just a little catching up :)

sitting inside on a beautiful day, with husband at work until 6:00 tonight. that's exactly what i'm doing right now! BOO.

ugh. i'm so ready for new doors to be opened and getting a little but impatient. but i know it's all the THE plan :) so i guess i'll just have to deal. haha.

i lost TWO more pounds! after not losing/gaining anything for about five days i finally lost 2 more lbs. which totals me up at 10lbs for now :] which of course, you know, i am more than happy about! my luck, i would get preggers right after i lost weight, and have no time at all to be skinny! haha. hopefully not :)


i'm more than sorry i hadn't blogged in a few days. since i have started selling avon i have been working on that a lot :) this campaign ends on monday, so go submit your orders to www.youravon.com/wtomlin and thank you for those who already have! i am so happy to be selling, and doing better than i thought i was going to do makes it even more fun!

i'm off to be lazy on this pretty saturday :]

tootlie loo!


Brianna! said...

I sure have been missing you in the blogging world. so welcome back:)

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