[good] Change in anniversary plans

Michael and I just had our 10 month anniversary yesterday. This being said, We have a ONE YEAR anniversary coming in just two short months!

Don't get me started, I will cry all day I'm sure!

Anyways, we had originally planned a trip to San Antonio, TX but we have had a little change in plans. We've decided to go somewhere a little closer to home, stay just as long, and by doing that- spend less money! I am ALL for this plan. We will go to TX one day, I am sure of that. Just not this year.

We have made a goal to be debt free by January 1, 2011.
That's only SIX months!

We are $5,638.51 in debt. Honestly, that's not a lot. My older sister sold Michael her Altima for only $4,500.00 when she got her new Accord and he NEEDED a car, poor thing. And the Altima is a nice, reliable car! So THAT, plus 2 of my nice little credit cards = debt.

BUT we have made a goal, and we will reach that goal!

After we reach our goal on, or before January 1, 2011 we plan to save up a pretty down payment for our even prettier first house.

It will be worth it and I am so excited!

From now on, we will only be eating out ONCE a week [usually for date night] and working our hineys off.

We're off to a good start-- Michael sold TWO cars in ONE day yesterday! Yeah, baby!


LauraLou said...

That's a great goal! It makes things so much easier and less stressful. We're hoping to pay off hubby's car soon and then we'll be debt free besides our mortgage! :)

Ria Thurston said...

WOO HOO! Wedding Date (almost twin)... Love this plan! We are staying close to home too, but far enough away :) It will be PERFECT!! Duluth, MN - amazing place!! More on this to come... soon and very soon it will be a year. CRAZY! We too are debt free besides the mortgage and Joshy's school loans - SUCH a good feeling!

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