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i love this picture. i hate coffee.

today is so far so GOOD :)
i woke up this morning, late as usual. actually, i didn't wake up late i'm just NOT a morning person and i hate getting up. michael is THE earliest riser on the face of the planet. and for some reason, he never looks tired when he wakes up? but if you know michael, you know he has enough energy to supply us all in case we were ever to run low.

work has been good so far today :]
i've kept myself busy so it's gone by pretty quickly!

please keep my papa in your prayers. he is in the hospital for a UTI which is nothing crazy.. but when you move old people around they get very feeble and confused. my papa will be 93 years old this april. and trust me, he is in fabulous shape for 92! but being in the hospital has caused him to go down a bit in the past few days, so please pray for comfort and peace for him & a quick recovery!
please & thank you :)

he is zee cutest papa ever.

this morning my older sister called my mom [she is getting married in august] and wants me to be on the lookout for some cutsie envelopes for her save the date cards! i can't show you her save the dates until they go out because i don't want to ruin the surprise.

they. are. so. cute.

but i'll show you a few of her engagement photos which were also taken by my FAVORITE.. erica stephens! [click here to go to her photography site]

gorgeous right?

and since i showed you her wedding bling, i must throw mine out there too ;)
[which was also taken by erica]

don't you LOVE it? i know i do. :]
and in case you're wondering, because everyone asks, "I LOVE YOUR RING, DID HE PICK THAT OUT ALL BY HIMSELF!?"

no honey, no he did not. ;)



Erica said...

ok first of all your papa is SO cute! oh my goodness! lol
and you are SO sweet! i love taking pics of your beautiful family LOL :)

whitney said...

hehe isn't he so adorable? his is hilarious too! and such a sweetie. + the biggest alabama fan you will ever meet.. i promise!

and YOU are sweet TOO!:)

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