wild wednesday: the beach!

okay so as you know i started my very first 'blog hop' and i am so stoked to see people participating! thank you soo much! and if you haven't, you should join in on the fun! :) all you have to do is tell us what you're wild about today and use this picture i created especially for the 'hop' :) it can be anything and everything! so, here we go.. wild wednesday #1 :]

today i'm wild about..
the beach!

[this is actually where we got married, but in the sand :)]

eeek! i'm itching to be at the beach right now! we're in the process of planning a beach trip for june & taking my precious sister in law tiffani, and her boyfriend bobby! i'm super excited. of course, i'm a beach girl. BUT tiff has never been to the beach. crazy right? i can't wait to show her the beach. not only that, but the drive there will be totally fun, and the [hopefully] 8 day/7 night stay, we've already planned to let the boys grill for us one night, and cook for them another.. etc. etc. too too excited! it will also give me a chance to spend time with my sister in law [she's 16] and michael a chance to get to know his little sisters boyfriend [i think he's 17] a bit better :]

come join in on the fun love!
what're you wild about!?


Alex(andra) said...

Ahh! I'm so jealous you have a beach at least sorta-nearby. One of the drawbacks of living in Kansas. =)

whitney said...

haha sorta is about 8 hours away... but i can deal!

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