Welcome to the family!

Last night we welcomed our THIRD [and last] puppy to the family!

A friend text me yesterday [As does everyone when they need a home for an animal] and told me her friend had to give away her 8week old puppy, and if it didn't have a home by last night, it would have to go to the pound-where it would be uthenized in 3-4 days if no one rescued him.

Just a little background on my families rescuing past--We at one time had 6 dogs in our home, all inside dogs! By the amount my mom cleans and how nice their home is-you wouldn't even know one lived there! I have a record of rescuing dogs and bringing them home.. here's the list.

Dexter- [cocker spaniel] Mom's dog before she even met Dad, he passed away when I was little. Joey- [?] Had to be given away because he wanted to be an outside dog and needed a big fence.
Buddy- [Chihuahua] Dad got for mom one Christmas
Howie- [Beagle/?] got at the School Auction
Tiny- [Toy Poodle] Got at the school Auction
Oreo- [Border Collie/?] ..You guessed it! School Auction!
PeePee- [Rat Terrior/?] Katy and I went to 'look' at the pound. WHY!? Well the pound was closed on Sunday-but someone had put PeePee in a cage outside and just left him. Sooooooo I scooped him up!
Pookie- [? Mix..gorgeous!] 75lb baby! We found him on Hanna's birthday, someone had just dumped him on the side of the road.
Xoe- [BEAUTIFUL mix!] I bought her, she was so sick she almost died! Mom and Dad saved her! They also told me she was part teacup chihuahua, and wouldn't be more than 5 pounds. Ummmm no, ....25lbs later....
Zeke- [Yorkie] Michael bought him from a customer for me because he knew I ALWAYS wanted a little yorkie. He's full bred and 5.8lbs :)

These are all the dogs I've had in my lifetime!
Zekey & Xoe live with us.
Howie, Oreo, PeePee & Pookie live with mom and dad [the rest have passed over the years, and the most we've had at one time is 6]

Animal lover, much? I think, yes.

All of my friends come to me when a dog needs a home and I find it a home, but this one I just couldn't pass up! So I begged and pleaded with Michael for an hour. He told me [even though he didn't want a 3rd dog, but loves him] that he couldn't sleep in the bed, and that I have to help--Haha!] And I let him name the pup.. it was the least I could do =)

Thankfully, other than crying every 2 hours, he did good! He is adorable and he pees outside! AND he doesn't like our bed, he likes his bed on the floor. AND AND please pray the transition goes smoothly!

Hims has his first dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon :) [shots, etc :(]

Name: Capo Gibson [capo- thing you put on the guitar to make the pitch higher] [gibson- the guitar michael wants]
Breed: Shar-pei/Lab
Age:8weeks old
Color:White with brown tips on his ears and feet!


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! He is SOOO cute!! I just want to squeeze him!

LauraLou said...

He is just precious! We only have one dog right now (Paisley) - She's a Bichon/Poodle mix and I love her to pieces. But David's always wanted a Husky because he grew up with 2 of them, so we'll probably end up with one pretty soon. He loves Paisley, but he wants 'his' dog. :) Haha, I guess she's a little to girly for him.

Ria Thurston said...

Cuuuuute! You guys are so sweet to have so many little furbabies :) I wish we liked animals... too bad I am TERRIBLY allergic :( Have fun with sweet little Capo!

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