty high for an 8-week old puppy.

The second he slipped off he started crying.. and it didn't stop! He was moaning and crying and squealing and I looked down and he wasn't moving. I said 'He's hurt.. He's HURT! HE'S HURT!!!!' By this time I've bursted into tears thinking my dog broke his neck. THANKFULLY, HE DIDN'T! Michael picked him up and he screamed louder, and it was his arm. We were for sure he broke his arm.

It was so sad, I felt so terrible for him! I called my mom hysterical, of course, and she told me to call the vet and I'd be connected with an on-call nurse. We decided it wasnt broken, that it was probably dislocated (at the shoulder it seemed) and taking him in last night wasn't going to make a difference, so we waited 'til this morning.

The doctors and my mom said puppies heal very fast, and it's their first instinct to heal themselves as best they can. He kept trying to walk, but cried, but didn't want to sit still [until I rubbed his belly to sleep!:)] and we think he popped it back into place himself. Whew!

This morning he was being himself again and I was thrilled to see it! Michael prayed over him and everyone else prayed too!

I'm SO thankful for such caring vets, for a husband who made a pallet in the floor with me and Capo and the entire family slept in the floor to comfort him, and so thankful for my Mom being there everytime I need her!

Capos Capos- Mum mums lovers you. Please don't scare me again.

I know I talk way to much about my dogs, but they are my babies! Hopefully you understand :)



This week is Handy Fest here in Florence, which consists of lots and lots of music [W.C. Handy] downtown, eating, hanging out, women dressing and acting like they are nineteen, and nineteen year old drunk girls dressing and acting like sluts, the works-right? Of course.

I enjoy Handy Fest, but it's just a wee bit crowded for me! And I cannot stand seeing girls dress like strippers and act like fools. Ick!

When I was in high school I liked it more I suppose, but since I graduated I have become much more of a homebody. And even more so since I got married. Is that bad? I think it's mostly because Michael works so much and it's rare we have a day together, so I just like to BE with him. We have fun no matter where we go or what we do! Another reason, is because when I went through the only 'rebellious' (which wasn't even that rebellious) stage in my life, I moved in with a boyfriend, which only lasted a few months. That entire time I knew I was in the wrong, so when I made the choice to leave that and come back home, I just wanted to be with my family all the time, and it hasn't changed!

I've had a hard time adjusting to not living with my parents anymore, which you're probably thinking 'she's married and almost 21 years old, that's sad' and to some it may be. But I have gotten a lot better, and I think Michael can agree with me! I was blessed to have gotten a man who realizes leaving daddy is a hard thing, and being there all the times I've cried 'just wanting to go home.'

I love being married, and I love us having our own 'family' (babies soon!!:) but it was a tough road getting so comfortable with it, and I am so thankful I am here now!

Back on track, I like to go out-sometimes! My idea of a good night is getting ready, eating out, hanging around the town/movie, bedtime. Am I lame or what? Guess so.

My sister-in-law Rachel, who just turned 19-starts her night at like 10:00. I am in the bed by eleven, or atleast winding down. How do you do that!? Believe it or not, I think I used to be that way, but it seems so long ago. Now days, I wonder WHY I wanted to stay out so late? WHY would I want to risk losing sleep!?

The world will never know.


Capo Dr. Update

As you know, Capo went to his first doctors appointment this afternoon! We [and all of you--thank you!] were praying for a healthy puppy.. annnnnddddd-- we have ourselves an 8week old, chunky, wrinkley, 5.10lb healthy puppy!

The doctors fell in love with Capo [who wouldn't!?] and said he is VERY healthy and will probably grow to be between 40 & 50 pounds when he is older. I can't wait to see what he looks like when he is big!

Although Capo is healthy, he did have round worms and hook worms in his stomach. I am more than grossed out, but he has went poo three times since we got home and those babies are coming out! She said it is perfectly normal, worms are something a momma pup passes on to her puppies, so sweet of her right? He had to get his hiney temp taken, a thing shoved up his hiney for worms, a pill shoved down his throat, and a shot. Long day for the poor boy!

We took all three dogs to the vet with us. We had just picked Z up from getting his hair done, and Xoe had to have her nails done, so they all came!

