another beautiful day in our neighborhood:)

today i went and picked up the other clip and headband that i have had on hold.. i buy accessories TOO much. but they're just so cute! i love this one :) michael is rockin' it for you guys so you can see JUST how cute it is.. an how cute my husband is too ;)

can't you tell he is thoroughly enjoying it?

so tonight michael got to come home ON TIME! unbelievable right? :) i was ecstatic! hopefully God will be opening up other [better] doors sooner than later, which i think he IS. but it's all in HIS timing.

we just enjoyed the night together. i wanted to go watch "jason and mollys wedding"[bachelor] but i just wasn't feeling it tonight. i just wanted to stay in with michael, so that's exactly what we did :) and i loved it!

while i was sitting here about to write my blog i asked michael if he wanted to listen to some fervent worship [our churches worship band, click here to listen to their music!] he said yes, of course. so i turned it on and almost immediately God started speaking to me. the song came on where micah kept saying "release your fire from Heaven..." and while he was saying that i kept hearing "revival is coming, revival is coming" and i just started to draw [something i can NOT do] but i knew only me and God would see it [willingly] so that's okay by me.

when i started to draw i started drawing buildings and roads, with a yellow and red rainbow overlooking the city. the only building i knew what it was was the COURTHOUSE.

and guess what..

it's downtown florence! [where our church is]
red: symbolizes action, fire, charity, spiritual awakening. it also glorifies the sun and the joy of life and love. In the Christian symbolism, it denotes Holy Spirit.
yellow: is a symbol of light & purity.

[this is from a website my friend moriah showed me that she uses.]

how amazing is that?
and to top it all off..

michael said a guy [not from here] came to the ark [our church] and said that revival was coming and court street was going to play a role in it.

do you know what's on court street?

ding ding ding..

zeee courthouse.




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