Jesus makes me laugh!

So, my little sister and I were at her house today and we were just sitting in her room talking about how her and her friends had faith that Jesus would do these insane things for them. What they like to do, is stick objects to the wall and have faith that Jesus is going to make it stick to the wall. Random objects.

I watched a video where Hanna's friend was sticking buttons, forks, knives, etc. to the wall! She put it on the wall, in the door frame, and commanded it to stay in the name of Jesus- and it did! I think I peed myself just a little, to be honest!

So I made my sister do it. Right in front of my eyes, and it worked! So, I saw her do it and thought "Okay, He did it for her- why wouldn't He do it for me?" and it stuck!

We used change as our choice of object, and let me tell you-I have never been so excited about something!

Here are some pictures in the order that I tested out the waters!

This is the first penny Jesus stuck to the wall for me!

Next, I got a little risky and stuck one peice of change under each of my fingers, commanded it to stay in the name of Jesus, and backed off!

THEN I got extremely daring and went for the top of the door frame! Jesus was sure showing out tonight! ;)

Then I just started sticking lots of change! After I did this, I said "Jesus is so silly, He makes me laugh!" Immediately some of the change fell, and left this..

..A smiley face! If you didn't already know, our God has a huge sense of humor!

Then I got a little excited if you can't tell!

Gives me the giggles just thinking about it!

Goodnight, Loves!


Kimberly said...

so awesome! thank you for sharing!

whitney said...

I know! Thank you for reading! ;)

Erica said...

hahaha i love you girls!

Alex(andra) said...

Ha!! That's awesome!!

Anne said...

This is so cool. Jesus is amazing!

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