Afterwards we went to Petco to buy Capo his first toy, some dog food, and nametag, etc. Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy!

Z after his haircut

New toy!

Sleepy Capo after a long day! (with his new tag!)

I told you we had a long day, Michael caught us snoozin'!

And of course, I have to put in a picture of Mikey and Princess Xoe!

P.s. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Thursday Shmursday.

All my normal followers know, but in case you didn't, Thursday is Michael's off day! Most of the time Thursdays are slow for us so I get off early and get to be with him. Thank goodness! Michael works everyday BUT Thursday & Sunday [and normally has appointments on Thursdays] so I love getting off to go spend time with him.

Today isn't too busy at work- so pray I get to leave ;)

Sweet Capo [The new dog, I know-I know, I talk like they're humans] slept until 4:30 this morning, then with a little reassurance I was still there, he went right back to sleep until 7:00. I love that! Such a good pup. Although he had pooped in the floor, gross. But he's very good about going everytime we go out.

The joys of training an 8week old pup.

I dropped Zekey off for his hair appointment this morning at 9, so Michael is spending the morning with Capo and Xoe, off work early hopefully, lunch with my sweet hubs, picking Z up at 3, taking him home to be with X, and then taking C to his first doctor's appointment and buying him baby toys and a name tag!

Please pray Capo has a good appointment. I always seem to attract puppies who need hundreds of dollars of work done, that's what I get for rescuing every dog I see, ha!

We've checked, and we see no worms/fleas, so pray he is very healthy!
Capo says thank you :)



Here are some pictures of our new baby pup :)
In person, He looks like a Shar-Pei/Bulldog Mix.
Love hims little nose!

Welcome to the family!

Last night we welcomed our THIRD [and last] puppy to the family!

A friend text me yesterday [As does everyone when they need a home for an animal] and told me her friend had to give away her 8week old puppy, and if it didn't have a home by last night, it would have to go to the pound-where it would be uthenized in 3-4 days if no one rescued him.

Just a little background on my families rescuing past--We at one time had 6 dogs in our home, all inside dogs! By the amount my mom cleans and how nice their home is-you wouldn't even know one lived there! I have a record of rescuing dogs and bringing them home.. here's the list.

Dexter- [cocker spaniel] Mom's dog before she even met Dad, he passed away when I was little. Joey- [?] Had to be given away because he wanted to be an outside dog and needed a big fence.
Buddy- [Chihuahua] Dad got for mom one Christmas
Howie- [Beagle/?] got at the School Auction
Tiny- [Toy Poodle] Got at the school Auction
Oreo- [Border Collie/?] ..You guessed it! School Auction!
PeePee- [Rat Terrior/?] Katy and I went to 'look' at the pound. WHY!? Well the pound was closed on Sunday-but someone had put PeePee in a cage outside and just left him. Sooooooo I scooped him up!
Pookie- [? Mix..gorgeous!] 75lb baby! We found him on Hanna's birthday, someone had just dumped him on the side of the road.
Xoe- [BEAUTIFUL mix!] I bought her, she was so sick she almost died! Mom and Dad saved her! They also told me she was part teacup chihuahua, and wouldn't be more than 5 pounds. Ummmm no, ....25lbs later....
Zeke- [Yorkie] Michael bought him from a customer for me because he knew I ALWAYS wanted a little yorkie. He's full bred and 5.8lbs :)

These are all the dogs I've had in my lifetime!
Zekey & Xoe live with us.
Howie, Oreo, PeePee & Pookie live with mom and dad [the rest have passed over the years, and the most we've had at one time is 6]

Animal lover, much? I think, yes.

All of my friends come to me when a dog needs a home and I find it a home, but this one I just couldn't pass up! So I begged and pleaded with Michael for an hour. He told me [even though he didn't want a 3rd dog, but loves him] that he couldn't sleep in the bed, and that I have to help--Haha!] And I let him name the pup.. it was the least I could do =)

Thankfully, other than crying every 2 hours, he did good! He is adorable and he pees outside! AND he doesn't like our bed, he likes his bed on the floor. AND AND please pray the transition goes smoothly!

