top two tuesday; random things about YOU!

eeek it's tuesday again and you know what that means! mhmm. hop on over to the undomestic momma and get your party panties on! :)

top two random things about whitney :]

there are so many things i could say! and i'm pretty sure, all who know me would agree that most of the things i do are pretty... silly [& random] :) so.. here we go!

1. i'm afraid of being pale. this is NO joke. i feel so much more prettier, and even happier when i'm tan. even though i'm very dark complected anyways. thanks MOM! if you know me, you know i'm always saying "am i pale?" it's kinda extremely weird.. so sorry if you have to put up with that ...michael :)

2. i'd love to say i'm always a lover but then i'd be telling you stories! i think michael can vouche when i say i can be a bit sassy & fiesty. i'm definately a fighter. when me and my older sister were younger we used to fight like boys. me and my sisters go big or go home. and one time, kelley and i were arguing over clothes and it turned in to a full out brawl. and i stabbed her with a pencil. eeeek true story.

hope these made ya laugh! go participate! :]


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