Night Terrors

This morning when we woke up everything was fine. I didn't fall back asleep from waking up with the dogs until a little before Michael woke back up for work, so he got up and I was in the bed with the dogs by myself.

Sometimes I dream about my jaw being locked, and when I wake up it really hurts. That's so weird to me! I don't want to know IRL but in my dreams I know having your jaw locked up is a bad experience. My poor mom is so nervous of the dentist that her jaw locks up everytime she goes!(When she was little and had problems with her teeth a certain doctor messed her up, and she has been afraid ever since!)

Anyways, back to the real night terror.

I've never called it a 'night terror' before, but this was no nightmare, after I woke up I still felt like I was dreaming, and I'm still shaken up.

I was asleep while Michael was getting ready, and I dreamed that My mom, Hanna, Lily, some baby boy, and Pookie, Howard [2 of moms dogs] and Capo I think were in the car in the road, and all the sudden this thing that looks like this

(which is weird I found a picture because it was just like that! See that blue light? change that to red!) came down from the sky looking like it was about to crash, but it swooped around and pointed that (in the picture, blue) red light at our car and started taking pictures of us, but it was on my side taking pictures of me. It was a lot smaller than this picture, but it was the same shape.

Hanna, Lily, and me went inside (I don't know where, someones house) and looked out and it was coming a huge storm. That 'thing' was now at the door of the house trying to take pictures of us or me, and I remember I kept saying 'Why does it want to take pictures of me!? Have I done anything wrong!? What is that!?'

Then I looked out the window and it looked like a red eyeball was drawn in to the sky, and then I looked to the left and there was another eye. Then I looked into a wider view of the sky, and that 'thing' had drawn an entire face in the sky. The only comparison I have of the man in the sky, is Santa. I know that sounds funny, but it was scary. I don't know who it was. I say Santa because the drawing had a white beard. But it was scary, very scary.

(Still dreaming) I was so scared saying 'we have to get back in the car with mom! get all the dogs!' (I never remember getting out of the car)

And then I woke up. Towards the end of the dream I could feel my self sub-consciously thinking 'This has to be a dream' and in my dream I know I was scared Jesus was coming back. I've had a lot of dreams about Jesus coming back, but it's always been storming in the dreams I have had, and they have always scared me. In my dream I kept saying 'This has to be a dream. I'm not ready!' Which I know I have so much to work on before I am ready for the Kingdom, but I know I will be there. I'm growing and will continue to.

Anyways, I woke up and I looked around our room for a second, literally one second, and hopped up and ran to look for Michael. He was in the bathroom getting ready for work when I opened the door and he said 'Hey baby' and I burst into tears. He kept saying 'Baby what's wrong what happened!?' and I couldn't speak. I was shaking and felt like I was about to throw up everywhere. I told him the story and he kept telling me it was okay and it was just a dream and that I'm okay. I started dry heaving and ran to the toilet and dry heaved and thought I was going to throw up, it was awful. I cried for probably ten more minutes and he walked me in our room and I turned the light on and laid down.

I asked him to take the curtain down so I could see that it was light and sunny out and not dark and scary. He brought me a cold water and prayed over me, and also got my favorite worship CD and put it in the DVD player so I can listen to it (and I still am listening.)

I am so thankful for him!

I know the enemy tries to attack me in my dreams because I have so many prophetic dreams that mean something real and something amazing. There is no doubt the enemy put that dream in my mind, and while it was the scariest dream I have ever had, I'm not letting him control me.

So this is to you, Satan,
Nice try buddy! Guess what!? I have Jesus on my side! Jesus has control over me now bud! I will no longer allow you to come near me! I send you back to the pit of hell where you belong in the name of Jesus! Because you know what!?


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

AMEN! JESUS HAS ALREADY WON! GREAT POST - Praise God for godly husbands!!

whitney said...


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