Warning: This is another post about my dog. If you're sick of hearing about him, I advise you to look no further.

Last night, Michael & I [and all our babies] were watching Dave Ramsey's 'Dumping Debt' while eating popcorn and cheetos. Everything was all well and good until our newest addition, Capo, slipped off the bed.

Capo isn't allowed to sleep in the bed, as that was one of the rules of Michael caving for the third pup. Which is okay, because Capo only likes to cuddle during nap time, not bed time. He has a bed and a pallet in the floor that he likes to sleep on since he's pretty hot natured.

Well, I felt bad for just making him sit in the floor, so I sat him up there with us and he was getting comfy [right on the edge of the bed] and he slipped off face first. Luckily, we don't have a frame on our bed right now- therefore, it's just 3 mattresses tall. That's pretty high for an 8-week old puppy.

The second he slipped off he started crying.. and it didn't stop! He was moaning and crying and squealing and I looked down and he wasn't moving. I said 'He's hurt.. He's HURT! HE'S HURT!!!!' By this time I've bursted into tears thinking my dog broke his neck. THANKFULLY, HE DIDN'T! Michael picked him up and he screamed louder, and it was his arm. We were for sure he broke his arm.

It was so sad, I felt so terrible for him! I called my mom hysterical, of course, and she told me to call the vet and I'd be connected with an on-call nurse. We decided it wasnt broken, that it was probably dislocated (at the shoulder it seemed) and taking him in last night wasn't going to make a difference, so we waited 'til this morning.

The doctors and my mom said puppies heal very fast, and it's their first instinct to heal themselves as best they can. He kept trying to walk, but cried, but didn't want to sit still [until I rubbed his belly to sleep!:)] and we think he popped it back into place himself. Whew!

This morning he was being himself again and I was thrilled to see it! Michael prayed over him and everyone else prayed too!

I'm SO thankful for such caring vets, for a husband who made a pallet in the floor with me and Capo and the entire family slept in the floor to comfort him, and so thankful for my Mom being there everytime I need her!

Capos Capos- Mum mums lovers you. Please don't scare me again.

I know I talk way to much about my dogs, but they are my babies! Hopefully you understand :)


Alex(andra) said...

Aww I saw this last night on twitter!! Poor puppy.. I'm glad he's feeling better though! I love your puppy posts. They're adorable. :)

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