that vacay was TOO short.

isn't he sexy? good gracious! it's okay, i think he is too ;)
grr baby.
so you know that feeling where you have been on vacation all week? and the ride home is like.. "ugh, back to reality. lame" the entire way home?

yeah well i'm feeling that way right now. minus the vacation thing, even though that would have been nice :]

this weekend.. well, [friday night, saturday night, and sunDAY/night] was like my mini vacay, and this moment in time is like my car ride home. i looooove weekends. not only because i don't have to work, but because i get to go on dates with michael, and sunday's we get to do whatever we want all day! no work, no meetings, no appointments, no calls, no NOTHING. just me. just me and my mikey. and now that it's sunday night i'm sitting here saying "ugh, back to reality. lame." i know i'm not the only person in the world whose husband has to work everyday but sunday! haha, but please excuse my venting!


we went on little dates friday & saturday night, and then today we woke up around 10:30 and went walking [after michael made me an english muffin and brought it to me in bed!] around the neighborhood for about two miles. then we came inside and ate lunch a little later and took a much needed nap! we slept very much too late and i took a shower, dried & flat ironed my hair in 45 minutes. that is insane! then we went to the tanning bed and went to church with miss brianna & her michael.

i have no words for that church service, good message but silly people!
in my husbands words "oh well, they love Jesus. whatever" ha!

afterwards we went grocery shopping and spent too much money. i could have bought that adorable free people dress i wanted for easter easily. which i would have rather done :)

but now it's time for me to go to bed! :] i have to be at work at nine in the morning AND get my bootwah kicked at 4:30. wish me luck!

have a good monday!


Jenn said...

Your husband kind of looks like the lead singer of The All American Rejects! ;)

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