This week is Handy Fest here in Florence, which consists of lots and lots of music [W.C. Handy] downtown, eating, hanging out, women dressing and acting like they are nineteen, and nineteen year old drunk girls dressing and acting like sluts, the works-right? Of course.

I enjoy Handy Fest, but it's just a wee bit crowded for me! And I cannot stand seeing girls dress like strippers and act like fools. Ick!

When I was in high school I liked it more I suppose, but since I graduated I have become much more of a homebody. And even more so since I got married. Is that bad? I think it's mostly because Michael works so much and it's rare we have a day together, so I just like to BE with him. We have fun no matter where we go or what we do! Another reason, is because when I went through the only 'rebellious' (which wasn't even that rebellious) stage in my life, I moved in with a boyfriend, which only lasted a few months. That entire time I knew I was in the wrong, so when I made the choice to leave that and come back home, I just wanted to be with my family all the time, and it hasn't changed!

I've had a hard time adjusting to not living with my parents anymore, which you're probably thinking 'she's married and almost 21 years old, that's sad' and to some it may be. But I have gotten a lot better, and I think Michael can agree with me! I was blessed to have gotten a man who realizes leaving daddy is a hard thing, and being there all the times I've cried 'just wanting to go home.'

I love being married, and I love us having our own 'family' (babies soon!!:) but it was a tough road getting so comfortable with it, and I am so thankful I am here now!

Back on track, I like to go out-sometimes! My idea of a good night is getting ready, eating out, hanging around the town/movie, bedtime. Am I lame or what? Guess so.

My sister-in-law Rachel, who just turned 19-starts her night at like 10:00. I am in the bed by eleven, or atleast winding down. How do you do that!? Believe it or not, I think I used to be that way, but it seems so long ago. Now days, I wonder WHY I wanted to stay out so late? WHY would I want to risk losing sleep!?

The world will never know.


onlyhuman13 said...

Ah, this Handy Fest sounds a bit like Country Stampede that happens in my town. Lots and lots of not-so-much clothing and lots of drinking. I stay home. :)

I'm a huge homebody too, even more now that I'm married, so I definitely feel ya there. I'm a 21-year-old college girl who would rather stay in than go to the bars or party. Just don't see the appeal! Home with hubby is so much better. :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

We are soooooooo alike. Crazy! We would rather be home these days :) Ha! Summer is SO busy that having a night or FULL day home is like rariety. Cute post -- makes TOTAL sense!!! Babies soon, eek! I can't wait for you!!

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