so i haven't blogged in a few days :( BUT i'm here now :)

and i'm going to continually remind myself that you're my blogger family and not my husbands annoying friends while i type this :) [at the moment they think its cute to send him 184 text messages. yes, 184.] and i am more than annoyed at his phone beeping 184 times over & over.

we were pretty chill this weekend :]
saturday.. we went and got matching tattoos!

these weren't our first tattoos. this was my 5th and michaels 6th. their addicting! i got my first one when i was 18 and i just turned 20 in november and already have 5! sheesh. anyways, we wanted to get something meaningful so i came up with this idea, and he was all for it!


michael decided to get his on his right arm [forearm]

and i got mine on my left wrist

do you LOVE them!?

in case you're wondering what this stands for it's roman numerals for 9-5-2009 which is september 5, 2009.. our wedding day!

i have a mean headache and so does mikey, so off to lay down i go!
i hope you lovelies had a great weekend! it went by TOO fast, come on friday!



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