decision made!

As you see in my last post, we had a big decision to make. And that decision was made over a bowl of fruit loops at lunch this afternoon, WITH my hubby :]

Drum roll pleaaaaaaaaase..

We decided to stay in the adorable/safe/nice apartment we live in now, until we find our first home! I know it may take a little longer to save up the kind of down payment we'd like to have, but we are willing to take that risk, seeing as this is the option we both have 100% peace with. And PEACE is all I need to know if I am making the right decision or not.

Where we live now is the nicest apartment in Florence, close to both of our works, right by the park and the mall, and is the only place I feel 100% safe at, and 100% safe leaving my dogs there when I'm not home. I'm a safety worrier for real.

So for now, and until we buy a home, we are going to enjoy our fabulous apartment and thank Jesus for providing us with what he has and what he is going to provide us with. So, Thank you Jesus for being the ultimate provider and never letting us go without! :)

On another note, our apartment is 1200sq ft. and plenty big for the 2 of us + our furbabies. Two bedrooms to huge bathrooms. And as many of you have asked, when are we going to fill up our second bedroom with something other than dog toys and AVON boxes!?

The answer: Whenever God gives us a baby.

We're enjoying our time together, but not using anything to keep from having a baby. So, 10 months has gone by and it's just not our time yet obviously! Which is more than alright. :]

It's always been a dream of both of ours to adopt, so we decided at the beginning of our marriage, if by our 2 year anniversary, we aren't pregnant- we are going to look in to adoption. Either way, I'm loving now and I will love then too!

And I'm living by this verse!
"He makes all things beautiful in its time." :)
-Ecclesiastes 3:11


Laura said...

So exciting!! We won't be having a baby for a few years (unless God has other plans!) but I love hearing other people are trying for/not preventing a baby! Finding your first house is so much fun - The time will be here before you know it! :)

The Caffeinated Librarian said...

Hi there! Stumbled upon your blog, and I love your design and your content! I will definitely be stopping by again. Blessings to you and your husband!

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