Bun in the oven?

Not yet.

Many of you have asked me when we're going to have kids and what exactly I mean by "letting God decide" when we have kids, ever since I mentioned it in one of my recent posts. So, I'll share with you exactly what I mean! :)

Since Michael and I have been together we have always wanted kids. Everyone says kids come so naturally around us, and that one day we're going to be great parents! I have wanted to be a mom since I was like, 4. I honestly don't remember having a "profession" that I couldn't wait to be [except a famous singer ;)] when I was little, I always wanted to be a mom.

I always had the dolls that looked like real babies, I would save hundreds of dollars at a time to buy them. Baby dolls were what I asked for when I had a birthday, Christmas, etc. I remember the names of my dolls, they had real baby clothes, real diapers, real hair accessories, bibs, pacifiers, bottles, diaper bags, you know- the works for a fake baby. :)

I've always wanted atleast three kids, five tops. Michael wants atleast two, three tops. So I asked him if he could go one higher, and I'll negotiate lower, and we can have four! My mother in-law gave me the look of death when I told her she was going to have four or so grandkids JUST from Michael and I. :)

I have always wanted to adopt my last child, but Michael and I decided before we got married we would start the adoption process after our second anniversary if we still hadn't had a baby/pregnant at the time. We hope to be pregnant by our one year anniversary [which is in two months] or soon after, so we can have a baby by year two.

So here is what I mean..

I don't take birth control, and we don't "prevent" having a baby. Our take on it, is God is going to give us a baby whenever he wants, so why am I going to spend a billion dollars trying to keep it from happening? If i'm on birth control or not, He's going to give us a baby if He wants us to- So it's all up to Him! I believe He is preparing us now, for what is yet to come.

When we shared that idea with my family, they definitely shot it down and let us know that was one of THE craziest ideas we could have ever let enter our minds and out our mouths to share with everyone else. BUT, that's what we feel is right-for us. I mean, obviously it hasn't been our time yet, because we're going on 11 sweet months of marriage and still aren't pregnant--and that's okay! God's timing is the best timing, never too soon and never too late!

So, what I mean when I say "it's up to Him", really means.. It's up to Him!

If you have anymore questions about anything, or just want to talk, I would love for you to email me!
mrsxtomlin (at) gmail (dot) com


Allyson said...

You have a great perspective! And you are right God's timing is perfect!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! I was on the pill, I never missed a day and now am a mommy to my sweet son... God knows what he is doing and his timing is always perfect.

Mrs. Green said...

I love this!! :) This is how I always think and will continue to think. God's plan is PERFECT. Who are we to question it. I know that God will bless you with children when the time is just right!! I agree with ur philsophy 100%!

(p.s love ur blog! B designed mine too! :)

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