Hims has his first dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon :) [shots, etc :(]

Name: Capo Gibson [capo- thing you put on the guitar to make the pitch higher] [gibson- the guitar michael wants]
Breed: Shar-pei/Lab
Age:8weeks old
Color:White with brown tips on his ears and feet!


Jesus makes me laugh!

So, my little sister and I were at her house today and we were just sitting in her room talking about how her and her friends had faith that Jesus would do these insane things for them. What they like to do, is stick objects to the wall and have faith that Jesus is going to make it stick to the wall. Random objects.

I watched a video where Hanna's friend was sticking buttons, forks, knives, etc. to the wall! She put it on the wall, in the door frame, and commanded it to stay in the name of Jesus- and it did! I think I peed myself just a little, to be honest!

So I made my sister do it. Right in front of my eyes, and it worked! So, I saw her do it and thought "Okay, He did it for her- why wouldn't He do it for me?" and it stuck!

We used change as our choice of object, and let me tell you-I have never been so excited about something!

Here are some pictures in the order that I tested out the waters!

This is the first penny Jesus stuck to the wall for me!

Next, I got a little risky and stuck one peice of change under each of my fingers, commanded it to stay in the name of Jesus, and backed off!

THEN I got extremely daring and went for the top of the door frame! Jesus was sure showing out tonight! ;)

Then I just started sticking lots of change! After I did this, I said "Jesus is so silly, He makes me laugh!" Immediately some of the change fell, and left this..

..A smiley face! If you didn't already know, our God has a huge sense of humor!

Then I got a little excited if you can't tell!

Gives me the giggles just thinking about it!

Goodnight, Loves!


Zoe Montana

You are such a sweetie and we had a blast with you this weekend!

You're 19 months old and sweet as can be! Such a smiler! Everywhere we went you reached for everyone and waved hi and bye.

You said puppy, mama, bye, light, and thank you!

Michael and I love you to death, [along with your siblings and Haven] and pray many many blessing on your life. You are such a sweet girl, and we can't wait to keep you again!

We love you, Zoe Montana!



..I haven't blogged since Wednesday! Sorry!

Thursday was Michael's off day so we spent the day together because I got off work a little after eleven :] We went to Chili's for dinner and just spent time with one another!

Yesterday, Mom gave me the day off so I could clean her house, haha! I would much rather clean the house then go to work :] I was done by 12:15 or so and then I went to get Zoe from the splash pad with her Nonna, Haven, Chloe and friends! She spent the night with us last night, she's 19 months! She is such a smiley baby! And she is just precious. Michael is attached to say the least.. He LOVES her!

We went to Logan's for dinner last night and we had the waiter going that she was our child. Why not? It was fun pretending to be parents! We woke up this morning at about 8 and Michael made us both some Oatmeal and then he got ready for work! I fed Zoe and then we took Michael to work since his car is at work and came back and turned on Hannah Montana and Zoe has been out like a light ever since!

I'm going to lay down while she's sleeping and while Zeke and Xoe -with an X- are laying down :)

Happy Saturday, Loves!


Mikeys 22nd Birthday dinner

Tonight we went to my parents' house for Michael's birthday dinner! They ordered Ricebox for all of us and it was SO yummy! Here are some pictures :)

The Birthday Boy!

His presents from me and my parents!

His birthday cupcakes :)

Opening/Showing off his gifts

-2 Polos from my parents
-2 American Eagle V-Necks from me
-1 Pair of American Eagle Flops
-1 Certificate for another pair of TOMS, so he can pick them out :)

Trying on his gifts

My parent's puppies that got to join the party :)


Today is a very special day!
It's Michael's birthday!


Mikey! You are the best husband I could have ever asked for and I love you more than anything! It's hard to believe it's already been a year since I surprised the lady gaga out of you and threw you a surprise birthday party! [He told me when we first started dating, "No one has ever been able to surprise me"] I am more than blessed to have you being a part of my life-not only that, but forever! The time has passed so quickly and I am looking forward to spending everyday of the rest of my life with you!


THANK YOU for being so kind, and so giving in our marriage, I hope I am able to make your birthday special today and I hope it's fab! Thank you for appreciating me and most importantly LOVING me!

I'm lovin' you right back darlin'



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