Weekend Recap :)

Honestly, I don't remember what we did on each day so I will try to go in the general direction :)

Thursday- My parents left for the beach so Michael and I spent the day together since it was his off day! We went to Taco Bell and got some very yummy Mango & Strawberry Frutista Freezes since it was 100 degrees out! Afterwards we went over to my parents' house to hang out with Hanna.



Babes was OBVUOUSLY enjoying this show!

And I was enjoying my picture being taken ;)

Zekey was enjoying a back-rub from hims daddy!

Happy Camper

Friday- I went over to my mom's about 9:00 and took the dogs and stayed there all day just being lazy. We stayed there that night since Hanna went to scream the prayer and I moved from the chair ummmm maybe 4 times?

Saturday- I was lazy again! Michael worked all day, and Hanna was sick most of the day so when she got to feeling better we all went and got some Burger King [that night] and were lazy some more :)

Sunday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! We didn't go to church but that afternoon we got ready and brought our dogs back to our apartment and headed to my in-laws! We enjoyed the sunshine and grilled out, and that night we shot fireworks! After we left, Michael and I headed to the park to watch the firework show and we had just missed it--but what did we not miss? THE TRAFFIC. Holy Cow. We were LITERALLY going 5mph across the bridge, AND there was a wreck at the top. How do you wreck going that slow? I have no idea. After we finally got out we headed on home.

I was SO very sad to see Michael go back to work this morning, but I put a load of clothes in when he left and went back to sleep. He came home for lunch at 12:30 and.. I was still asleep! I must have been VERY tired!

I attempted to eat a hotdog but I just wasn't feeling it, so I am MORE than ready to go eat at my parents and watch the bachelorette tonight!

Hopefully I will be back tonight for a bachelorette recap & a sweeeeet love post:)
[it's our 10 month anniversary!]

These sweeties are who I spent the majority of my Friday & Saturday with :]



Alex(andra) said...

Happy 10 month anniversary!! I love the new blog look! Yay for lazy weekends. :)

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