bummed about the bachelor

i dont know about you, but i am not happy with jakes decision. personally i don't think she is that pretty, but that's just me! [and not saying only date someone because what's on the outside] but with that being said, was she even pretty on the inside? maybe i'm missing something. i know, i know, she was always a doll towards jake but something about that sassy attitude [coming from someone with a sassy attitude, whoops!] just gets to me. i know you should look at someones heart and not always listen to the stuff others are saying--but when it comes from 24 other girls.. something is wrong. and of course, jake WOULD be on DWTS. whatever, i wish them the best!
as you know by now, ali is the next bachelorette! i'm not too sold on this idea yet. i like ali, she was my favorite [after tenley] and i honestly thing had she not left, jake would have picked her. but as much as i love her, i don't think she deserves to be the next bachelorette. she chose to leave. yes, she had two VERY hard things to chose from. but, if she believed she was really in love then she should have trusted that "love" and stayed. so she got jake for as long as she could, she went back home with a job, and she gets to be the next bachelorette? that doesn't set right with me. but.. i do love her :)

tenley! my favorite since [seriously] she stepped out of the limosine. she is so kind and so sweet. she was never in confrontation, always laughing, and until the VERY last date, jake never mentioned wrong reason as to why the answer wasn't tenley. personally, i think she should have been the next bachelorette--but as my husband said, they MAY have asked her and she said no. i don't know though.. but look at her! she's precious, absolutely precious!

these two lovebirds are still going strong! :) i loved her. i think she is so cute, so so cute- along with her little canadian accent! but at the time i have to admit, i was pulling for jake.. but look at them now-- they look adorable next to one another. hopefully in the long run i'll see that with vienna and jake too ;) i read an article this morning that said ed was pulling for vienna and jillian was pulling for tenley.

what do you guys think?
who were you rooting for & why?



Leah's Mommy said...

I completely agree with you! Jake kept stressing how Tenley was "so perfect" not just in general, but also for him. So then why didn't he pick her?! It doesn't make sense. And they should of asked Tenley to be on DWTS, not Jake!

whitney said...

i know! the only thing he ever had to say about vienna was sexual. he always said "i'm so physically attracted to her but that may be the problem because i want EMOTIONAL." and her beauty is only skin deep. but tenley was precious in every way! not only that.. but they look so perfect together! and i never even thought about her being on dwts. she definately should have. im surprised they didn't pick her for anything. makes me sad :(

btw, thanks for following me! your blog is so precious! how did you do all that and make it so cute!? and your little girl is such a cutie. you're all gorgeous!

Leah's Mommy said...

Aww thank you! You are too sweet!! I am looking forward to reading your blog!

If you go to scrapblog.com, they have tons of designs that are free or you can purchase or you can design your own from scratch. Then go to any of the background websites to match your header. Hope that helps!

whitney said...

okay thanks :) one more thing, how did you get your tweets on there?

Lovely Brianna said...

COMPLETELY 100% agree...but in Vienna's defense she was SUPER sweet with Jake, BUT I definitely think he Missed out on TENLEY!

She has the best personality of anyone Ive ever seen!

whitney said...

she is a sweetie :)!

Leah's Mommy said...

I believe if you go to Twitter.com and go to their settings or options, there should be an option where you can add your Twitter on your blogger. Then you just copy and paste the code!

whitney said...

okay thanks so much :) i went to that scrapblog and [thought] i was making a thing for my page.. but i dont think i was! :(

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