Thursday Shmursday.

All my normal followers know, but in case you didn't, Thursday is Michael's off day! Most of the time Thursdays are slow for us so I get off early and get to be with him. Thank goodness! Michael works everyday BUT Thursday & Sunday [and normally has appointments on Thursdays] so I love getting off to go spend time with him.

Today isn't too busy at work- so pray I get to leave ;)

Sweet Capo [The new dog, I know-I know, I talk like they're humans] slept until 4:30 this morning, then with a little reassurance I was still there, he went right back to sleep until 7:00. I love that! Such a good pup. Although he had pooped in the floor, gross. But he's very good about going everytime we go out.

The joys of training an 8week old pup.

I dropped Zekey off for his hair appointment this morning at 9, so Michael is spending the morning with Capo and Xoe, off work early hopefully, lunch with my sweet hubs, picking Z up at 3, taking him home to be with X, and then taking C to his first doctor's appointment and buying him baby toys and a name tag!

Please pray Capo has a good appointment. I always seem to attract puppies who need hundreds of dollars of work done, that's what I get for rescuing every dog I see, ha!

We've checked, and we see no worms/fleas, so pray he is very healthy!
Capo says thank you :)


LauraLou said...

Praying he's healthy! Paisley definitely wasn't. She had ear infections, worms, a big sore on her back from where they'd attempted to give her shots.. It was so sad. But a huge vet bill and a few weeks later she was like a totally new puppy!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Your pups are just too cute!! Can't wait till we get a dog! Praying for a clean bill of health @ the vet for Capo :)

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